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How did you end up here???

How did you get here?  

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  1. 1. How did you get here?

    • Google is my best friend! (post what you searched for!)
    • Found you from another site (which site?)
    • Was told by a friend (are they STILL your friend?) =)
    • I don't remember. I wandered aimlessly around the internet and landed here!
    • Other (tell your story and it BETTER be good!)

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Well I was typing in extremely explicit things into the address bar on my browser, and what do you know! There is a coasterporn.com!!!


Ok that's not how I found it. I think I googled something about coasters and I found this great site.

*2 years later* Lol, I love how searching "coasterporn" gets you here...but to be fair, my YT channel is the 2nd thing on google when searching "coasterporn"

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I was always searching for new coaster websites.

I stumbled upon TPR sometime back in 2005. I can't remember correctly, but I think it was when the site was pretty new, if not brand new.


I ended up joining in February of 2006, but lurked in the background for a LONG time. I started lightly posting within the past few years. I was always envious of the lucky people on the TPR trips, so I decided that I would come out of the woodwork and participate. Now, I am FINALLY going on a TPR trip in 2010. I can not wait!


Thanks Robb & Elissa for running this amazing website!

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I am not sure of my exact reasoning for finding TPR, I personally believe It was more of an Invasion of the Bodysnatchers style situation, I woke up one day with a URL in my head and here I am, I was a lurker for about 2/3 years and used to visit once a month or so, then I got my donkey into gear and signed up, been here every day since......


.....Now if only I can remember all the details of my abduction into TPR land, maybe I could bribe Robb for a free Bag O Crap for all the emotional heartache of my abduction



Never looked back since, best website on the net!!!!!

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I wanted to find a forum to talk about theme parks etc, and I stumbled across The Point Online. However, that's pretty much only CP talk (fair enough considering the name of the site), but I found a post by Robb advertising TPR. I checked it out and ended up spending all my free time for the next few months reading trip reports

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I always satisfied my need to know more about coasters and themeparks by reading the dutch sites rides.nl and themepark.nl. and however their information is most of the time accurate, the discussions are pointless. so i never signed on, only read them. About two years ago I found themparkreview by clicking via the mentioned sites. Probably in a Robb post, because he sometimes posts on themepark (to sell his own site?). I found out themeparkreview was a site with not only rides and parks, but also with humor. So I hang around once in a while. The reason for signing up is because I will finish my education and wanted to go traveling and visit more parks. and what better then to go with a TPR-trip. And I find my staying on-site very enjoyable and can be found daily reading topics.

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Wow, I've been here for over 2 years now and I haven't seen nor posted in this thread yet, whoops, oh well. I originally found this site by seeing a couple videos on Youtube. I saw how awesome they were and I followed the link here. It was then about another 4-5 months before I actually decided to join, but it was probably one of the best decisions I have made.

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Discovered: I was looking up information on all the rides I rode at Disneyland and DCA, and I found a thread about how Tower of Terror possibly works.

Joined: I wanted to ask a question about Silverwood, but then decided not to.

Began posting: A trip questionnaire was posted and I originally thought about giving feedback in the forums. I didn't after all, but I felt it was the right time to join the community at that point.


This all occured in 2009.

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I think the first time I ran across TPR was when I was looking for a video of Space Mountain with the lights on and I came across your video of Space Mountain over at Hong Kong with them on. I was a kid and was just wondering how all of the attractions at Disney worked. My first post on TPR was over on the Hard Rock Park thread because my dad was actually helping design the electrical systems for the park and I wanted to know more about the place. But I never really started posting until the Big Mike Road Show Find The Ducky contest that I placed second in. I've been a loyal TPR member ever since.

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I think I may've already posted, but Robb's site. It was only Robb's at one point, I found it by looking up Roller Coasters and POVs sometime in late 2001.


I found the Coaster Season VHS tapes, and fell in love with the videos and eventually the site. I came back everyday to see if they had updated the site, or released a brandnew tape.


Maaaan, those were the days and can't believe I found them when I was a wee 6th grader. Now, I'm a tall and cruising College Freshman, man how the years go by.

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