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Six Flags Over Georgia (SFOG) Discussion Thread

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I've never been to this SF park yet either, one of the few I've missed, and I'm bound and determined to rectify that this year! Do we have any reasonable idea yet of when this will be open? Memorial Day weekend? Might have to pop up there that following week!

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Are the other wave turns this wonky or am I just seeing one from this particular angle for the first time?


Since they are 0/negative G elements, they always "bend backwards". Pretty much all of them look the same from this angle

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I've always thought that "sideways airtime" was the point of the wave turn.


My big questions about it are how strong the air would be and how strong the lateral forces would be. I found the laterals on the off-camber turns of Wicked Cyclone to be stronger than I prefer.

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Honestly, i cannot wait to ride Twisted Cyclone, it seems like a nice ride especially coming from a guy who has ridden the original Georgia Cyclone Twice.


I can still vaguely remember the empty lines for when it was originally open, so i might be slightly disappointing that the lines are going to be longer.


But hey!

That's the ride of Passage for my closest Six Flags getting a RMC Coaster.

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These wave turns aren't really anything like Wicked Cyclones outer-banked turns. These are more akin to Fury's turnaround in that it's a bizarre sideways float but they're comfortable. I wouldn't worry about the laterals.

Awesome to hear this will have sideways airtime, but...




Fury has sideways airtime on the turnaround?!

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