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Walibi Holland Discussion Thread

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^But it doesn't look like and idea that would make it to a ride of this size (at least I get that feel)

I don't believe it to be a tilt coaster either. I'm just saying that Mack is still open to make more of them, whether they actually do depends entirely on whether or not there's any interest from the parks.

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I still keep thinking, it's all about bees.


Or wasps.


Maybe a big butt hive over all that yellow (only) part of it?


Not trying to be pushy about this. However, "racing" of anything

hasn't really come to mind. Especially, if it ends up spinning.


EDIT to add name proposal: Stinger

Edited by Nrthwnd
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Is this Mack's spin on a Euro Fighter? It may just be the perspective of the photo of that last track piece but the track seems to be very wide.

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I agree A.J., this has been my theory since page 52. I also wonder if the trains might be similar to Skyrush's seating wise which would explain the walkways on the lift. The track does look very wide too, I thought this when I saw pictures of it on the back of the lorry.

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Just read somewhere, that the new name of the coaster is...


Lost Gravity. And it was announced some time ago.


Guess I missed it, somehow.


This could be a fan logo. Not sure.

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