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Walibi Holland Discussion Thread

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^The small bunny hop at 0:42 seconds in the first video shakes a lot. I've never seen that much movement of steel coaster track on a coaster before.


You've never seen Xcelerator or Storm Runner (Hershey), eh?

It all depends on if the movement is harmonic or not. Lagoon added an additional column to Cannibal's Inverted Loop to dampen the harmonic movement seen last summer. I believe Xcelerator received a stabilizing column after it had been operating for a while as well. If there is a problem here, like seen on Lightning Run, they will also stablize the movement.

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Great to see the park stay true to their words. This should help to reduce the metal fatigue of that part in the long run keeping it smooth, but I mis that wiggle already.

I don't understand why they decided to minimize the spine size on a section with such stress... They should have foreseen that instead of sticking a weak-looking post up shortly after finding out about the problem! Wouldn't they find that in design phase?

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Calling all Walibi Holland locals!!!


Due to an urgent business trip I will travel down to Holland this coming Sunday (May 1st). Insted of travelling down on Sunday evening I decided to fly to Amsterdam early in the morning instead, and visit Walibi Holland that day.


Anyone wants to meet up?

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