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Most Intense Rides You've Been On

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Invertigo at Kings Island.


Front row has some crazy greyout-inducing forces. And with the coaster being a Vekoma... intense is putting it lightly. Not to mention you have to relive everything twice, and going backwards prevents you from bracing the transitions.

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El Toro, I305 and Skyrush come to mind but for me Maverick is miles ahead of all of them in terms of intensity.


The insane lateral transitions put the similar elements on I305 to shame and there's nothing comparable on Skyrush or El Toro. I think El Toro is a better coaster than Maverick (barely) but Maverick is much more intense. I love Maverick's final overbank before the last bunny hop. That element is screwed up in the best way possible.

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B&M Pretzel loops are very intense but they're the only parts of flying coasters that are which is why I wouldn't consider listing them. Something like Maverick, I305 or Skyrush is just an onslaught of intensity that never lets up until you hit the brakes.

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