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Walibi Holland Discussion Thread

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Walibi Holland Isn't going to sit still after the opening of Lost Gravity this year. In 2019 the park is going to invest again in a brand new coaster. Thats what CEO Mascha van Till promises in a interview.


She isn't ready for any details. But Van Till said that the budget will be bigger then Lost Gravity, that will open next month. "It will be something completely different. We always look for things that you can't find in other parks."



Also in 2017 Walibi will open something new. The working title 'Brain Trip', reveals the boss on "BNR Nieuwsradio". "It's going to be something of an other caliber. You're going to experience something." There at least won't be any virtual reality goggles.


according to the Ceo of Walibi they don't look at other parks for inspiration. Van Till lets herself be inspired by other companies. "What are big players in the theater-world doing? What can you find in the stores?"

Source Looopings.nl

Well nothing about Lost Gravity but this promises so much for this park future. Sounds good let's see what it will end up being.

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^ The track is complete, I'm sure they've already put the trains on the tracks, maybe even some night testing. Just because there's no announcement doesn't mean it's not ready to go. Look at Tempesto.

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I think it could be a cross between a Gerstlauer Infinity coaster but with (short) Skyrush style trains which would also explain the catwalks on the lift. Just a guess based on what we've seen so far though.

Ooh, I posted this in December, do I win anything hehe. Thanks for confirming that it came from an official source, I'm surprised it has a vest restraint as their Mega Coaster restraints are almost perfect but I'm really looking forward to giving this a ride as the layout is so strange!


(and hahah BDG, that would be an awesome name)

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