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Most Intense Rides You've Been On

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Couldn't find one of these topics, so here goes:


Feel free to split your wood/steel lists or include flats.



1. Boulder Dash - I actually have to hold the handlebar for the triple-up, and the laterals are INSANE

2. El Toro

3. Batman: TR - This (and Vekoma SLC actually) is the only ride i have been on where i almost gray out

4. Kingda Ka

5. Alpengeist

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Pre-trim I305.

Post-trim I305.

Titan's pre-brake run helix.

Afterburn's batwing (good call to the first person that said that).

Top Thrill Dragster's climb (my first ride on that is permanently tattooed in my memory).

Phantom's 2nd drop.




KD Grizzly's tunnel.

Rampage, beginning to end.

Beast's double helix.

GhostRider's 2nd half.

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The Bullet and Magnum Force - Flamingoland


Both turn your insides to pancake batter, Bullet because of it's awesome vertical forces, Magnum Force because of it's general beat-the-sh1t-out-of-you-ness.


Nemesis - Alton Towers


At night after a hot day and rain is the most fun way to end up hospitalised! (obviously not really)


The Ultimate - Lightwater Valley


I'm sure my ribs are still jammed into the inside of the trains...


The Giant Drop - Dreamworld, Australia


7 full seconds of freefall... in the rain?! Awesome!!


Whirlwind - Lightwater Valley


This just about ripped my head off, it was running a really incredible cycle that lasted at least 5 minutes! It actually put me a little bit off Top Scans...

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The Voyage

Mindbender (SF0G) the inverted helix thingy and the last loop.

Dragon at Adventureland. Never ridden a coaster that doesn't slow down at the top of a loop before.

Hades - that tunnel is scary as hell, but fun. The rest beat the crap out of me



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i305 Pre trims in early April 2010 (greyed out every time on the turn after the first drop)

Viper at SFGAdv (what a piece of CRAP!)

Wildcat at Idora Park (Labor Day 1983 right before the park closed for the season. Crazy fast! And sadly we were probably the last people to ride it since it caught on fire the following April 1984)

Dodonpa (the launch was just too much....not to mention it was December, freezing cold outside, and the ride ops wouldn't let us wear hats or gloves for fear they'd fly off....WHAT??)

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* I-305 post trim - didn't get to ride it before the trims were installed, but may have hemorrhaged if I did. First and only time I have ever grayed out on a ride and not too sure I cared for the feeling.


* Also rode Boulder Dash last week and will say that it definitely has that reckless, out of control feeling - kinda like RFII & the Beast (before they killed it with the trims).


* Of course, El Toro for it's crazy speed and airtime.


* X2 and the reverse pretzel loop thingies on Manta, Tatsu the Superman clones...definitely initiate some intensity!


* Top Thrill Dragster during the launch and up the hill - probably one of the most intense rushes ever.


* The old Octopus, Zipper and Tilt-A-Whirl rides. If you get one that really spins throughout the entire cycle, it is going to be one crazy ride!


* Gravitron and Rotor rides - if they are running a fast cycle.

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SFNE Cyclone in the back after a rain shower. That is some fierce ejector fo sho. Remix IIs are also quite something, since they're basically floorless Orbiters. At high speeds, they'll make you feel like your legs are going to be torn off.


Oh i forgot about this one! I've only been in the back seat once. I swore never to do it again. I think i lost about 2-3 inches of height due to spine compression.

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El Toro - While not the most intense airtime moment I've experienced, it ranks up there, and the airtime is throughout the entire ride, unlike my more intense airtime moments which are just at one point in the ride.


Voyage - While it was extremely rough when I rode it, the ride was still very intense and aggressive, especially the two turnarounds.


Nitro - The helix is probably the most intense moment on any ride I've ridden


B:TR(SFGAM) - no explanation needed

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