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Biggest Disappointment of 2010?

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USH Halloween Horror Nights


It's still a great event, don't get me wrong, but it's impossible to really enjoy this event without a Front of the Line Pass. Couple that with the absolutely HORRID crowd control for the mazes, having the Saw maze being 90% the same as last year and the removal of the awesome Sheet Maze from the Terror Tram = the event was severely lacking this year.


Also, having only one show to soak up the crowds is also a mistake.

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Although a Wind Seeker is coming to Canada's Wonderland (a cool thing), I'm personally a bit disappointed that we're losing Jet Scream in favor of it. Even if you don't like looping starships, this one was well-maintained and the best example of one that operated without added safety features.


On that note, seeing a 'wannabe' Star Flyer instead of the real thing added to the original disappointment a wee bit

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-Hersheypark on opening day in April. It had to be the most packed I've seen that place.


-Dorney Park and their staff from my visit back in August. 10 to 15+ minutes for someone to take your order at a walk-up food stand, unacceptable. Not to mention their security is terrible with many linejumpers. Half of them didn't understand English. Voodoo/Possessed was a big let-down even though I wasn't expecting it to be epic in the first place.


-I was one mile and one month short from getting to Waldameer Park, but on the other hand I got to go to Splash Lagoon and learned how dangerous body slides can be!

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-Rebel Yell at Kings Dominion not getting repainted AGAIN. That thing needs a paintjob, fast!


Total agreement here. Also, in the same vein with KD, Flight of Fear's ridiculous wait times and queue length (physical queue length, not the number of people in it. I like spaceships and I get that they want to reuse the theming but I think it's slightly ridic)


Of course, my first visit to BGW sans Big Bad Wolf. Routine nostalgic sadness.

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-Rebel Yell at Kings Dominion not getting repainted AGAIN. That thing needs a paintjob, fast!


Rebel Yell's paint doesn't bother me nearly as much as Anaconda, Shockwave, or Drop Tower's paint job. IMO if they don't want to keep it nicely painted, they shoud just sand it and have it wood colored...


I was disappointed in Kings Dominion with Anaconda's so called "paint job", all they did was paint the brake run and station to look good from the 305 plaza.


I was also disappointed in Carolina Cyclone's paint job down at Carowinds. The 3 colored track and just overall look of the ride now is rediculous!


Oh and how can I forget the name Mach Tower of BGW... I think I perfer Cedar Fair's "Drop Tower" than that!

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The passing of Will Koch. I made my first trek to Holiday World this summer and was looking forward to being greeted by him when I entered the gate, but I was a few days too late. I know he had a lot more to offer the theme park world, and I just hope Holiday World continues going on as strongly as it did under his guidance.


This was HUGE for me, nothing else even comes close. I had a 30 minute conversation with the guy just a few weeks before he passed. He is almost solely responsible for my mid-life change in career and attitude.


But I have a few others:


-That so many are disappointed in World Of Color.


-That CGA was once again passed over for a major ride, and the trend continues next year!


-The loss of Jay Thomas at SFMM. Something tells me this will be felt in 2011.


I'll second the two of you on Will Koch. That was a horrible tragedy. I didn't make it to Holiday World this year though I had it planned. As for CGA, it's Cedar Fair so what else can you say. I am seeing a lot of CF-related disappointments on here, which isn't surprising.

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Death of Will Koch - He seemed like a great guy who did a lot for Holiday World.


Six Flags Budget Cuts - We're losing all the liscening lost in 5 years, Funatics, and the New Years Event. It's kind of a downer that all that is going. But at least Green Lantern is coming.


Mt. Olympus - I was really disappointed by this park. I was really looking foreword to it, and the whole place had slow operations, long lines, and didn't seem as great as it did in Photo TRs.

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I'm disappointed to see Eagle Fortress on the chopping block, and I can't help but be frustrated by the seemingly slow progress on Flying Turns.


As for disappointments in my own travels...


Not getting enough laps on rides at some of the smaller parks. Repeat visits are in order, but as-yet-unplanned.


