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  1. Here is a brand new documentary on how sliding began and the people that invented it, and how it is now seen at every Halloween event around the world
  2. I just found an old Documentary about the History of Knott's Scary Farm, I want to say this was made in 2003?? Grab a drink or two because this is over 2 hours long, but it is fascinating https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qG-YNRZ8BNQ&feature=youtu.be
  3. I have a question, why is Knott's the last park that is announcing their new coaster? My thinking is Knott's is saving the best for last, and its going to be big!
  4. So I knew there had to be a thread about donkeys on here, and look I found one!! I mean its a little dated about 11 years since the last posting, so why not bring it back from the dead, and talk about nothing but donkeys!
  5. Some of you from Southern California might remember a water park called Wild Rivers (which is now closed and demolished), and a ride called The Edge, which was the most terrifying water slide ever built, I found some amazing construction pictures of that ride and some of you might get a kick out of. I really don't believe the designers had any concept on physics and the speed that would be built up before the massive drop. Here are some amazing construction pictures.
  6. Massive amount? you can still see the mountains in the background, this is a clear day in Southern California lol
  7. Nope staffing in ghost town is the same don't expect to see a lot of monsters in big foot or sliver bullet
  8. I am pissed that I am unable to go, could someone please get video of the Q&A panel at Knott's?? it would mean the world to me
  9. So let me get this straight - You have to (or at least had to last year) to eat something in the maze (that you paid extra for) and if you don't eat it, they don't let you continue? From what they told us at WCB, if you didn't make it past one of the rooms, you couldn't move on to the next one. I dunno, that seems a bit lame to me. I'm all for going to haunt mazes and see cool and unique sets, props, costumes, etc, but I'm not gonna eat something disgusting. Especially when the only thing I get out of it is going to another haunted house room??? Unless I'm understanding it wrong, that's not "innovative" or scary, IMO, that's just dumb. --Robb "Deal breaker for me, too..." Alvey Spoiler Alert!!!!!! You do not have to eat anything in trapped
  10. David, at Knotts the monsters are called Monsters, or talent, not scare actors thats an HHN term.
  11. hmm how about all three that would be awesome to see 90s TPR on vhs
  12. just curious what is TPR's very first coaster POV?
  13. not this time because they are now on county owned land, the old park was on land owned by the Irvine Company which is a developer
  14. http://www.ocregister.com/articles/park-344932-wild-rivers.html so after watching my childhood playground being ripped apart by massive dinosaur looking machines, it looks like Wild Rivers is coming back, no it won't be the same nor will it be as cool as the old park with bomb bay blasters and rides that were built in an Ara when they was no real codes when it came to water slides, but i am stoked that its coming back!
  15. definitely with the black outline looks much better *edit honestly either way is good
  16. Iloverides's design is the best so far, clean, to the point, If i were a first time visitor i would know what i was getting when I come to TPR, very easy on the eyes
  17. If you were to add up the length of all the roller coasters you have ridden, how many miles do you think you have traveled on a roller coaster?? With a mile being 5,280ft two or more roller coasters would add up to 1 mile
  18. that was called Watubee if you had enough speed you could go up the ramp at the end
  19. Does anyone remember what you had to do on surfhill to be able to slam into the back wall???
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