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Most Intense Rides You've Been On

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^Well, one of the only two rides that made me grey out was nitro (sfgad) and I wouldn't exactly call it intense. it has an intense moment - the helix, which is where I greyed out. The Batman clones are pretty forceful and never made me grey out. I'm not saying that dueling dragons are not intense as I've never even ridden it but what I mean is that it's not just about having a long moment of sustained high Gs (which is what causes grey/black outs) it's more about the way those moments combine with transitions (batman corkscrews or maverick's turns), good pacing (skyrush),....

Hope I've made myself clear.

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I305 (KD) - This introduced me to a whole new level of coasters the first time I boarded the train at East Coast Bash 2012. Wowzers!

Maverick (CP) - Those transitions into the turns are super sharp. Get some i305 restraints on it, and it'll be my #1 coaster, hands-down.

Top Thrill Dragster (CP) - That launch is an out of body experience. Bonus points for the floater top-hat 400+ feet up.

Voyage (HW) - It's always an adventure that leaves me breathless after each lap.

Goliash (SFMM) - Always greyed out on the helix.

T2 (KK/SFKK) - Brutal in "certain" ways while it was open. Not really "painful," but did shake my entire body around violently. Sometimes that roughness made me laugh.

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For all-out intensity, Skyrush is the winner for me, and it isn't even close. I can't think of another ride that emulates riding a bull so perfectly. Somewhat ironically, El Toro is my #2 (and certainly my top woodie for intensity). Kingda Ka wins for most intense launch, but after that the ride is "calm."


Honorable Mentions: Millennium Force (most intense drop, IMHO), Maverick, Nitro, Griffon.

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Skyrush for sure. It may not be as tall, fast or provides the intense ride that i305 does, but it's still intense in it's on way. Back left wing seat has a major airtime moment going over the lift and every turn and airtime hill will have you white knuckled the moment you hit it. Such an awesome ride!

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The Voyage: I've yet to ride anything else that can match it in terms of how aggressive the ride is. That's when it's running smooth, of course.


I'm also going to to say The Legend because of the laterals, but being more specific, it's really this turn that does it for me.







Top Thrill Dragster

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Invertigo at Kings Island.


Front row has some crazy greyout-inducing forces. And with the coaster being a Vekoma... intense is putting it lightly. Not to mention you have to relive everything twice, and going backwards prevents you from bracing the transitions.

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