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Theme Park Review in JAPAN! 2011

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I agree, getting to Tobu Zoo was the scariest trip I made. Getting a Real train ticket, not just riding subway type cars, was a mystery. I too had someone help. While most young Japanenese CAN speak English, most will act like they don't. Even a girl at DL, who switched to English when I was walking nearby her, seemed like she didn't want to talk with me, but I got a lot of info from her, once she realized I caught her.


What amazed me was that at BOTH Disney parks, I had a LOT of trouble talking with them in the Guest Relations area, and throughout the park. In the US, I've seen them speaking tons of languages in GR. It shocked me that they didn't have someone fluent in English in the Tokyo Disneyland GR building.


Americans are still avoided a lot by young Japanese. The ones dressed as maids in Akihabara, passing out flyers for the maid bars wouldn't even look at me, let alone give me one of the flyers. Maybe it was just me, but they seemed to want to avoid Americans. But then one guy in an arcade took a LOT of time helping me play one of the high tech battlebot type rides.



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Awesome report and AMAZING videos you got! I think the videos this time around on the Japan trip were better than the ones before (especially the one the Travel Channel used for Steel Dragon 2000). Looks like you guys are having an amazing time and looks like plenty of beer is being consumed which is a must. Have fun at Fugi-Q "wait in lines for 3 hours" highland tomorrow!



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Fantasmic looks, well, fantastic. Is the dragon's name still Murphy?


I still prefer World of Color (the premiere show, not the extended Pirates version) only for its musical score.

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Robb, thanks again for all the work in putting up these great updates while on tour! I assume you have somehow mastered the art of not sleeping!


Particularly loved the video of the Intamin Gne 1 drop ride... takes me back to my youth spent at West Edmonton Mall on the DROP OF DOOM!


"Waiting for the KERCHUNK!"

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Are there any photos of the McDonalds Shaka Shaka Chicken?


You keep showing photos of the bags/packaging it comes in, but I don't think I've seen what the actual food looks like! Please share!

The true joy of Shaka Shaka Chicken comes in the packaging and preparation process, but anyways, see below. Available spice packets include cheese, lemon, and black pepper. I preferred black pepper and lemon. Other unusual items include the McPork (I've heard it's delicious, did not verify), various meat pie things, the teriyaki burger (also in Hawaii), and the Lemon Garlic Chicken Burger (also pictured below). Japanese McDonalds is amazing (it is everything American McDonalds is not).


The TR is awesome so far, I am supremely jealous and upset that I had to drop out.


Black Pepper Shaka Shaka Chicken after Hanayashiki and Tokyo wandering.


Lemon Garlic Chicken "Burger"

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Hey Robb, great trip report so far keep up the great work. The pics make me want to go back and visit Japan it was so beautiful there, and the Japanese women... oh man.


I have a question about Space Fantasy at Universal Studios Japan, the trains look like the trains on Sierra Sidewinder at Knotts Berry Farm. Does it spin like Sierra Sidewinder or is it a non-spinning family friendly coaster?


Thanx again for the updates. Have fun and be safe... and please ride Winnie the pooh at Tokyo Disneyland and extra time for me (My vote for the best dark ride, EVER!!!)

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The Shaka Shaka Chicken looks great, but I think the Teriyaki Burgers are terrible (sounds like a good idea, but something is lacking in the execution). Other than that, all the other McDonald's food I've eaten is Japan is better than in the U.S. (I like the burgers with mushrooms and Swiss cheese in Australia, too).

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Today was Fuji-Q....


Well, today we headed out to something that we're not quite fond of...


...that's right...Fuji-Q! I will be the first to say that Fuji-Q has not been kind to us in the past...but did we have a good day today? Keep reading...


First off, the weather was on our side. Fuji-Q has a bad habit of closing pretty much everything in the rain. Today...blue skies!


Today was also "It's all about Bryan Day 2011!"


The goal of "It's all about Bryan Day" is to take the best photo of or with Bryan you possible can! He's also not allowed to say "no" to a photo you want to take of him. Yes, it's considered abuse...but to TPR, we like to think of it as "entertainment!"


The winner ended up being this photo...which has a back story to it... Bryan is doing his "Erik the room inspector" impression. It's quite accurate.


Today, the role of Bryan's penis is being played by Duffy the Bear!


"Do I really have to take more photos with Terry???"


"C'mon, do I actually have to lick the sign???"


"Ok, so at least I got a credit out of this one!"


Yes, that is blue skies over Fuji-Q! We have NEVER seen this before!!!


The only bummer of today is that Eejainaika was closed for maintenance. BUT....I'll take one credit down in order have a GOOD day at this park without 3 hours waits anytime!


Yup...the king of coasters. Well, at least at Fuji-Q.


Fujiyama was actually running quite well today...


...overall, it's a decent ride. It's got a good first drop, and a few moments of airtime...but then it gets to the ending part that tries to kill you.


This part is decent.




Dodonpa was also running pretty well...


...Check out them I-Beams and tires! This system is now kind of "old school."


The new launched Gerstlaur Euro-Fighter was teasing us...


But we had an awesome launch on Dodonpa.


I'm not sure what this is, but it's freaking me out!


Dodonpa running well, blue skies, it's not very crowded here, and we've gotten in all credits before noon. Has hell frozen over?!?!?


