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  1. I know it's really old, but it came on when I had my iPod on shuffle, so I've been listening to it since! Kids by MGMT
  2. Finished portal 2 today! Amazing storyline, and great puzzles, i urge you guys to try it!
  3. Got on Dare Devil Dive 3 times in an hour and a half!
  4. When you go to a park, and people think they are so cool because they know one (extremely) commonly known fact about a coaster. For some reason I want to punch those people.
  5. Finally! Green Lantern was really the part of the SFMM renovation that I was most excited for! I hope to make a trip out there for the opening!
  6. Amazing theming along with an exciting coaster! amazing!!!!
  7. You are my hero. But yeah, I wish I could make another trip to Japan and hit up Tokyo Disneyland...
  8. I loved the turnaround at 0:34! It was a great way to transition between parts of the ride! I wish I could be as good as you on NL but im hopelessly clueless! I want to see more of your works! POST POST POST!
  9. My peeve is how annoying people who argue OVER THE INTERNET are.
  10. Don't get me wrong, Rockit was great in my opinion, having nice airtime, and my favorite song to boot, but I had a strangely rough ride. Still one of my favorites!
  11. Having ghost chilies rubbed in an open wound IN YOUR MOUTH. What's worse than waiting and waiting for something?
  12. OHMYGODOHMYGOD I LOVE THAT MOVIE! The book is even better! I bought the DVD the day of the release! 11/10
  13. Eurofighters have a long history of being not as exciting as they look. I'm glad this one did not follow the same pattern! Looks like a great ride, and I wish I could have a go on it!
  14. To be honest, I don't find the point of CP having a windseeker . It's not really crowd drawing, and what's there competition in Ohio? The only thing it can create is a problem.
  15. The whole Rush Hour series! It's hilarious, and as a bonus, the action scenes are great!
  16. I live about ten minutes away from SFOG and have a season pass, so I go there like twice a week. Expect a lot of SFOG updates from me! I rode this ride 3 times today and I have to say the combination of smoothness, comfortable restraints, and exciting inversions with great airtime make this one of the best rides in the park. It's capacity could spell doom for it though. - Bizarro Hawg
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