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Theme Park Review in JAPAN! 2011

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I love Space Fantasy, especially the finale is very epic! Only downside is that it slows down all the time because of the block brakes, but then again, this allows a BIG number of trains on the track so the queue moves very fast!

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Was Space Fantasy what replaced ET? If so, I'm glad they put in another space themed attraction in its place.


Now, Robb says This park could use the Mummy and MIB. I won't argue about MIB, but Mummy...I've never ridden it, but it just doesn't seem like that interesting of a ride. I've seen videos, and the ride is just so short, with a few FX and animatronics along the way. USH's version is particularly underwhelming, and I'm really ticked that it was what replaced ET at that park.


Speaking of which, does Florida still have their ET? It seems that ride is really getting no love at all, removed from both USH and Osaka. It looks so cool from the videos, and it seems like a nice family ride, so I don't know why it's being shunned like this.


Anyway, great update!

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^^ IMO, Mummy (Florida version) is the best indoor coaster in the world. And much like Space Fantasy, is an amazing mix of show elements and roller coaster. So yes, it is absolutely needed in this park!


E.T. Is mediocre at best. And with Space Fantasy only having a 40" height restriction, it's also a family ride. (and there is still an ET Character in Space Fantasy!)


--Robb "Don't judge a ride by watching a video." Alvey

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Great photos! I wasn't too impressed with Space Fantasy when I first read about it, but now it looks Red Dawn Awesome! It's pretty neat to get an Express pass if you eat at the restaurant. I'd eat liver and onions for an Express pass!


So will there be a TPR trip to Universal Studios Singapore in the near future?

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"Gelato isn't vegan?"


From Wikipedia: "Gelato is made with some of the same ingredients as most other frozen dairy desserts. Milk, cream, various sugars, flavoring including fruit and nut purees are the main ingredients."


Milk and cream = animal products = not vegan.


But sorbet is often vegan!


- David "Screw Gelato, I want Space Fantasy: The Ride" Wagner


EDIT: I just realized the quote is from Scott Pilgrim LOL. My bad.

Edited by ILoveRides
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^ It's milk & eggs, bitch!


...Is it wrong to really want the soundtrack to that Space Fantasy promo?

Not at all! That's actually the ride soundtrack, and never have I heard a ride soundtrack so epic since the original Disneyland Paris Space Mountain... Which of course they had to go and ruin.

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USJ is awesome, and your pics make it even more awesome-er! It is however, the only Universal park that I have had the privilege to go to, so I can not say it is the best one. You're taking me back to some great memories, like this:


I got my boyfriend to seek professional help that day!



It resulted in a total breakdown!

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Awesome, awesome update from Universal! I've never been to any of the Universal parks, and I was really impressed with how thorough of a job you did showing just how amazing this place looks (not to mention their collection of Jaws merchandise). Thanks always for taking the time to post updates while you're traveling!

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Space Fantasy looks... interesting. So much there, looks so VERY Japanese... It's gotta be cool!!



Time to lose BTTF.



I will also attest to the fact that Jaws in Japanese was pretty damn awesome!!


But WOW!! The new merchandise looks amazing!!


DT would go broke in that store.

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Saugus?!?! Why would anyone want to go to Saugus???


Actually, I'm going to Saugus in two days... on purpose, even! If all goes as planned, it should turn out to be quite the treat for the Roadfood thread.


These photos made me reminisce about our visit to USH during the West Coast Trip. Looks like an awesome time, as usual!

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Hey Robb and Elissa, you guys totally inspired me to go on a jealousy outing to Little Tokyo, here in your favorite city, Los Angeles.

I hope (and KNOW you are!) you are totally enjoying Japan!!!!


So, my bf and I found a couple of things for you:


This restaurant has a large and complete menu, and their specialty is Yakitori. The menu is separate and you just mark how much of each item you want. (Sorry about the photo, its from a phone and I was trying to get the flowers, too)


Here is my 'glad he doesn't use TPR' photo of my BF Carlos, enjoying bacon wrapped asparagus. Also on the plate, neck and some squid.


Well, it's only #5, and one of the drum heads has a hole in it, but it is totally Japanese! Even the money slot requests 100 yen. It's in an arcade right below the restaurant.


And to conclude, here I am with my sake/oyster/quail egg/other stuff shooter that was....good!

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I could not believe the nerve of that poster who complained about the POV. I really need to quote Morgan's old poem and say "stop ruining it for the rest of us!" Robb is working his A$$ off to put this stuff together for us, and I will always gladly wait for anything, because I know it will be dynamite!


Hats off to you once again, Robb!


Hey, thanks for the shout out! I can't believe people still remember that... These updates ARE awesome. I thought that Blatsch kid was kidding, but oh well, I guess he's gone now anyways.


I, for one, need to start checking this thread every day. Just took a few days off and when I came back, there's like 18 more pages of pictures and videos, and now I haven't gotten anything done all morning except catching up. That's not a complaint!

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