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Theme Park Review in JAPAN! 2011

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Thanks for the update Jeremy. We are aware about Thunder Dolphin, and it's not even on the trip itinerary. That's great to hear about Fuji-Q, and I hope we get as lucky. The funny part about your story is it makes that park even MORE like the Magic Mountain of Japan, in that the park can't handle crowds at all, but on a light day you might actually be able to have some fun!


Thanks for the shout out at Mitsui.

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WTF? The bus pulled up right next to the coaster? That's awesome!


I see the weather has held up nicely. I haven't seen a rainout. Maybe you will get a few sprinkles at Fuji-Q that will shut down the whole park.

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Hands down the best part of this update! (Then again I might be a little biased!)


As always, thanks for taking the time to post the updates in the first place--but thanks especially for including this photo (and ample shots of the escalator ride too!). This absolutely made my day and I can't stop smiling!

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I love Parque Espana! And thanks for the vids, finally a good POV of the awesome mine train that made me giggle like a little girl every time!


Did you ride Pyrenees all alone? I found it to be brutal, especially in the cobra roll, but with a filled train, it was much better. And I went there twice, and each time the park was nearly deserted. It's kinda in the middle of nowhere, but still, it's ackward when there's a big parade during the summer nocturnes and you're one of the only people watching.


Thanks for the report and videos, bring back good memories.


EDIT: I assume Nagashima Spa Land is next, love to hear your review of SD2k (which is a letdown tbh )


EDIT2: Just checked the Laqua website, and it looks like Thunder Dolphin is closed because of the accident that happened on the spinning coaster. They checked all the attractions and 10 of them are already open again, but the major ones like Thunder Doplhin aren't. Remember how long Steel Dragon was closed? Let's hope it really doesn't take years again before Thunder Dolphin reopens...

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Wrebbit - I just wonder if you got Pyrenees on a bad day...we rode both full train and pretty much "solo rides" and it ran the same each time - really smooth and VERY intense!


The ride seems to have one "jolt" in the cobra roll, but other than that, it's one of the smoothest B&Ms I've been on....

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Its very much possible to hit a B&M on a bad day. I remember when I rode Katun in 2005, there was a huge difference between the two trains they were running. One was buttersmooth, while the other one was quite shaky.

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I guess I did caught it on a bad day then, or that the train they used that day may have been rougher than the others. Regardless, I agree that it's an awesome and very intense ride, especially exiting the zero-g roll. An amazing coaster

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Dear Scottish Steve,


I'm glad that your scrapes are doing better! I'm sorry that they still hurt. I'm also sorry that you are lonely! Please ask TPDave to hug you for me.....on second thought, maybe not! *virtual hug* I hope you feel much better now! Please let me know if I need to care about anything else in the future, as I will be very happy to do so! Have tons of fun for me!






Thank Robb and Elissa for all of the amazing-ness they bring to my life (and the lives of many others) via TPR!

Thanks! Feel Better Soon!

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I'm going to win the lotto tonight and then retire from work so I can join you guys on all these trips : ) It is great seeing all the updates and posts through out the day while stuck at work. You guys have any up coming events planned for the Orlando area???

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Great Pyrenees video.


Whats with Parque Espana, is there ever anyone there (apart from coaster enthusiasts)? I've only ever seen pics of the place empty, and the day I went there it was deserted too. Does it EVER get busy?


(Concerned for the place!)

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Our next park was Nagashima Spaland. Many people call this the "Cedar Point of Japan", and while there are not as many coasters, I can see where they make the comparison....The park sits out on a peninsula where you have to take basically a "causeway" to get to, they have a fairly decent selection of roller coasters...one of them is a record breaker, and kind of looks like a "big Magnum", which goes right next to the water park. They have a corkscrew that kind of goes over the midway. A giant S&S Tower, quite a few big flats like a Giant Frisbee. They still have their "Demon Drop", and they also have one of those giant figure-8 looking splash down boat. They have a MASSIVE GIANT wood coaster....that doesn't ride nearly as impressive as it looks......And the comparisons go on! Anyway, onto the photos...be sure to point out if you notice any other Cedar Point/Nagashima comparisons!


"Today I'm going to Nagashima Spaland...my arm hurts!"


It's TPR Taxi Team #1!


"We need to get to the park first or we might get eliminated!"


Hooray! We are in the lead!


We've made it to Nagashima Spaland for some ERT!


Let's start off on White Cyclone, shall we?


TPR ERT in Japan!


Lift hill freaks...freak out!VIDEO! White Cyclone POV!




White Cyclone is a MASSIVE woodie, and while a lot of people call Nagashima the "Cedar Point of Japan", this ride is much better than Mean Streak!


While it's a lot of helixes (duh...we're in Japan), there is some airtime on a few of those hills.


And of course a GIANT CLOCK can always tell you what time it is while on the ride.


Seriously just MASSIVE structure.


And yes, this is an "Intamin Woodie", but it's a traditional wood coaster, not the plug-n-play style.


Next up, Steel Dragon 2000! At over 8,000 feet, this is longest roller coaster in the world!


TPR loves Japanese ERT!


