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SFNO/Jazzland Discussion Thread

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The only thing holding up the sale of the property at the moment is 1. Environment Study that is being conducted but wasn't ready in time for the last board meeting, and 2. an engineering survey to fix some drainage issues (which will probably turn out to be nothing more than debris plugging up the existing infrastructure) Once completed, the board will either choose to sell to the theme park/entertainment district developer or sold to retail/mixed use developer (why on earth anyone would want to build housing there is beyond me)

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I'm really sorry to bump this guys but for those of you who are still hanging on to a sliver of hope for some reason... from the Jazzland Facebook Page (which apparently I liked at some point)...


A long awaited update -- Sorry folks, most of the team has been busy working on the reworking of the master plan, and then we spent a week at IAAPA, and then there was Thanksgiving, and then yada yada yada. Excuses, right? Bottom line is that we've all been busy doing behind the scenes stuff to Bring Jazzland Back, instead of playing on Facebook ;P


So where are we now: You already knew that the appraisal was done. Now the Environmental Phase 1 is done, with no further investigation needed. Surveys on each parcel are complete. We've met and had talks with the right people to come to an agreement over the standing water issues affection the whole block. Water has receded slightly, but is still an issue. Final purchase offer submitted and under review by the IDB's attorney and will be voted on at their January meeting. We ended up submitting the updated document at the last minute as Ms. Tonya has been sidelined recovering from surgery (just orthopedic repair work, but has kept her from walking for a bit). It was mentioned briefly at yesterday's IDB meeting, and we received some kind words from board members about our continued efforts to bring this matter to a close.


As was also mentioned, they can't afford to keep the property for too much longer. We firmly believe that we will receive a positive vote on the January meeting, and will be under construction during the spring.


I'll believe it when I see it. But if by some miracle they actually re-open it then I'll bet anything it opens before the American Dream Mall.

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^Might be better posted here: themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=18622&hilit=sfno&start=1130


But as someone who legit followed this over the last year, (sure I made a little fun of them, but also saw they were the most legit of the failed park proposals nationwide) from everything I've read from various sources, the land deal looks now to be nothing more than a formality. Once that's done the banks will be more willing to finalize the financing for the outdoor mall and park. Unlike the 1 billion dollar Alabama and Texas park joke, these guys have spent a shit load of their own money to this point.


A lot of people didn't think Ed Hart would ever make a deal with the fairboard, and after years did and now look at it.

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Sounds like a plan, You could also start a "Sh*t that will never happen" mega thread and merge it with the American Dream one and every post involving the word "Houston".


I would love for this to happen and I admire their optimism but they've been acting like they were days away from construction for years now.

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I do value Chad's opinion on the matter and he does take the time to follow situations like this on a regular basis. That is not to say Jazzland will happen or not, but it is not a pipe dream.


The seven names I saw listed in the proposal http://www.jazzlandpark.com/rfp/tpc-nola_jazzland_proposal_for_rfp_final.pdf have a lot of business background, but I don't see anyone with the amusement park cache of Ed Hart among them. I think 4 of the 7 have theme park experience with the most experienced being on the Waterpark side.


It is nice to see that New Orleans has bounced back to around 80% of the pre-Katrina population and could possibly support an amusement park again, but people have to be realistic in not expecting too much from the park at first. It is not fair to make the comparisons to Kentucky Kingdom (other then them both being formerly branded SF parks). I would not expect signature coasters like Lightning Run and Storm Chaser within the first few years.


Few people are going to fly to New Orleans just for this park, just as very few people did for SFNO or the original Jazzland. Just as Myrtle Beach's millions of yearly visitors did not help Hard Rock Park/Freestyle Park.

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And I think that's why they're initial plan places a good amount of focus on the water park and outlet mall while fixing rides that can be, adding some new rides including a new coaster, and removing those that can't salvaged like the boomerang(I believe that was on their hit list). The outlet mall will end up being the driving force to attract people to the area, and that IMO is a smart move. Outlet malls attract other businesses, lodging, etc.


I would agree with you Larry that for the time being this won't be on the scale of Kentucky Kingdom, the comparison was indeed two closed parks that people fought for years to gain control of. Only time will tell how big the park grows. They've publicly said they're mixing things up a bit and hope to have the new concept art out soon.


The proposal they have on the website is a bit outdated compared to the final proposal but most of it is intact.


At this point it's all about getting the ball rolling, getting it open, and installing a new signature attraction.

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Actually, I believe that the Boomerang is salvageable, but there is a park nearby that already has one, so they are removing it for that reason.


Not that they should spend money on rehabbing a crappy Vekoma anyways (cough Kentucky Kingdom cough)


Edit: Wait a second, they are still rehabbing a crappy Vekoma in Jester.

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^^Your law student status certainly trumps my single class in the Law of Mass Communications.


When it comes to the City of New Orleans, they could be asking for anything. However, due to the long standing financial strain on the commumity I'm sure they are asking for lots of money to break the contract.


