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  1. Bowling Green for Beech Bend/Kentucky Rumbler coaster and the Corvette Plant/museum offering tours. Chicago on its own is great. River cruises, deep dish pizza, Cubs game, Willis Tower.
  2. You are probably wonderful people to be around, especially out for dinner! Perhaps a cell phone for calls only would be useful while still protecting you from looking like the masses.
  3. It seems everyone had their strategy for getting a boarding pass, but there is really no rhyme or reason to anything. The second day it took forever for me to get the button to light up, hence we missed out. A lot of other AT&T users around me were in a similar situation and many blamed the carrier as Verizon users seemed better. Who’s to say the roles wouldn’t be reversed next time?There’s 10000 people all trying to log in at once, I’m surprised the whole system doesn’t crash. Disney did give 1 day tickets to whoever had a guarantee boarding group (125 and under) that didn’t ride. Guest services was quite full of irate people. Poor cast members. I don’t see any other way of doing things at present time. Perhaps giving out groups at various times would be better. Any other solution is going to create 10h+ lines, which nobody wants. Some ideas I do agree with. -Park hopper allows you to try for a group every day, (this doesn’t affect any FP plans) and go to another park of your choice. -Multiple phones (with everyone in the same party), with multiple providers works well. Whoever gets in first will cancel everyone else’s. -Come back when this craziness is over. If your going to be crushed not riding (who isn’t after spending hundreds on tickets?), don’t put yourself through the stress. The ride will be here for years.
  4. To add my experience: My party visited last week, dedicating 2 of our days to the Studios to ensure we rode. We arrived at 6am for 7am opening both days. Inside the park around 6:30am and the boarding groups opened on time at 7am. First day we got group 88 and rode around 2pm. Ride made 167 groups that day! Second day we received backup group 132 and did not get called, as the ride had a terrible day making it only to group 94. I wasn’t as distraught as many other guests by knowing what I was getting myself into, but be warned, getting on this ride is not guaranteed. Simple math really. I estimate it cycles 10000 or so guests in its present state, so if the park is slammed with 50 000 guests during holidays, most won’t be riding. Disney claims that the ride runs 1700/h once fully operational. Even with those numbers, it’s going to take quite a while before standby and FP lines can be manageable enough to open. I feel lucky to have experienced the ride. The best animatronics I have ever seen, which I prefer to mostly screen based rides.
  5. Great photos! I much prefer a photo report than all the videos I have been offered. Reading comments from someone who is not familiar with Star Wars, gave me a few chuckles. One question for SharkTums. How is it you have avoided the lure of Star Wars your whole life? Your at the right age where the kids growing up would have played with the toys. In your 20’s, they re-released the original movies and everyone went crazy. Your a Sci-fi fan, so it’s even more puzzling. Was Star Trek your thing instead? Star Wars heavily shaped pop culture and is readily available. I would highly suggest watching the original trilogy. Empire is regarded as one of the best movies of all time.
  6. I have to respond to some misleading advice here on a serious situation. If something is culturally acceptable doesn’t mean it’s right. For this particular trip, the firearm will be for the majority of the time not on the owner, rendering it useless. Securing firearms from theft is an inherent part of being a responsible gun owner and carrier. Valuables left in hotel rooms, (even safes) and vehicles are the most common places of theft. Any Law Enforcement Officer, as the original poster claims to be, would and should know this. Guns and ammo can not be brought into Canada without paperwork and restricted guns like handguns will get you in all sorts of trouble (jail time). Canadian border guards may be very polite, but don’t be fooled. Any clothing featuring camo, army or firearms logos will give them an excuse to strip search your vehicle.
  7. Seems silly to bring a firearm along a theme park trip. It’s not allowed in any of the parks your visiting or in Canada as you mentioned. You will have to store in in your hotel (not good with housekeeping) or in the car for multiple hours hoping someone doesn’t break in and steal it. What a headache and opportunity to get yourself in trouble on a fun trip. There are 3 bridges into Canada. I would check waits on all three before you leave Grand Island. It’s not uncommon to have over 1h waits during summer weekends. Early or late crossings are usually quiet. Some sites I wouldn’t miss if I was enjoying this trip. I’ve done one very similar! Corvette Tour in Bowling Green. Pigeon Forge’s Mountain coasters, especially the night operations. Holiday World’s water park with 3 water coasters. Niagara Falls. Hope you have a great time!
  8. Dole Whip (I prefer the float version), is the only must when visiting Disneyland. The Monte Cristo sandwich at Cafe Orleans is popular, but it’s too rich and filling for me. The themed drinks at Trader Sam’s are fun! The best meal I had was dinner at Steakhouse 55 in the Disneyland Hotel. Everything seemed great in that place. The Overnight Oats in Galaxy’s Edge was a tasty and light breakfast.
