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  1. Hmmm. I generally hate any of these "Vs" movies since they're just trying to put together two stale franchises that are owned by the same studio to make a quick buck. I guess they couldn't make an Alien or Aliens house if the rights to that series is owned by Disney (Great Movie Ride) if AvP is technically a different series. I don't see what including Predators, whose movies I consider action not horror, adds to what could be a sweet Alien house (except for the cool costumes of course).
  2. Yep! Both Hogwarts Express exits will dump you outside of Diagon and Hogsmeade.
  3. I remember hearing, probably on Inside the Magic, that it blocks the view of Gringotts and the dragon so people will be drawn further into Diagon Alley and not stopping at the entrance to take pictures, causing traffic jams. Basically theatrical crowd control.
  4. Fairly certain Dynamic Attractions is the main group behind the ride since they work on a lot of Universal major attractions. I would bet that Vekoma did whatever coaster track is on the ride (which probably won't be a lot) since they've been reliable with Disney and Universal (forget BSG exists).
  5. The fast pass/reservation machines are already up for Diagon Alley. Universal learned from Potter 1.0, with Diagon Alley being fairly tiny and park being PACKED, it would be criminally cruel for people to line up 3 plus hours during the Florida summer months. From what I've heard, Gringotts and Hogwarts Express will not have Express or any Fast Pass (along with Forbidden Journey). HE forcing people to buy 2-park tickets won't be a deterrent, I heard from Touring Plans that most of the hotel rooms at Universal were booked this summer which they said should indicate huge crowds.
  6. Busch Gardens/Sea World got the North America rights to Madagascar from Universal. The characters used to be in USF but now there is a show at BGT. The only rumors everything past ET and Animal Actors will be leveled for a major thrill ride, probably Fast and the Furious. Also that Universal has no interest in renewing the Shrek license. They could level the Shrek building and put Super Silly Fun Land there featuring a relocated Woody Woodpecker Coaster. Surprised they haven't made Nickelodeon refurbish since Spongebob, Dora and TMNT would make good additions to the park.
  7. Did you go to Main Street Bakery's Starbucks while at Not-So-Scary? I realized how sweet it would be for the baristas to write the name of your costume on the cup instead of your name: Pumpkin Spice Latte for Swedish Chef! Hot Chocolate for Batgirl!
  8. Went to Typhoon Lagoon last week (only because I had non-expiration Fun Days to burn). As much people complain about Brazilian tourists, along with ,the Spanish and European tourist's lack of beach-wear modesty, I really appreciated their attendance at our water parks ;;
  9. It should also be noted that Superman is copyrighted character and it would be hard for Universal to justify it's inclusion in the show as ''fair use'' since it didn't parody or satire anything from Man of Steel or the comics. DC Comics/Warner Bros. gave a cease and desist to Universal for the infamous 2006 show that almost got the show cancelled for good.
  10. I think I saw the same thing as you but I thought they were doing pantomiming the Eiffel Tower position without 'the middle'. Also, the Kanye scene was a parody of the beginning of Man of Steel.
  11. I don't understand how you can blame the writer of the Vice article for a lot of this. He wrote a review about how terrible the show was and then wrote another article after the cancellation about how he got hate mail and no response from Universal. I saw the Vice article first on Facebook with friends (straight, gay, male, female) commenting about how terrible the show looked. I explained to them that I was going to the good Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando
  12. I think Universal made the right move. Even if cancelling the show gets a lot of attention, it's better that people know that the park is a place that is free of dated homophobic stereotypes. USH is about to spend a lot of money developing the park and it's not worth alienated a portion of it's guests that would think it supports this kind of entertainment.
  13. It's open until 2am that Sunday (actually the 13th), so if you get to into the park at 6 and hit Walking Dead, La Lorona, Afterlife and Havoc first you should get done those by 8pm. Which should give you time to hit the four soundstage houses as they'll have an hour or so wait. You might be able to get the last show of Bill & Ted by 2am. But it's always good to utilize Express Pass, Stay & Scream or Frequent Fear Pass if you can.
  14. My advice would be there for opening at 6pm then to head to Walking Dead, then La Lorona and then Afterlife since their exits lead into each other. It's saves lots of time and walking. Plus you'll be in the right area for the first showing of Bill & Ted (usually a little after 7pm) if you don't hit too many lines. I get the Frequent Fear Pass and do three nights while on vacation so I can do all the houses, shows ect without express. But if you want to do it in one night and see the shows you really need an express pass.
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