This is the ride where you actually lie in a casket!


Here's one thing Fuji-Q has over Six Flags now!




Thomas Land is still the best looking area in the park.


The Thomas "Tambourine Ride" is still awesome!


Log Flume credit!


Still can't get over this weather!


"Yes, we are credit whores...but at least there wasn't a 3 hour line for it!"


KidTums hanging out in Thomas Land.


KidTums has now gotten more credits on this trip than Robb & Elissa have.


Last time we were here, all these queue areas were filled...today...no lines for much of anything. (And of course the Fast Pass system also helped!)


If you gotta go...you better hurry!


Somehow, the Fuji-Q bathrooms got a bizarre sense of humour!


Seriously, I never thought we'd have a day like this at Fuji-Q!


Most pictures you see of this park have cloudy skies and rain!


This also scares me. Time to walk away slowly.


The hamster coaster is still one of the "cutest" rides ever.


And of course it's Elissa and KidTums approved!POV OF THE HAMSTER COASTER!!!






Oh, yeah... Hello Mt. Fuji.




The "love" cars on the ferris wheel were air conditioned!






From the Ferris Wheel!Some amazing views to be had.


Oh, yeah....the Star Flyer is new!


"We took the tunnel!"


More shots from the Ferris Wheel.


And how about one more.


Ahh, how cute!


Another giant A$$ Ferris Wheel in Japan!


Dodonpa wide shot...


...and closer up!


The Hello Kitty riding the Dodonpa cars cell phone straps was pretty awesome!


Let's have a look at the new coaster, shall we?


That drop looks sort insane...


actually, the entire ride looks great!


Totally sexy!


Looking forward to riding this next visit! (Yes, I said looking forward in a Fuji-Q update!)


Just a few more weeks....


The games area was a little bit odd...


But you can win some really cool stuff!




Hello Fujiyama...how's it going?


Never thought I'd actually get photos like this...


Here is the part that tries to kill you!


It's really not bad up until like the last 800 feet of track.


This drop had some decent airtime.


Oh, yeah, don't forget it's "All about Bryan day!'


First drop...



Nice curves!




They have updated those crazy vending machines!


WARNING! I am about to say something nice about Fuji-Q. "We actually had a good day at Fuji-Q." The day was not without frustrations, like the insane way they operate their Fast Pass system, but once we got through that craziness, the Fast Passes worked quite well. The ride op crews still leave a lot to be desired, we did manage to get in all the coasters, several flat rides, and even the Haunted Hospital (which ended up being good, but not the end-all, be-all haunt maze that many people over-hyped it to be), and overall we had a "good" day at Fuji-Q. There...I said it!


On the bus ride back to the hotel, KidTums tells the "spider story!" Ask her about it sometime!


OMG...is that Olympia Looping??? Oh, wait, no...it's just an ad for Fuji-Q on the top of a building.


Whatever this is... I LIKE IT!!!


We found a "GIANT TETRIS" arcade game.


Ahh, the drum game....thank you for bring the inspiration behind TPR's similies!




If you'd like to follow us LIVE - check out our Twitter and Facebook updates!



Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/themeparkreview.com

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What?! You guys actually had a GOOD day at Fuji-Q?! Say it isn't so! I was looking forward to another story on how awful the park was!


Wow, it almost looked like a completely different place with clear skies and lack of horrendous lines. It's nice to hear that it is actually possible to have fun at Fuji-Q. Personally, though, it would take a couple more positive visits to make me change my opinion of the place. Takabisha looks sweet, it's too bad it wasn't open yet.


Thanks for the update!

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My goodness...those photos looked like Fuji-Q in Bizzaro world.


Glad to hear you guys actually had a decent day. Too bad Eejanaika was closed, but that was probably for the best. And they have FAST PASS there now? This may be the start of a big change for this park.


Also, kidtums has a story about a spider? You've got to get her to tell it on video sometime.

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TPR had a GOOD day at Fuji-Q? THAT is news.


I've honestly thought that this was a good looking park that simply had bad operations and was located in an area that had a lot of precipitation. This is proof that a good day with 'decent' operations and low crowds can make a world of difference for a park.


Great update, can't wait to see more!

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Wait. I don't belive you. At all. There were no obligitory line-shots of long, painful waits. It wasn't Fuji-Queue. You went to another park in another dimension.


And- about this, Robb-




Why is she bleeding? Were you TOO rough on your Boob credit???

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The winner ended up being this photo...which has a back story to it... Bryan is doing his "Erik the room inspector" impression. It's quite accurate.


The only bummer of today is that Eejainaika was closed for maintenance. BUT....I'll take one credit down in order have a GOOD day at this park without 3 hours waits anytime!


Oh, yeah....the Star Flyer is new!




OK, first off picture 1 : Did anyone else automatically think "Human Centipede sequal"?


Picture 2 : If they "maintain" it as well as X2 is maintained you should consider yourself lucky. I went on X2 last week and when I got off I felt like I had just received a spine and neck adjustment, haha. I miss the old X trains.


Picture 3 : I bet that the Star Flyer works 10 times better than Windseeker... at half the cost, LOL.


Again Robb, thanx for putting the updates on here so fast, its like we are there with you in real time. I am so jealous of you guys and you still have an entire second half of this trip to go. Have fun and be safe.

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