Missed credits: Xcelerator, Ninja (SFMM), Colossus right, Superman right, Dragon (powered coaster), American Eagle red, Kettle Creek Mine. Thankfully, only Xcel and Ninja are real losses. I wouldn't mind picking up the rest, though.

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Biggest Disappointments?


1.) Not getting to go on a TPR trip (again) this year.


2.) Castles and Coasters (Peoria, AZ) still having the most craptacular spread of rides in all of the Southwest- and NOTHING new coming.


3.) Maliboomer going bust.


4.) Flying all the way to Dubai the opening weekend of Formula Rossa and NOT making the trek to ride it. (I'm STILL kicking myself over that one)


5.) Not getting married AGAIN this year.



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For me CGA being ignored is one of the biggest. Just because CGA got it's best ride removed 6 years ago dosen't mean that now the park has to get mediocore (for the most part) flat rides that are put in once in a million years.


Other than that:



Six Flags budget cuts, InTRIMidator, and Shoot The Rapids are pretty dissapointing also. But most of all, Will Koch's death. He seemed like such a great guy and has done so much for Holiday World, and has become a star of the industry right up to his death (he still is).

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I have a couple, but after visiting Cedar Point, Kings Island, Holiday World, Kennywood, and Waldameer for the first time, I have more positive memories than bad ones.


- Will Koch's death


- My first visit to Kennywood. I was looking forward to this park for quite some time, and my visit was somewhat disappointing. For starters, I missed Sky Rocket by about a week, but that is not my main complaint. The park was very crowded and operations were slow. A lot of the ride operators seemed as though they were in bad moods. I could be wrong, but I found only one drinking fountain in the entire park, and the food lines were crazy. I used the Rankin bridge to get to the park, and that turned out to be a nightmare. This was all in early June.


With that being said, I was fortunate to ride all the major coasters and dark rides, along with the Turtle and Cosmic Chaos. I am willing to give the park another chance. If I could do it over, I would have bought the VIP coaster pass, and I would have researched a different way to get to and from the park.


- Diamondback was a small disappointment. It was one of the first B&M's I have ridden that did not amaze me. It was a very fun ride, but I found it to be tame in all seats. As others have mentioned, it does have a case of that B&M rattle.


- Missing out on Kentucky Kingdom and Son of Beast. I was not too disappointed that I missed Shoot the Rapids. I got to ride the Pilgrim's Plunge at HW, so at least I experienced one of the newer Intamin splashdown boats.

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The ROCK BAND LIVE tour that Cedar Fair booked into all of its parks this summer. CF spent millions bankrolling a show that was intended to draw a big new audience to the parks, but instead, only a very small demographic showed up to see a show that was absolutely terrible in every way. In the end, the project went way over budget and the guest feedback was negative at best. A very credible source informed me that CF corporate considered it to be a failure of a show and a giant waste of money. I tend to agree.

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I don't have too many, but here are a few (in no particular order).


1. The lack of any major new attraction at any park in California. Okay, Legoland California got a waterpark, but as that is an upcharge that doesn't count. Disney, Knott's, Universal, SeaWorld, Magic Mountain, Nor Cal...nothing.


2. Not being able to ride Nighthawk when I visited Carowinds as I hardly remember my ride on it from when it was Stealth. It was due to a breakdown and I knew it wouldn't be running, but still...I would like to have rode it again.


3. Kings Dominion's Grizzly. I had heard it was a good ride but after riding it once I decided it was the worst wooden coaster I've been on. Maybe I need to try it in a non-wheel seat.


4. The loss of some of the best people in the industry, most notably Jay Thomas at SFMM and Will Koch at Holiday World. Additionally, the confirmation that Dick Kinzel will be head of Cedar Fair for another year.


5. Finally, Six Flags is getting a number of different rides at its various parks, but all Cedar Fair parks are getting the same ride, nothing but kids rides, or nothing at all.

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Kings Dominion's Grizzly. I had heard it was a good ride but after riding it once I decided it was the worst wooden coaster I've been on. Maybe I need to try it in a non-wheel seat.


So you don't think the Grizzly Juice helped either? Yeah, it was rough. Maybe that's an understatement.

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