The lift hill is so big it needs TWO chains, and it picks up the 2nd one half way up!VIDEO! STEEL DRAGON POV!!!




First drop awesomeness.


The ride itself isn't as intense as it may look. For being as huge as it is, it's actually kind of "tame."


These elements are all "fun", but if you're looking for an OMFG **INTENSE** ride, this won't be it.


The figure 8 and helix part kind of reminds me a bit of Wild Thing at Valleyfair.


TPR had a good time on Steel Dragon!


Take a look at Nagashima from the lift hill of Steel Dragon.


Back seat POV!


More Japanese helix!


"One more time!!!"


"Um, what? Excuse me????"


Bobkarts are always fun no matter what park you're at. It's like a "Powered Alpline Slide." Great fun!


Cedar Point needs to replace Wildcat with one of these double Wild Mouse coasters!


Ahh, they still have good 'ol "Demon Drop!"VIDEO! Hanno loses his "Intamin First Gen Freefall Virginity!"






I know that Japan is crazy about their catwalks on coasters, but this is ridiculous!


As you can see...the park was empty today!


A flywheel Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loop...I'll pretty much be here the rest of the day!


A giant S&S tower...similar to Cedar Point!VIDEO! Check out the "Countdown" sequence on this Space Shot! It's so "Japanese!" It's so AWESOME!!!




Yes! Credit whores take over the kiddie coaster!!!


Larry hard at work updating the park index with ride signs.


Corkscrew....similar to Cedar Point!


Man, I really wish more of these made it over to the USA parks.


Gotta ride the pink car!


This might be one of my favorite ride posters ever!


We rode Steel Dragon more...why? Because the park was empty and we could!


Random kids ride...fun stuff!


Although they do make a parent ride with kids even on the smallest of rides!


KidTums loves the amount of rides for her size at Nagashima Spaland!


Another overview of the park...


And another...


And yet another...


White Cyclone - Part 1...


...and Part 2! it's a HUGE HUGE ride!


The Ferris Wheel was totally air conditioned, and it was about 95 degrees outside with 90% humidity...so if there's a lot of Ferris Wheel pictures, that's why!


Another view of White Cyclone...


There's a *little* airtime on the first drop...but it is fun.


There is airtime here...although it's kind of a 'tit jiggler!'


Yep, we rode the Shuttle Loop a few times!


This is a dying breed and it's nice to see this park still has one in very good condition!


More Steel Dragon!




The brand new "front of the park" area. This didn't exist during our last visit in 2007.


No pitching a tent. Got it? Good!


Here's that MASSIVE slide tower in the water park.


This gives you a pretty good idea of what the park has to offer.


And yeah, if you have a visible tattoo, they will not let you in the water park!


More park overviews!


Man, that air conditioning sure was nice!


A Giant Frisbee... similar to Cedar Point!


While they have fixed some obvious spelling mistakes from the last time we were here. this is by far, hands down, the BEST park souvenir ever! WTF does any of this even mean??!!?


Ride souvenir ashtrays...not something you see very often anymore in the USA.


More awesome cell phone charms!


And if you want to EAT Steel Dragon 2000...now you can!


Ahh, pretty....


"Hey TPDave, if you want French Fries, you push the button next to the picture of the French Fries. I know this is a difficult concept to grasp, but over time, and through trial and error, I'm confident you will succeed!"


More crazy slide complex's in the water park.


It's the "little things" the Japan parks have to make them awesome. At the exit of most parks you'll find a little area where you can cut off and place your wristband in the bucket. I wish more USA parks could do simple stuff like this to add to customer service.


Ahh, the two naked women in the spa attraction...this is by far...hands down....the BEST attraction at Nagashima Spaland!


Back in the taxis and time to head to the train station!


TPR heading towards our last trains of the Southern Japan trip!


Hello final JR Rail train!


In japan, they sell TONS of toys, cell phone charms, and all kind of things in capsule machines. Every year we find a capsule machine that is just "messed up." Last trip is was "meat cow", this trip it's the "upskirt girls." The capsule machine looks like this...


...and you get these little cell phone charms with girls where you can *just* catch a glimpse of their panties! Yes! And this is sold just in with all the other Mickey Mouse, Sonic, Mario, and other kids toys! Only in Japan....


Waiting for what I'm sure will be "Totally blazing hot...can't even eat for 10 minutes" awesome Japanese McDonalds.


The Japanese McDonalds experience may look really similar to what you're used to, but it's really not. The service is insanely good, your order is always right, and the food is served OMFG blazing hot!


"Japanese McDonalds rules!"


Ahh, the final 190MPH bullet train of the trip. Sadness.


"Hey Shane...first we start with some Chicken Shaka Shaka..."


"...and then next is the beer chaser..."


"...we are trying to buy the train out of beer!"


"Success!!!!"Next Stop...Tokyo Disney Resort!!!Be sure you watch ALL THE VIDEOS in this update! There are some awesome ones! And of course...POST YOUR COMMENTS!!!

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I had no idea that they sold beer on the trains!


Just curious Robb - You seem to be getting quite quick at editing the videos and posting the updates. (Which look quite good btw)


Using the Mac now?

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