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SFNO/Jazzland Discussion Thread

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Especially considering Driskill "Mountain" is one of the most underwhelming state highpoints of all time:


We thought of going there once because we were in the area with time to kill but then we figured out they charged admission for that sh*t. Like seriously? WTF?

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Did I see that correctly or did they credit TPR for a Sheikra video in reference to SFNO?


Anyway, thanks for sharing. My parents said something about seeing it on the news like, "Did you know Six Flags New Orleans has been closed since Hurricane Katrina?"


Then my mom followed it up with, "Did you ever visit the park?" She knows my dad and I visited New Orleans, but that was 2009. Mom, I lived with you 2006 and prior and I'm pretty sure I never went to New Orleans.

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Also, Mega Zeph somehow was actually inspected to be fine by the steel structure and they are trying to get the original team to repair it and add a few new things that would reference the old Zeph Coaster from Pontchartrain Beach.

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