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Walibi Holland Discussion Thread

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Nope, it's an employee of Damstra Techniek BV, the company that erected Lost Gravity. Along with the picture was this sentence:


The best part of our job, the first run ! Sure we will ride this great coaster again and again the coming weeks !
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laurensvanheerde from Themepark.nl has made some test pictures:

Love that drop more and more.

Just a slight second to late if you ask me.

Outside banked turn.

Going into the Dive drop.

Zero G roll

Also he made a video, this shows the train going through the outside banked turn slowly, but these are early tests so this could have some speed to it:

For the entire update and source (Themepark.nl) clink here. (video same source)

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I kinda like the little sound clip! It's got nice rhythm and I can imagine at least some people getting a little groove on while queuing. The only thing that bothers me is that it has lyrics. Somehow I just don't like any lyrics in ride music, as it attracts more attention from me rather than just staying ambient, if you know what I mean. But a nice clip nevertheless. Groovy ride music is what this world needs more

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I don't know, I wish they just went with IMAScore instead (Like Walibi Belgium) instead of follow the Efteling and going with a famous Dutch DJ. This is not my style of music at all, I understand that these people are popular and the parks want to use these names to pull attention But I prefer "normal" themepark music in the park.

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Honest reaction time:

I like the full song more then I thought, that small bit had me lost interest instead of Gravity. But this is okay, if they remove the singing in the queue (correct me if I'm wrong but the Swarm at Thorpe they also removed the song text from the queue, so like that) I'm okay with it.

This is a lot more theming then promised as they said just a steel coaster, okay nothing really screams Lost Gravity except for that porch upsidedown. But this is a hard theme to make in real life and make it look good.


But all on all I'm exited to ride this in just 2 weeks from now.

Wait a second does the queue cross the train track? Or is that just a new pathway?

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