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Theme Park Review in JAPAN! 2011

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^Oh, I think RCCA's track record is a LOT worse than Dinn - Son if Beast, Twister II, Rattler, Bandit (Movie Park Germany), Coaster Express, Magnus Colossus, etc...


Seriously, have they ever made a "good" ride???

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^Oh, I think RCCA's track record is a LOT worse than Dinn - Son if Beast, Twister II, Rattler, Bandit (Movie Park Germany), Coaster Express, Magnus Colossus, etc...


Seriously, have they ever made a "good" ride???


Rattler at SFFT? I though that one used to be good, perhaps my logic is flawed.

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Back in '07 when I went to Tokyo, I whacked my head so hard on Spin Bullet that I made a sound I've never heard myself make before or since. A couple days later I had a massive earache that I could only cure by sleeping on a cold bottle of OJ. Also had a headache for the next week, and a sore throat for three weeks after the incident. Never had an official diagnosis, but if that ride didn't give me a concussion, it was the closest I've ever come to one!



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After my ride on White Canyon in 2007, I didn't think it was all that bad. Then I saw the Yomiuriland video later, and based on what was happening to others on White Canyon, I realized that I'd been very lucky.

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I'm now a little happier that White Canyon happened to be closed when I was there last year. At least now when I make it back there will be padding. Also, I wonder if they have replacement plans for SL Coaster? It looked neat and had a cool out-of-station drop, but that was about all there was to it. It was also broken for most of my visit, so I wonder if they were having maintenance troubles.

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Wow either the park is closed or you picked the best possible time of the year to visit, the park is empty, LOL. Have a great time at Disney and please remember to ride Winnie the Pooh an extra time for me (I still say the best dark ride, EVER!!! ).

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The park was closed. We were woken up by them rehearsing "Chip & Dale's Cool Service" which is a summer time show where several characters come out in the lagoon and spray guests with firehoses.

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We just checked into Tokyo DisneySea's Hotel Mira Costa for a little post-TPR Japan Trip fun! Here's the view from our room...



More updates coming soon!



I need to go back there someday, great updates as always Robb

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Am back home now - right where I should be here - for the TR on the day I skipped a park for a ... swimming pool, LOL!


Your Yomuirland Day looked awesome, everybody. Sorry I missed out.


But then again - mmmmm... sauna and jacuzzi.


And Spin Bullet (when I caught up with y'all)

was every bit as WTF as I expected it to be, LOLOL!

And the rest of the indoor park was great too,

as I certainly got my fill of simulationBzzzzzzzT!

But a really good Bzzzzzzz. .

Dem dolls, dem dolls dem.......... dolls.


Am fuzzy with memories of all and when which day, etc, hmmmmm...

So going back and catching up - looks great, so far Robb! Muchas Arigato!

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Today we hit a couple of smaller Tokyo parks. The first one being Toshimaen, which is a fairly old Tokyo park with a coaster built in 1965. The second was Seibuen Yuenchi, and while this park was a little farther out of Tokyo, with Tokyo Dome City & LaQua being basically closed, we figured it would be a good place to do a little bit of "credit whoring!"


Onto the photos & videos...


Today was kind of a "credit whore" day on the Tokyo trip. First stop, Toshimaen!


"Everyone loves a log!"


The support structure of this ride is very old school.


Cyclone aka "The Log Coaster" is a pretty old Japanese Jet Coaster (1965), which is actually quite good!POV of The Log Coaster!




And of course there is the Mini Cyclone aka Little Log for the credit whores! If you'd like to do some virtual credit whoring, watch this video!




"Everyone loves a Little Log!"


Anyone know what coaster used to be here? EMAIL DAN and tell us! mrt0ad13@aol.com


Yum....more crepes!


I love the powdered toast looking guy!


OMG! What could Hanno be this scared of???


ARRRGGHHH! It's the first Mexican we've seen in Japan!!!


No, no...don't be silly... It's just the "Jackie Chan is here to rape you" dark ride. And if you want to know what we mean by that...watch this video!!!




Right next to the park (it's even on the park map) is our favourite attraction, Toys R Us!


Hi Divv.


"Elissa is the no fun girl!" - Does anyone know where the "Elissa no fun girl" thing started? If you do... EMAIL DAN! mrt0ad13@aol.com


Japanese kids are so smart, they can even unicycle!


KidTums trying out for the 2011 Japanese hula hoop Olympic team!


The train toys they have are amazing...


You can buy a scale model working toy version of just about every JR and Shinkansen train!


Any Rockman fans out there? (That's Mega Man to you and me...)


Kids play food sets include sushi!


New drum game hotness! New version coming to your PSP soon!


Awesome! The whole series is available on the Wii!


Nintendo DS is HUGE in Japan!


The Nintendo Wii also has quite the following...


XBOX 360... Not popular at all in Japan. This one little area is all the 360 stuff we saw for the three weeks in Japan!


I want whatever this game is!!!


One Taiko no Tatsujin Wii drum...PURCHASED!


This is nowhere near as exciting as the last picture of a Capybara I posted was! (Anyone know what photo I'm talking about?)


We call this "The Wall Ride."


I love that almost all the flat rides at Toshimaen are on the roof of buildings.


The park has a VERY STRICT "no visible tattoos" policy. If you have a tattoo, they have to be covered up.


Our 2nd favourite attraction!




And whatever she is selling, I'll take one!


Since the coasters over at Tokyo Dome City were all still closed, we made alternate plans to hop aboard the "Leo Liner" to check out Seibuen Yuenchi.


2011 TPR Special Olympics Cheer Squad or the worlds only sit-down coaster queue? YOU DECIDE!


Yup, this is the Loop.Screw Coaster - You mostly get screwed. If you want to see where you get screwed, watch this POV video!




Just a few stats on the screwing.


The vertical loop is actually quite good! This is not where you get screwed.


The trains are very nice...


...each seat comes complete with plush carpeting...and it's very red!


Not exactly sure what this was...it was a table, a really pissed off looking coaster wheel, and an animal menagerie behind it!


Not sure what he wants, but he looks really pissed off!!!


I think we figured out that it was a contest to see how much the coaster wheel weighs...and the animal menagerie behind it was the wheel's best friends.


Seibuen Yuenchi is a pretty small park, and to be honest, looks a bit run down.


The "Hello Kitty" section was nice, if not a little sparse.


Look! It's the Wall Ride...Hello Kitty themed!


Hello Kitty teacups.


Hanno fought off 12 little kids to get the front seat of the Hello Kitty coaster.


Here's a map of the park to give you an idea of what's here.


It was time for us to head back home... Goodbye Seibuen!


Next stop....Shibuya, Tokyo and the worlds largest pedestrian crossing! Check out this madness!


Our goal of tonight was... BEER!


And more importantly... YAKITORI!!!


MMmm.... Yum! Just reach out and take one. Try it! It works! Just like in Willy Wonka!


When it Tokyo...visit this place! (I think it's even on Yelp!)


It's on the 2nd floor of a building in Shibuya. Just past the McDonalds and before you get to the Tower Records. There is even a Disney Story across the street. Easy to find!


If you know the answer... EMAIL DAN! mrt0ad13@aol.com



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