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If you could combine two Amusement Parks into one...

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Busch Gardens Tampa & Seaworld Orlando

Now there's an interesting idea. I was thinking I wouldn't combine two true theme parks, since they all seem to stand well on their own, and I have few to no complaints or disappointments about most of the ones I've visited. But I think those two would blend very well together. Both have top-notch theming in compatible styles. BGT's coaster collection is one of the best, and SWO's is modest but also high-quality. Six coasters among both parks are in my top 50!

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Any incredible coaster park + Moreys Piers.


I started to say something about KD into BGW and then thought I hate BGWs spread-out layout, but nothing adding about 8 more coasters wouldn't fix. Or just replace Anaconda with Griffon and Hurler with Apollo, might even be possible. I like ride-dense parks, which KD is but a couple up-trades wouldn't hurt.


While we're talking fantasy, so many parks could be improved if you could just sort of slide things around a bit to make room for new things, but it never works that way.

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Silver Dollar City and Dollywood!

They have some of the same rides, and the same management, but combined together would produce a great atmosphere with a big collection of amazing roller coasters!


2.Mystery Mine

3.Wild Eagle

4.Tennesee Tornado

5.Blazing Fury


7.Wild Fire

8.Outlaw Run

9.Powder Keg

10. Grand Exposition Coaster

11. Veggie Tale's Coaster

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Tokyo Disney Sea....and Europa.





I mean....why not? Have the whole of Europa surrounding

Disney Sea, that's in the middle. The volcano sticking out

of the entire set up.

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I'd combine Hershey Park and Cedar Point - this would be a park that would house three of my all time favorite coasters, and it would be in a scenic location (if it stayed on Lake Erie, but I'd rather it be just over the state line as HP is for me, so I could day trip it). Of course, it would be rather odd having Storm Runner and TTD in the same park, but I guess SR could be like a kiddie coaster for those too afraid to ride TTD. And then Great Bear would be a tamer, shorter version of Raptor. And then Mean Streak might lose its reputation as the worst coaster at CP, overtaken by the Wildcat. But it would still be an awesome park.


My other idea is to combine SF Great Adventure with BGE. That would give BGE the world's best woodie (IMO), and Great Adventure would have another dark ride. But of course, you'd have some serious redundancy with AC and Nitro, and to a lesser extent, Batman and Alpengeist. So perhaps one of each similar pair would have to go. You would also have a park with good food and nice landscaping. Also guess Mach Tower would have to go as it would be upstaged by the new drop towers at Great Adventure.

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Silverwood and Elitches.


That would give both parks a nice theme (Silverwood), a total of 11 roller coasters, 2 amazing woodies and 1 classic woodie, a classic corkscrew coaster, 2 different boomerang models (Aftershock and Boomerang), a nice SLC, a Half-Pipe, a Arrow shuttle, and 2 nice kiddie coasters. Plus the amount of flats and water park rides would be astronomical

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