Otherwise I'm think this would have been settled by now. I remember shortly after Hurricane Katrina hearing a story that Six Flags was willing to return the land and let New Orleans keep the rides along with a cash settlement, but New Orleans refused to let Six Flags out of the contract.


Maybe someday there will be an end to this story.

7 Year's in Jazzland hasn't been opened (SFNO)

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I can't see it reopening in time for 2018, they have to rebuild everything, some buildings I'm sure are a complete demolition and rebuild, I can't imagine how they are going to rehab rides like Mega Zeph.

I've read the PDF, seems like Gravity Group is doing the rehab for Mega Zeph. I wonder how long it'll take if they can do it within 2 years, Remember the same can be for OWA.

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Former Six Flags in New Orleans East gets $3.26 million purchase offer


on December 14, 2016


The economic development board that owns the former Six Flags park in New Orleans East will consider an offer to buy the 224-acre site for $3.26 million from a developer with aspirations of bringing back a Jazzland amusement park, the board's president said Wednesday (Dec. 14).


The offer matches a recent appraisal of the overgrown property, which has been owned by the New Orleans Industrial Development Board since 2009. The board took title to the property from the city at the request of then-Mayor Ray Nagin's administration.


But after a failed deal to develop an outlet mall on the property in 2013 -- and underwhelming interest from developers -- the board recently has pushed to offload the park. The Industrial Development Board's primary focus is deciding on property tax breaks and other incentives for commercial and mixed-use projects.


Board President Alan Philipson said a verbal offer from Tonya Pope of proposed Jazzland developer TPC-NOLA Inc. was made Tuesday and will be considered at the board's next meeting in January, as long as a written agreement is submitted.


Mayor Mitch Landrieu's administration has given input on what to do with the park. But the city doesn't have a vote on whether to sell, Philipson said.


"The authority to sell it would remain with us as owners of the property," Philipson said. "We're not out to disrupt anything with the city. We're only going to do with it what's right. We certainly wouldn't accept an offer that was below the appraised value."


In 2014, Pope and her team in 2014 pitched a multi-phase plan for an amusement park, a "Baritone Beach" water park, movie production facilities and retail. But the Industrial Development Board agreed that the project lacked enough financing to move forward with a lease deal.


"Without equity, we are not going to sign off on a deal here just hoping for something to come," Philipson said this week.


On Wednesday, Pope said the plans are essentially the same, although the first phase of construction wouldn't be the amusement park -- it would instead be the beginning of a $120 million mixed-use development with retail, dining and other tenants. The development will unfold over several years as tenants sign on, she said.


The original idea was to have the amusement park restored in time for the city's tricentennial celebration in two years, but now there's not enough time. "So, we're concentrating on those other elements we could have open for 2018," Pope said.


Two roller coasters on site have been inspected and can be repaired and put back into use, she said. Other remaining rides will be removed and new equipment will be installed on the existing ride foundations.


Pope said it appears the board is ready to sell. "I know there's been a lot of skepticism over the years that anything would ever be done with the property," she said. "I believe they are sincere that they do want to sell the property, and they do want to move forward so it can be returned to commerce."


The Six Flags park -- which previously operated under the name Jazzland -- was abandoned after Hurricane Katrina and eventually landed in the city's ownership.


The Nagin administration asked the Industrial Development Board to take ownership of the property in 2009 with the agreement that the city would be responsible for maintaining the property, according to the board. The property was transferred officially, but Nagin never signed the agreement.


Despite pleas from the board, the Landrieu administration has refused to recognize the agreement and take over the property. The board has said grass-cutting, security patrols and handling calls from complaining neighbors have cost time and money.


The Landrieu administration did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the potential sale.


Philipson said at the board's meeting Tuesday, city officials asked the board to end the current request-for-proposals for the property, but there was no support from the board for such a move.

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Jazzland has shared a preview of their new master plan for the park which includes a new Rapids ride and front gate.






A few highlights (confirmed by the park in the comments section unless noted otherwise). Forgive me if some of this is old news...


1) There will be a new entry plaza to the right of where the old one sits.


2) The steel structure of Mega Zeph is in great shape. The Gravity Group has inspected it, but at the same time they're "well aware" of RMC's reputation and abilities. Final vendor selections won't be made until later in the process.


3) Jester will be salvaged and transformed into "Driskill Mountain"


4) Phase 1 will include a new mouse and suspended coaster.


5) There is a water park that's not shown


6) They'll vote on the plan on February 14th

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Did everyone see the episode of "Abandoned" on Viceland about the park that aired recently? Pretty cool. I can't seem to find it online but if you get Viceland and have OnDemand look for it.

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Especially considering Driskill "Mountain" is one of the most underwhelming state highpoints of all time:


Come on, Louisiana! What a joke of a high point!


That's nowhere near as cool as New Jersey's state high point. I mean come on, such a small state and they have this awesome hill!? AND that monument?

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