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Theme Park Review in JAPAN! 2011

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Oh good! I'm actually a fan of Gamera (Mr. Turtle, duh!), and thought that's who it was, but someone else was all "oh, no, that's Godzilla!"

Happy to clear it up.


And Shout Video's next MST3K set is going to be all old Gamera flicks.

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^^^ MST3K and Gamera = Win


The Gamera song...

Gamera's enchantment still grows.


He fills our hearts with love.


Gamera's the latest thing.


He fills our hearts with spring, spring, spring!


Anytime you want some moonbeams,


Gamera is the thing.


Gamera is really neat,


He is filled with turtle meat.


We all love you, GAMERA!!!

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Hey! The trip looks like a lot of fun! I love all the pics and vids! I eagerly look forward to each update.

I dunno if all your meals are pre-planned or not, but if you can, try the seasonal food. I think noodle lovers would like hiyashishuuka (cold ramen salad) and soumen (cold noodles) They are a summer fave. Soumen is alot of fun to eat. It goes down these water slide/chutes and you have to catch them. If you miss it, you STARVE!!!

Also, I dunno If you've seen this video before, it's pretty popular, but if you haven't, it may help!


How to speak fluent Japanese without saying a word

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Today was Mitsui Greenland in Arao, Japan. I've always said this park is kind of like the "quintessential Japanese park." It's huge, it has a ton of coasters with a crazy variety, there are a lot of really random "weird" Japanese walk-throughs and dark rides, and it just has that feel of everything scattered about without much rhyme or reason.


The most impressive thing about Mitsui Greenland is just the sheer amount of things to do. There are probaby 7 or 8 dark rides/walk throughs ranging from a haunted hospital, to a jungle adventure, to a penguin encounter in an ice house! Yes, it's very weird! There's a lot of coasters, an Alpine Slide, tons of kiddie rides and quite a few random flat rides, water rides, and more!


We spent a full day at the park and I'm sure there was more to see! Anyway, on to the photos & lots of POV videos!


If you'd like to follow us LIVE - check out our Twitter and Facebook updates!



Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/themeparkreview.com


Once again, our morning starts out on bad A$$ bullet trains!




And then we switch to a local train and head to Mitsui Greenland!


It's TPR taxi time! A tradition on our Japan trips!


My taxi team! Last team to get to the park gets eliminated!


More taxi teams arrive!


Don't look so happy guys...you're eliminated!!!


Mitsui Greenland has a bizarre selection of roller coasters.


This awesome Togo (yes, I said it) has a stand-up track and a sit-down track!


Yes, it's a torture device, but this one is actually pretty decent!


Double the Togo...double the DEATH!!!POV of the Togo Death Machine!!!



"Hey baby...do you like my big gun?"


This is the way the Dutch shoot a gun!


Yes! The archery range! And it's INCLUDED with your Free Pass admission!


This is how you hold the bow.


"Don't even THINK about being late on a TPR trip!"


"Romantic Shooting" ... Yup.


Are you a fan of Suspended Coaster? Yup! They got one too! Check out this POV of "Granpus Jet"



...with actual danger!


KidTums gets a credit!!!


She's pretty happy about her Sphinxy credit!




Can you spot the TPR members on this train?Can you spot the "scarred for life" Japanese people on this train?Awesome POV of "Sphinxy!"



No caption comes to mind on this one...


KidTums on the kiddie pirate ship.




Poor Atomic Coaster...all that is left is the loop.


Maybe it will re-open later today?


Crazy Togo flat ride of death!


The chair lift of death!


"Hello...this seat was made for an A$$ much smaller than mine!"


NO!!! Don't eat us!!!!


Gao has to be one of the biggest "I'm really huge, but don't do much of anything" coasters in the world. It's the epitome of the Japanese "Jet Coaster."


This has to be one of the coolest lift hill views ever!


"That hurt my face!"Check out some POV of Gao - Be sure to bash your knees apart with a baseball bat while watching this video to get the full experience...



Ultra Twisters kick A$$!!!


These are a dying breed. Not many of them left in the world


Lovin the pink train!


If you ride ten times, you can put a personalized "stick" on the wall...fifteen rides and you get a photo.


TPR crew going to fifteen rides to get a photo and a "stick."


Not sure who this guy is, but we were going to do 69 rides, but instead we just decided to do an actual 69. Ha! Beat that! Game on.


The drop is so intense!


And so is that OMFG airtime hill!


Totally awesome ride!!!And now for some POV of the Ultra Twister!



Mmmm...frozen Coke...in really tiny cups!


When in Japan, you HAVE to go in the "Ice World" attractions!


Lunch time!


Please McDonalds...can we please get Shaka Shala Chicken in the USA!


That is one GIANT A$$ Ferris Wheel!


F. U. NIO!!!!


TPR members barely survive.


Not even the extra padding helped that much.POV of this Vekoma thing of hot pain...



This is awesome!


Mitsui Greenland has the most awesome signage!


Another chairlift!


This time, up to the Alpine Slide!


Alpine slide is awesome!!!


It's even more awesome when you totally wipe out and all your skin falls off!


"I gotta wipe out on rides more often!!!"


Yes! First shot guns, then archery, now machine guns! This park is awesome!


Be very, very afraid!


It's a haunted walkthrough where they give you this candle...


"Does this candle have any alternate uses that you can think of?" If you do...


The objective is to keep your candle perfectly still. Every time you jump or get scares, you lose points!


Hold on tight! Don't be scared!






Yay! I got 2nd place!


I love this menu!


Mitsui Greenland from about 350 feet in the air!


F. U. NIO!!!!


Another angle of Gao.


It was a FULL day at Mitsui Greenland! This park is full of awesomeness!


Hope someone wakes him before he misses his stop!


Here is where we've stopped for lunch and to change trains.


Mmmm.... Yakitori lunch!


And now, back on the bullet trains to head to Nagoya!


More TPR Japan Updates coming soon! And now...


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I remember that back in 2007, we thought you were supposed to shake the candles in the walkthrough. Mitsui Greenland is a great park--absolutely loved that place.

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