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  1. For some more information on the closing of the hotel, click the link. http://www.wlwt.com/news/kings-island-resort-and-conference-center-closes-doors/29522088 That was the only hotel we would stay at whenever we went to Kings Island because it was within minutes of the park. I guess now we have to find a new place to stay.
  2. Nice trip report!!!! I love parks that have animals. I find it very educational and cool.
  3. I am an avid Cedar Point visitor and most likely wont be able to make it there this year due to having a future coaster rider growing in me. I had gotten a platinum pass for this year and if I dont use it will i be able to use it next year and not pay for a renewal?? Any help would be great.
  4. I do not have an apple i phone so I am unable to get the game, but my brother has one and downloaded the game the other day and i played it and i really liked it alot. Robb, you did a great job on it. Every time I get with my brother he lets me play it and its a blast.
  5. That was the actual line for the tilt a whirl. I was with him when he took that pic. The tilt a whirl is to the right of the trabant in that shot. It was just that crazy busy at the park that day.
  6. If anyone had noticed all the hay bales along the boardwalk, the gentleman guiding us on the tour told us that they use them to protect the hotel from blowing sand. I thought that was a pretty interesting.
  7. I would have to say El Toro at SF: Great Adventure is my favorite first drop for a wooden coaster. Then the Beast at Kings Island.
  8. My boyfriend recorded this show the other day and it was on our local public tv station and we just burst out in laughter when this part came on. I do not know what year it is from but its pretty old. Let me know what u guys think of this clip. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0_MPSc7VN4
  9. My two favorite coasters at WOF are Prowler and Spinning Dragons. At least they had a sports bar and we were able to watch some of the Tiger game in there.
  10. The starflyer ride was great and the thing that made it great was the fact that my five year old daughter was able to ride with us and she loved it. The park itself has a weird layout and all but its a great park and most of the rides there, we were all able to ride together. BTW- does anyone know where I can find pics of the stand up version of the River Mine coaster?? I was wondering what it looked like.
  11. I actually felt my ears pop while going up to the top of the Arch. When I got down they were fine. Our daughter just loved it. I would highly recommend it for anyone to check out when hitting the St. Louis area.
  12. Nice pics!!! I really want to go back to the Arch and see more of St. Louis in the future.
  13. Despite our issues with the van, we made the most out of it and the memories of the trip will stay in my head for quite some time. Kate and I had a blast in the fountain at Worlds Of Fun!!!
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