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  1. I'm not for certain what park it's from exactly... I asked on Reddit /r/whereisthis and there was one person that said it looked like a queue line from walibi Holland so I thought I would ask here
  2. Wondering if this is the queue line for any rides at the park.... I'm trying to trace to ride down that this queue belongs to
  3. It was really busy during operating hours... Party however had a cap on how many people... Pirates was a 1 hr wait from midnight for us
  4. I have a question about y'all's railblazer coaster... Do they have to refill air tanks for the restraints quite often on it. The wonder woman almost without fails needs some air every time I'm at it and wondering if it's an issue that just our raptor has or if y'all's has the same issue
  5. Rode the new pirates ride at 1 am on New year's with my 2 year old and my wife. We loved it. The theming was excellent and was not scary at all for my daughter. When we got off she wanted to ride it again. Unfortunately it was a one ride only night. Fiesta put on a great party to ring in the new year and new ride
  6. Idk if thats even been tested... Only issue i could see with wind and wwglc is after the chainlift it has the little dip before the main drop and thats the only slow part of the entire ride
  7. I say if everything is open best bet is to get wwglc knocked off the list first as soon as they drop the ropes... Its a little finicky and lines for that can get quite long. After that its an easy loop around to hit batman, superman, iron rattler, roadrunner, goliath and polterguist
  8. It was asked for sure in St. Louis. I chose “Step 90-Degree Drop” (sic) for my most important element, and it showed a video of an RMC Raptor - complete with a quarry wall and everything. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk That is acually a picture of wonder woman golden lasso coaster at fiesta texas... I got one for fiesta with the ride in question being a mack rides splash coaster thing
  9. And that is why with this as my home park I have at least 50 rides on it
  10. So in my experience... 40% chance means that you will have a great day without many crowds and Manbey like a 10 to 50 min shower... Also if you look up the forecast for the fiesta texas it is showing Friday as clear for the entire afternoon
  11. Actually they never said it was going the be anything in particular except that a new ride was going to open on Jan 12th... I was at the diamond event and the park pres said pirates of the dark sea would be Jan 12th and joker's wild card would be mid June... And for.diamond members there will be a new years bash and the chance to ride the pirates ride right after midnight... Park pres was very careful in what he gave out in clues... Like saying that the new ride wouldn't be a giant Discovery.. it's actually a giga Discovery
  12. Someone asked in the q&a if it would become arkam asylum or something like that and jeff said "y'all tell us"
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