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Walibi Holland Discussion Thread

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Hey I just got back from Walibi to ride Untamed. (Pictures tomorrow) All I say now it was very busy but the crowed was in a good moot despite the 15:00h opening. The queue peaked I suspect ended at the 1,5 hour mark. Also there was a slight problem after about an hour when one of the trains got stuck on the lift hill.


Review with spoilers.

Absolutely love it. The Double Inverting Corner stall is a very weird normal stall, but the ride really kicks to life at the double up after that, an airtime machine. the wooden structure provides some nice head choppers what during my second ride still had me keep my arms down. The best part if you ask me is the uphill barrel roll at the end, you actually rush into it but has a nice hang-time.

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Did you happen to see if it was on their Fast Lane skip the line pass? I haven't seen it on their website, but I'm guessing it may just not be updated.


I am at the park today and can confirm it is on Fast Lane.

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Did you happen to see if it was on their Fast Lane skip the line pass? I haven't seen it on their website, but I'm guessing it may just not be updated.


I am at the park today and can confirm it is on Fast Lane.


Thanks! Unlimited or single shot only?

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Did you happen to see if it was on their Fast Lane skip the line pass? I haven't seen it on their website, but I'm guessing it may just not be updated.


I am at the park today and can confirm it is on Fast Lane.


Thanks! Unlimited or single shot only?


Both options are possible. But the single rider line moves pretty fast, too. An average of two single riders per train. While the regular queue was around 30-40 minutes all day, I've never waited more than 15 minutes as a single rider.


My goodness, this is going to be the longest two weeks of my life. I can't wait to get on this thing!


It will be worth the wait, trust me!

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As promised pictures from the opening day.


Early in the morning they where still getting everything ready.


At the mainstage it was made very clear when it would be open.


Because the section of Untamed was closed off till 15:00h they opened up this path for the first time in years.


Final look from the other side.


The Mad man I was I stood at the gate at 13:30 (The official opening for Press) And I was glad that I did because crowed gathered fast behind me.


That gave me chance to see these figures up close.


And a better look at this car, I saw it in the morning but they where to fast for me to take a picture of it then.


No excuse to not know where to find Untamed.


We where informed right before the first train climbed the lift so we got to see it and then only saw fireworks from then out.


The crowed about an hour before it opened. It grew way bigger.


The March to the queue.


And Our first good look at the ride.


How it litteraly just opened.



The old pieces of Robin Hood as theming.


The rest of the theming was Love everywhere.


Beautiful Element.


Nice drop.


First train I got to see run the track.


Perk of being early.


Lifthill was kind of weird how the train hooked. Like it was bouncing, I cannot describe it better.


Just a beautiful ride.



Con's of being late.


This thing was leaking all over the queue.


Here I climbed the stairs.


I regret nothing.


Lovely part.


Station theming.


Vieuw from the exit.


I love this logo.


For ride two I took the single rider line because I was alone. the first time I took the regular queue because I like to see that.


These stamps they gave away at the exit of the ride after my first ride I saw many people with that stamp on their forehead so I sacrificed an arm end ended up with two one on either side. My first ride I could avoid it the second time I couldn't.


It really was a fun day. I regret nothing even that 1,5 hour wait.

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They don't need all of those L O V E signs to get hella likes on the Gram but I'm sure that'll help add to the already huge amount of photos people are taking! Looks like they went above and beyond to re-imagine the area. The coaster looks fantastic. Thanks for the coverage!

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I LOVE the theming on this ride (which is something I can’t say about the rest of the park ), especially the incorporation of old parts of Robin Hood. It looks fantastic!


Hopefully those lines die down quickly...like, very quickly. Lol

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I was lucky enough to have a day off and spend it in Walibi for the opening of Untamed. Now, before I start I am not a huge fan of Walibi. Although the park has two very good coasters (Goliath and Lost Gravity) the park doesn't offer enough other interesting rides for me to really make it a go to destination. But I have to give credit where credit is due, the new area looks amazing! The way the park re-themed everything and made it all fit together is amazing. I'm a huge sucker for classic themed zones (medieval), but they really gave the new area a modern and fresh look. Kudo's for that!


Now, to the coaster itself. Untamed is my second RMC after Wildfire and I'm a huge fan of that ride (my number one right after Taron and Helix). So I was looking forward to this ride a bit to much. It was a let down that the ride didn't open to the public before 15:00, but they more than made up for that by keeping the queue open till 19:00. In the end we managed to get four rides of which three were backseat and one in the front.


The ride starts with the 45 degrees outward banked turn and is followed by the, little slowish, elevator. It speeds up at the end though. It feels like the opposite of the POV's of the Iron Rattler, which slows down at the top. The first drop is amazing backseat. It is very steep for such a relative low drop and gives amazing airtime in the back.


The 270 degrees double roll thingy is now that forcefull, but it feels weird and amazing. I sort of compare it to the zero-g-stall of wildfire in terms of vertical G's but with a lot more twist added. Really amazing. After that the airtime starts to kick in. The double up give two very good pops followed by a nice dive down and two more ejector hills. This park is awesome for the airtime fan! The turn around is equally awesome due to the way it twists away at the end.


The double-up-double-down is more of the same, but has smaller yet still very strong pops of air all over. This goes for the whole train, so even the backseats has airtime all over the place. The stall that follows is small but has a great flow into the next turn. It also gives a nice short feeling of weightlessness. What follows is a series of small yet very poppy airtime hills and some small turns. The ending is the icing on the cake. Unlike the roll on Wildfire this one doesn't really throw you around. It's very straight and long and has a very constant roll rate. This combined with the low to the groundness and the supports everywhere gives very nice feeling. The hangtime is amazing together with the looks. The ride finishes with a small dip which gives a nice pop of air and some air going into the brakes.


I'm not sure if this is my favorite coaster at the moment and honestly don't really care. Untamed does a lot of things and it does it very well. If I have to compare it to Wildfire it has more moments of airtime and a better variation in the elements. It misses out on the larger elements, but the amount of airtime and good twists more than make up for it. This is a must ride! I love what Walibi did with this woody and I cannot express how impressed I am with what they did.


On a side note, kudo's to the operations! They were lightning fast. Most of the time the train was already out of the station before the second was in the brakes! The queue was moving constantly and the operators are to thank for that. Walibi chose to have the operators close the restraint and use four operators since the restraints are very heavy (as are all RMC's I've heard). Great great job Walibi!


To finish my review I have some pictures of my Untamed day!



Since we weren't allowed in yet we might as well take a look from above.



We were halfway the queue I think. Sidenote, it only took us 55 minutes to get on the first ride!



And there is Robin Hood, or what's left of it. Great way to show appreciation for the old ride!



Look at that first drop, it's amazing!



Ten years ago I would vote this turn down in Nolimits so hard, now I just want more of it.



And to finish with this very nice photo spot!

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