  9. Looking forward to the rest. Curious though, are there showers on the trains? Where, how many, etc?
  10. Awesome! How many days will you be there? Galaxy’s Edge is great during day and night. Smugglers Run’s shortest line is rope drop but longest line is shorty after. The line dies down to 30 minutes at times, so just watch the App. Single rider is very fast, but you usually get stuck being an Engineer, which can be boring, yet good to view the entire experience. MaxPass is the bomb. Reserving via your phone is so handy and easy. Make sure your phone is charged though and save battery! We used two phones, one for pics and the other MaxPass. You’ll find yourself with multiple reservations, it’s so efficient. I can go on and on. For Disney Geeks, they are offering tours of Walt’s apartment once again. It’s pricey at $115 each but worth it if that’s your thing. Here is my wife and I last week inside the hallowed ground.
  11. I love all Japan reports. The country intrigues me so much. I can’t wait to go here someday. It will happen!
  12. Which it is and always has been. Different origins than the American one. To answer the post, yes Wonderland will be extremely busy those days. Sunday slightly better than Sat.
  13. I’ve rode almost every other Hyper before Goliath. When I looked at the average, not too steep drop, I wasn’t expecting much. Somehow, a back seat ride gave me awesome air all the way down. The constant speed, with floater and then ejector air was perfect. The best Hyper I agree.
  14. Yup. I only had memories of a rough coaster that came to an almost full stop mid brake run, offering a boring second half. Last week, it became one of my favs, never letting up and barely allowing me to breathe! What a transformation!
  15. I vote in the awards every year. To participate, you contact them and send in a simple resume about yourself. Being Canadian (International) might have helped my cause. I have visited around 80 parks with some in Europe. I could have been accepted simply by contacting, who knows? I take them as fun, don’t get butt hurt about the rankings. I do believe they are way better than even a few years ago, maybe due to more enthusiasts like myself participating. I love that we have a TPR coaster poll to take seriously and the GT for the masses.
  16. I first visited this park 8 years ago and was underwhelmed. Today was simply fantastic! The park looks so much better than I remember. At night, it comes alive. Ghost Rider was a completely different ride than I remember. What an overhaul! I was almost out of breath when pulling into the station. It is hauling serious ass, but still feels smooth. I had a nice dinner at Mrs Knott’s too. A great start to my vacation.
  17. Made reservation for Oga’s. The time slots didn’t appear until 10am EST today for 2 weeks away. There are times available for earlier dates, so getting in shouldn’t be a problem for most people. There is still a 45 minute time limit once inside. One strange policy for non US residents like myself: To have a drink, a Passport accompanied with another form of Government I.D. is required!
  18. Don’t be afraid to wear your Red Wings gear! Lots of Wings fans here in Ontario and if you have anything Stevie Y related, he’s pretty much a GOD here too.
  19. The Platinum Pass perks, such as free parking and early entry, work at every park. I have a Canada’s Wonderland pass and have used it at Cedar Point and Kings Dominion so far this year.
  20. Great! If I spot you, I’ll make sure to say a quick “hi”! We will be at Knott’s on Sept 7.
  21. Setting alarm for 12am for Cantina reservations! When are you going again NrthWnd? My wife and I will be at Disney Sept 8-10.
  22. So is Tim Horton's more or less like a Starbucks? (with 'more or less' depending on your tastes) Do they offer my sissy boy coffee options like almond milk and half flavor? Is there anything we have to do with our credit cards when we go to Canada? I have no idea how the US/Canada currency exchange works, so if anyone can offer any input I'd appreciate it. We're going to the Canada side of Niagra Falls for one night before Toronto. This is our first trip out of the US. I also just wanted to confirm again that we have to be at the airport 3-4 hours early to get through customs. (wtf) There is a Tim Hortons’s and Starbucks inside Wonderland. Hortons offers more food options at an outside park location. Horton’s has Soy Milk not Almond. They have flavour shots. Canada is very digital. Many people carry no cash. Your credit card will work at almost every location, even coffee shops. With exchange, you will find that a $100 CDN purchase will show up as $70 USD or less on your statement, so go CRAZY! As for restaurants near the park. There’s fast food options across the street and some nice restaurants close by for taxi or Uber. They are mostly near the Vaughn Mills Mall.
  23. Hear this! A Platinum pass is $218 USD from American parks but $218 CDN here. Our family bought 4 at Wonderland as we also plan on visiting parks in the US this year.q
  24. Should be a good day to go! It’s a business as usual work day. Last weekend was our holiday and it was packed as Wonderland put on a good fireworks show.
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