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  1. Ok so I may be the first to TRY to guess what this is, and then maybe, just maybe finally be eligible to win a prized bag o crap. I am guessing this is apart of the silk spinning machine. It's been awhile since my textiles class, so like I said this is just my guess Here's to hoping I am right
  2. I am making my first trek to SFOT in 2 days. Given the fact that it is so bloody hot and I have MS which causes problems on its own. I was wondering if getting a flash pass was the best option, given going during the weekend. Which pass is best value wise and after u use the pass on one ride can u use it again for the same ride later? I was reading up on it on their site and its a little vague. Any help from my coaster family would be great.
  3. Ok here is another trip planning question. We were planning on going to both Schlitterbahn in Galveston and New Braunfels TX. However because we are trying to keep cost down and time management is an issue we can only choose one. Question is which one do you recommend and why? I have never been to either park and I only know what I have seen here and the travel channel, so I thought I would ask the experts...You.
  4. Hello TPR family!! I need your help and advice. I am planning a family vacation across the USA by motorhome and could use your input. We are a family of 5. Our kids ages are 15,13, and 7. We are starting from our home in Kalispell, MT. Our main destination is WDW. However we will be on the road for an entire month seeing the sights starting with Mt. Rushmore and ending with the Grand Canyon. Here are a list of states we will be going through:South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana. Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Idaho. Some of the other major things we have on our "to go to" list are: Holiday World, Dollywood, Mall of America (for my 15yr old daughter), City museum in St. Lewis, and of course Schlitterbahn. Any fun and wacky place will do for us, it can even be educational, we just want to have fun and make memories with our kids. Thanks Everyone!!
  5. Amazing updates. As usual Robb you do not disappoint, thank you for taking the time to post everything for those of us who couldn't make the trip. Here's to hopping I can make the next Japan trip. Fingers crossed.
  6. I had to wonder why Wisconsin? Of all the places I could go that would not be my first pick, but after the 3rd picture I guess we think alike. All I have to say is, watch out I hear there is a very sneaky Mouse who loves to eat the wonderful cheese there in Wisconsin. Have a blast, wish I was there.
  7. Knowing what month you are planning on going would help, also are you planning on going to both parks or just DL. I do counter rotation when I hit the park. Meaning people typically hit the park in a counter clockwise motion so they would start out in Tomorrowland. So I would do just the opposite and hit up the jungle cruise first. Although Jungle cruise, Indiana and Haunted I do prefer to so at night for atmospheric reasons. Near the entrance to Adventureland there is a board that list closures so check that out as well. Be sure to use your fastpasses and know that the later in the day you wait to hit up Splash the longer the wait will be because of the heat. But hey Go and have a Blast!!! I'll be there the first week of August.
  8. Hey guys! I was just looking over the recent photos of the Europe trip and was thinking about the DVD that might spawn from it along with the songs. This got me thinking. Every time I read through the photo post there is always something said about something or someone being sexy and the first thing that comes to my mind is Right Set Fred “I’m Too Sexy”. Didn’t know where to share my thought then I found this thread. Personally, I think it fits TPR peeps perfectly.
  9. Thanks Robb!! Just placed my order. Happy Holidays.
  10. YAY!!! Thanks Robb. I have Coaster Expedition 1 & 2 and Raw 1 already. I look forward to filling my iPod to the max with your videos.
  11. My Hubby got me an iPod for my Birthday for one reason only, so I can get videos from this site. We travel a lot for work so this was the perfect gift. I searched the forums but couldn't find anything on this subject. My question is will all the videos eventually be available for iPod download?
  12. Must have more commentary from Elissa on videos. You Go Girl!! Robb, Hilarious as always.
  13. OMG!! It's Conan O'Brian! I didn't know he liked coasters.
  14. OMFG!!!!! Way too funny watched it at work and laughed my a$$ off. Loved the skinning of the weenie. I want to see the wizard. Loved it all!!! Can't wait for the third installment. Keep them coming.
  15. Yet another AMAZING Video from the Alvey's. In the near future my husband to be and myself will partake in all this random bouts of hilarious fun. Must have more!!
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