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  1. I could be wrong, and this may have NOTHING to do with it. But in one of the testing videos when something flew off of the train in the airtime hill, was it the red train? If so could that have caused the delay in the red train? (Just a thought) Nope. They haven't run red yet and I'm sure that didn't cause any delays either.
  2. I think it's actually a good sign that it's a week and half from now, there didn't seem like enough time for testing before and now it does.
  3. Across the street by Burger King. It's illegal though I think. You will get towed at Burger King. Gurnee keeps an eye on that lot for this reason. You might be able to park at the McDonalds, but I think the same towing signs are up there. I just haven't seen the tow trucks out in person like I have at Burger King. I know people who have parked at Key Lime Cove but that's a bit of a walk.
  4. They must have changed the headline because the copy I have doesn't say "This Goliath Huge"......
  5. You're joking right? Of Course I am. No way this thing is open till June! At least in my humble opinion:) I figured as much but I've seen worse!
  6. Yeah, can we get back to the Goliath talk please? I have enjoyed reading everyone's thoughts and excitement for it and now the whole thing turned into a park vs park argument.
  7. That banner has been up on the station since September. It probably was just a fail safe in case there were delays but it is currently due to open on Memorial Day weekend.
  8. About the Iron Wolf discussion above, I believe people think they are the same station because they are in the exact same location. If you look at those pics though, the Iron Wolf station is clearly taller, and the stair case is different. I believe they reused the foundation from the Z-Force station for Iron Wolf, but the actual station was reused for Rolling Thunder. Unfortunately the only picture I can find is this one.... Here you can see how the station is the same as Z-Force, just painted in different colors.
  9. Saw that show last fall, not surprised it is going away. The food was TERRIBLE and the story line that ends up turning into a USA love fest is puke inducing. The horses looked nice and one act where people jumped between them was cool but that was about it.
  10. Can't wait to see the lead car for Goliath that is on display at the RMC booth! I have heard it's awesome!
  11. I think the way the answers have gone so far tell the story. Hardcore "I must have big coasters" people are going to go with Cedar Point, unless they don't like their coasters. Besides them, I think most would pick WDW because overall it's a much better experience. Of course I could be biased considering the childhood memories I have from going there but I'm not too sure. For the record, I love big fast roller coasters and the like more than anything and Cedar Point is probably my favorite seasonal park, but I'll hands down take WDW. It also says something IMO when you are a huge roller coaster buff and your favorite Disney park and one of your favorite parks overall is Epcot, that has no coasters at all. This is the case with me. I'll be at WDW on Tuesday and can't wait!
  12. The slogan is Go Big. Go Six Flags. There is no go home in there. The max height for X-Flight is 6'6". My brother in law is 6'6" and rode everything in the park. The only ride he is too tall for is V2. He is also a bulkier guy, don't think he is thin and that's why he got on. Whomever told you the seats were the same on Batman and X-Flight were wrong too. The seats on Batman are new this year but aren't X-Flight seats. They didn't seem any smaller either.
  13. Yeah I've seen raging bull with a full queue and the line going back towards viper and it was only 2 hours. Sometimes x-flight has to take out the extra gates that they turn into a small queue and even with that it was only 90 mins. I don't even know how far a 4 hour line would go. Unless it snakes all around county fair, but I've seen AE with a full queue only operating one side and that was 2 hour and 15 min wait. Now If x-flight did have a 4 hour wait then rides like Viper, Batman, SUF, V2 and so on would have 4 to 5 hour waits. Even though X-flight is the parks new ride it's not the most popular in the park. Seeing as though you must have been 3-4 years old at the time you wouldn't remember seeing the Raging Bull line in 1999. I saw it go back to the restrooms next to Orbit a few times and even that was under 3! (Crews were fast, no flash pass, etc)
  14. There is no way you have waited 4 hours to ride X-Flight. I don't buy 3 hours for Raging Bull either, unless there was some huge downtime in the middle of it.
  15. If they were having a ride night for employees, its not like you'd need to spend a bunch of time making some graphics intensive flyer. Something simple like that is all they'd need. The odd thing is if there is such a thing it wouldn't be posted out in the open like that. I just read on another site something about 3-4 of those posted around the station. If thats true thats REALLY suspect! I'm sure someone besides me is getting a big laugh out of this!
  16. ^ There are a lot more than 6 people...OBVIOUSLY. ^^ So that's it eh? 100% that blue is being redone cause of this flyer? I work in graphics, makes me want to make up a phony flyer about something and just tape it up somewhere and see if someone notices it! Then it will end up on Screamscape so it MUST be true! lol
  17. ..... Or they could be pulling your leg. If they are its going to be hilarious!
  18. Don't worry, Whizzer isn't going anywhere. Maintenance takes great care of it and it doesn't cost as much as some people think. It's kind of like Great America's version of owning and taking care of a classic car.
  19. They probably didn't love waiting in the cramped slow moving queue though. I'm sure people love every ride in some way. I'm not sure I have even ridden this 10 times since it opened. Wouldn't mind riding it if there was no line but it's certainly no Exterminator at Kennywood (even though it's the same ride).
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