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  1. ^Soon, very soon. Here is a time lapse of the construction! Everything went smoothly and we are well into the testing phase. https://vimeo.com/212949236
  2. A lot of work completed today! Track work is now complete and all the cars are on.
  3. It's been a busy weekend over at Santa’s Village, as you can see the track work is very far along. Not too much longer before the ride is finished!
  4. Super Cyclone Un-boxing update. Ever wonder how a rollercoaster shows up to a park when it gets shipped from overseas? Check out these pictures of us unloading the brand new Super Cyclone. For all the lift hill enthusiasts
  5. It's like Christmas morning! We can't wait to open this present. More to come soon!
  6. We are getting closer and closer to opening day. Here is a sneak peek at our new rollercoaster Super Cyclone!
  7. Ask and you shall receive. In this episode we go behind the scenes to meet one of our newest team members, Rob Kramer.
  8. New Year is here, time for another episode of the Anewsment Report. Anewsment Report
  9. We just got word from the manufacturer that the Super Cyclone is ahead of schedule and everything is going extremely well. We have finalized the colors of the ride which will be orange track with galvanized uprights. Attached is an image of the rides layout.We are so excited for this new addition and can't wait for everyone to ride it! Time is moving quickly though, and along with our christmas event we are deep into planning what we will have in store for 2018! Just today we had a manufacturer stop by, one who's attractions are not made for the current temp outside! We hope to have more updates to you soon. Happy Holidays!
  10. As promised here is an updated look at the site where the coaster will be built, along with a rendering of the cars! Super Cyclone will have 6 of these cars, running in two car trains.
  11. My apologies. Your questions are a little more complicated to answer. All I can say to all three is maybe. All of three of those are the types of things that we talk about while at IAAPA and our vision is constantly changing and growing! As to the concern about having enough "adult" attractions. You guys have named a few good ones, the tilt, Xtreme Elevation (and I agree,best drop ride I've ever been on) the snowball ride and the sea dragon. But don't forget about our scrambler or even our Troika (for all you Troika enthusiasts it's the only trailer mounted Troika in the U.S.) And of course the animal exhibits too. And all of this for less than it costs to park at that other park! In other news, we have released our 2017 operating schedule and you may notice a change. We will be open in 2017 for the holiday season! Starting Black Friday and every weekend up until Christmas we will be open! The details of our holiday event are still being finalized so look for more news throughout the year. When we get back from a field trip to St. Louis (checking out a certain holiday event) we will have more updates on the construction progress of the Super Cyclone!
  12. 1. Adobe Creative Cloud (Premiere Pro specifically) 2. Super cyclone will be located in between the Scrambler and the wacky worm down in the lower end of the park.
  13. Well I see you guys have already heard! Now that IAAPA 2016 is over that means we are officially onto next season, which means new ride announcements!! New for Santa's Village Azoosment Park in 2017 is a BRAND NEW Interpark Super Cyclone coaster! Its a great family coaster that offers quick dips and turns in a tight compact layout. The ride features three 2-Car trains with lap bar style restraints and the color scheme is galvanized supports with orange track. As the ride is being currently being manufactured, don't expect to see any vertical construction progress until later this spring. Thank you all for your wonderful support and guessing. I promise you that some of your ideas are exactly what we have already been talking about for 2018 and beyond! https://vimeo.com/192529892
  14. Well, that's a wrap! Another season is the book. We official said goodbye to the Dragon Coaster and have been busy relocating other rides to that location. Once those have been completely moved work on the 2017 project will pick back up. Here's some pictures of the progress.
  15. 1. We have not set a firm date but it will be soon. 2. Yes. the ride is being relocated to another park.
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