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What is the most random thing you've encountered at a park?

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On Roaring Rapids, SFMM.


Boat filled with teens leaves the station, and goes on to the ramp into the water, as all boats do. However, their boat stopped halfway down the ramp. So, the two guys in the back started jerking forward. With each jerk, the boat moved an inch further. Within less than a minute, they managed to jerk the boat all the way down to the water, so the ride could proceed as normal with no help from any addentants!


Getting our credit at Woodstock, CP.


There were four seats left, and four of us. Two, in the middle of the train, and two in the back. I was one of us sitting in the back. By the end of the ride, there was something in my lap. It was my friend's hat, who was sitting in the middle of the train! i had caught a lose article!


Terrible (average) ride op at Knott's.


This ride op was assigning seats for Supreme. Right as my friend and I were about to walk through, he shut the gate. I looked. I saw two seats remaining, and we were a party of two! He never bothered to ask us! After he shut the gate, he walked away, only to come back when the cycle was over!

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Okay, I was at Wild Adventures in Valdosta, Georgia. It was night, and my dad and I were riding Cheetah. Now this is not the smoothest CCI by anymeans... Well this large buxom woman yelled at the Brake Run: "I LOST MY BOOB!!"


And the entire train said "What?"


And, seriously, it looked as she had lost a boob! I mean she was lopsided... I was kinda taken aback as I was only 10 at the time...

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I was nearing the station house of Tatsu at SFMM and heard someone singing a Britney Spears song. I didn't hear it again until I was next to board, when the lead ride op belted out Till the World Ends by Britney Spears over the microphone. All while not stacking the second train (one station ops).

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2 bee/wasp peltings in 1 ride. One of them bounced off my hair but I felt (and heard the little smack), the other one left a nice little mark as the bee hit me head on, smashing into my arm. All of this happened riding Flight Deck in the front row, CGA's "Bee" & M coaster, ha-ha *rimshot*


Yea, the bee pelting stung quite a bit, was concerned if it's stinger actually nailed me but didn't. I would have to say that it felt like an airsoft pellet being shot at my arm.

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One time I was at SFMM in the fall and it was just starting to get dark and since the park wasn't very crowded I decided to get a couple of rides on Goliath. I only waited maybe 20 minutes or so before I got to take my first ride that night, and everything was going great until the train plunged into the tunnel. Well, at that moment my nose was assaulted by the putrid stench of skunk spray that didn't fade until the train pulled into that first overbanked turn. I rode Goliath a few more times that night before I left the park, and I know that is the only coaster I've ever ridden with one hand up in the air and the other clamping my nose shut on the first drop.... I don't know if the train had actually hit a skunk earlier or just that one was nearby and got scared when a train came thru and sprayed somewhere close to the tunnel, but it was really, really strong.


Speaking of riding with one hand up, I also remember when I rode Space Mountain at WDW with my mom when I was six years old. I was scared half to death but I vividly recall her grousing at her friend for taking us on it because she said she had to spend the whole ride holding on to the lapbar with one hand and her wig with the other! So no, she didn't lose her wig, but only because she held onto it for dear life. Had I been able to see her during the ride I might have been laughing my head off instead of being scared out of my mind.


Then there was the guy on Ghostrider who I ended up riding with a couple of times because we were both single riders - at the top of the lift hill on every ride he took out his two-way radio and gave a blow-by-blow description of the ride (all the way thru - this was before GR had gotten rough) to his friends who were staying in the hotel across the street (non-coastering family members he was on a trip with).


And finally, I rode Phantom's Revenge one night and I had a disposable camera in my front shirt pocket and somewhere along in the ride my camera flew out of my pocket and the guy behind me just happened to catch it. I didn't know it was missing until the guy tapped me on the shoulder and gave me my camera back. It's a wonder he caught it, especially since it's pretty dark down in that gully.

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Not really strange, but I bumped into David Davidson from the band Revocation in the line for the X-Treme Frisbee at Canobie. I saw a dude in front of me who happened to be wearing a vintage Voivod shirt; I complimented him on it, we got talking, and he eventually dropped that he was David Davidson. Nice guy, too, very humble and down-to-earth.

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When I was on Monster Mansion, we were about to leave the station to go through the ride when I noticed two girls waving at me. I have never met them before. They were very pretty too. I never saw them again after that. I keep wondering who they were.

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OK, the following events all occurred at SFMM, the first in 2010, the second a few weeks ago.


While in line for Roaring Rapids my friends and I just kept looking at Tatsu's lift, then out of nowhere when a train was heading up the lift, it appeared as if a lady just threw up! The worst part was that some kid below the lift got pummled by whatever this lady threw up and this kid's hair was orange the rest of the day. I remember bumping into him a few times later that day, feeling sorry


While in the queue for X2 a clan of teens in front of us appeared to be trolling other guests, I had to admit they were pretty funny and made waiting in line fun. So one of the kids just points at my chest and goes "Dude, you got this insane huge bug on you" Then while I look down he runs his finger up to my nose and goes "TROLOLOLOL" and hides behind his friends. I gotta admit it was pretty funny, still nothing can beat the first post

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Today I was at Legoland California and there was an area where you build a Christmas house out of LEGO and you display it. So, I was building my Christmas house with my dad and my dad left for a minute to find a specific brick. Then, this one lady went to where my dad was building his house and I told the lady my dad is building there. She then looked around and told me, "Is he invisible?" I then gave her this face: Then she left. Random.

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This was the most random thing I've encountered in the park a few months ago. We did decide to report it to the park employees and not much later the park pages the owner of the dog to come pick up their dog at the "Town Hall" (CGA's guest services area). Kind of irresponsible of the owners if you ask me...one should be with that dog while the others ride, not just chain the dog somewhere and everyone go off on a ride.


A couple other things...

When heading towards one of the CGA rides, this little kid is gnawing on his hand, typical kid thing to do. They're exiting the ride as we're getting in line when suddenly the kid smacks me with his slobbery hand as we pass...eew


Catching a blue belly lizard running around over by CGA's Demon, out on the pathway


And lastly, I could swear I saw a cat walking around under Grizzly's station...yea, you don't normally see cats at theme parks...


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2 things.


At grönalund on the fun house the mat slide someone had crappeda their pants and i had to use THAT carpet.


And when i was queuing for the souvenirs in thorpe park a kid ran up to me and grabbed my ass.


Oh third, when in thorpe park flying fish, the op started singing final countdown. When the ride stopped i gave him a pound. He yelled at the mic: MONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!!!

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