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Holiday World (HW) Discussion Thread

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Absolutely floored.


I never met Will nor saw him, despite his appearance on Colbert. But I have met his extended family, and I know that he is a great man because of what he left. Disneyland stayed open when Walt died, and it's only true that Holiday World be open and greeting guests this morning.


"You'll be seeing lots of Muppets stuff soon, because that's the way the boss would have wanted it." - Kermit


Thoughts from all the coaster nerds at the University of Dayton.



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This just bumms me out to no end. He was a good guy.

He was really glad when he Got to meet my mom at HWN who wasn't a coaster person and asked her why she came.

He seemed happy when she said it was because I spoke so highly of the park.


He looked like he was having a blast during the water park ERT and the walkback.

I am really going to miss him.

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Apparently Pat is at the park this morning greeting guests...Strong woman


Doesn't surprise me a bit though. She continued on when her husband the passed on, and I'd see her at the park picking up trash or walking around making sure people were having a good day at an age when most people her age would have been taking it easy in Florida.

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Wow, I really just don't want to believe it. Its just to sudden. I've been to the park about 10 times this year and every time I've seen him he's been SO gueuinely nice. I saw him only 2 days ago, he waved at me and smiled. And to imagine that he never got the chance to ride the Timberliners. I'm gonna miss Will..


Will put 20 years of hard, loving work into Holiday World to make it what it is today; I'm confident that he would want it to continue to grow and put smiles on peoples faces for years and years to come. But the question still remains: Who will take over?

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This is heartbreaking news.


I had the great opportunity to meet him a few times during various coaster events at the park. He even took the time and sat with us at our table to eat dinner one night. Why do things like this seem to always happen to the good guys


My heart goes out to his family and friends.

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