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Six Flags Great Adventure (SFGAdv) Discussion Thread

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Weird update not involving Kingda Ka but I’m me so you should expect this…

The park removed the Skyway from the map in the update that came out today, but the parachutes are still there.

They then proceeded to put all of the cabins that were off the ride and presumably in the boneyard back on to the transfer tracks.



Nothing this park does makes sense. Also, speaking of the new map… RIP to all of these people.


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9 hours ago, coasterbill said:

The park removed the Skyway from the map in the update that came out today

It's honestly such a shame cause skyway rides are a dying breed and they're really nice transportation rides, often giving better views than other transportation rides such as trains.


Back on the Ka topic, there might actually be hope. Some sources say they are currently already replacing the cable and testing the brake fins. Who would've thought if they can actually pull this off and have it running again around the 4th of July... 

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19 hours ago, coasterbill said:

except for the Kingda Ka thing.

But aren’t they already working on that too? Eltororyan actually said it might be up soon again…

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2 hours ago, coasternut said:

According to ride times - El Toro is open! Can anyone confirm this? If so, how's it running???

Look 4 posts above yours. 

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El Toro is open. Reports are mostly that it’s running exactly the same as it was before it had the accident, which checks out considering they did almost no track work of any kind. We’re hoping to ride Monday so I’ll let you know what it experience is.

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So we went to the park today. El Toro is running exactly like it always has. There is about 5 feet of new track… it’s the roughest 5 feet of the ride. Otherwise I’m sure they did some work somewhere but I couldn’t tell you where. It doesn’t look like anything was touched.

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I guess I'll have to eat my hat on this one.  Was not expecting that.

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Heading to Great Adventure for the first time on a Friday.  Looking at the map, HOLY CRAP this park seems to be spread quite wide.  Obviously hoping to hit all open coasters, but REALLY desiring KK, El Toro, and Jersey Devil.  Nitro too....but I am guessing that queue moves well.  

Any knowledgeable folks have a suggestion for plan of attack?  It seems that as Jersey Devil is diametrically opposite from KK and Toro, the rope drop choice becomes an either or directional decision.

Thanks for any tips/ideas!

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Last report of the week: battling Mother Nature and Intamin to have a decent Saturday afternoon.

Drove through some heavy rain and lightning on the turnpike for an arrival around 2:30. Started raining hard as I walked into the park, but no lightning in this area so everything stayed running. Headed over to Kingda Ka which, literally 5 seconds after I stepped into line, played Intamin's favorite announcement: "Kingda Ka is currently experiencing a minor delay in operation blah blah blah" and when I got to the Flash Pass attendant he directed me out of line.

Figured I'd head over to Zumanjaro as it was a walk on and I could see if Ka might reopen or not. Fun ride...feels like it goes on forever although again the freefall sensation has been spoiled by Atmosfear.

On the way down the mile long exit I heard Ka send a test train. I waited at the entrance with a large group building behind me. After 2 more tests they reopened the line. When I got to the station they sent the first train with riders and meanwhile I hopped into the front row line as it only had a 4 train wait, which I'll probably never see again. Naturally, the very next train had issues and "everyone take two steps back blah blah blah". Not sure what it was because they locked the train down, then unlocked it and reopened the ride without even testing.

The next 10 minutes went without a hitch and I got my front seat ride which was terrific as always. This ride sucks in any other row but good enough in front. But RIP Dragster, you were always better. Anyway, came around to the block before the station and sat for a minute while they dumped the train in front of us back into the line before they manually advanced us in to disembark. I didn't see it run again for the next 3 hours...I felt like I hit the lottery (which unfortunately I did not actually do a couple days ago).

From one problematic Intamin to another, headed over to El Toro which had maybe a 10 minute wait. Got in line for the 2nd to last row, was next to board but the train ahead of us had a problem with the verify in car 2. So they manually advanced it out of the station, advanced the train on the brakes in to unload, and then backed it back out to the brakes. Maintenance took a can of what I believe was WD-40, sprayed something under the train, backed it in, and left. Without saying a word, the gates opened and everyone just kind of stood there. The op gets on the mic and says "Well what are you all waiting for...get in your seats!" I love this park so much...the level of giving a f*ck is just so low and sometimes to the point where it's hilarious. Any other park would've tested the ride like 5 times but here you just hop right in like nothing happened. Anyway, one train later we were on our way to crazy town. Missed this thing for the past 12 months, good to be back.

Figured a more reliable B&M would be a good next step and headed over to Medusa for my first ride since the re-retheme. My last ride I gave a poor review and I owe it an apology. After getting beat up a bit by Dominator the other day, this ride was glass smooth in the back with not a single head bang and lots of intensity throughout. Sorry I talked shit Medusa, you're still pretty good.

Completed my "won't be able to ride this in January" tour with Mine Train. I usually end up just taking an empty row in the back car, but today the station was clogged back there so I ended up in row 2. I forgot how f*cking insane this thing is in the front car. The laterals in the middle threw me around a couple times and then that last hill has the best ejector this side of Magnum. That hill just absolutely launches you into the stratosphere. El Toro should be jealous.

After grabbing dinner at a for some reason deserted Chop Six, headed back into Intamin goodness at Skull Mountain. No maintenance issues at this one, just a total dud of a ride with no music, no lights, no props, not much of anything besides a really hot 10 minute wait in the stifling tunnel. What the hell has happened to this ride since last summer?

Nitro was next which had an obnoxious 25 minute line with lots of people cutting and then clogging the entrance of the station to the point that one of the ops started screaming at a group of people. They were only running 2 trains for some reason. I mean...25 minutes definitely isn't terrible but shouldn't we be running 3 trains on a Saturday in August or are we just saving the 3rd train for some other shindig? Anyway, ride was great. Definitely runs a lot faster with more airtime than I'm used to during HITP and was reminded how great this ride is with some of that speed.

JDC had a very quick 5 minute wait and a back row ride was good fun as always. Only running 3 trains...not sure if that's normal at this point. Didn't seem to be much of a difference between 3 and 4, just that the train kind of cruises through the final brakes and catches right up to the station instead of meandering through the brake run.

Finished up with 2 more back row tangles with the mighty Bull. At 7pm on a Saturday, this was a total walk on. The park was pretty busy, but for whatever reason the lines were very short the whole time I was there. I did see from the parking lot that Superman was running one train and had most of the line full, so god bless you if you bothered waiting in that line.

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Best plan of attack for rollercoasters?  Me and my son are coming Tuesday for our first time from across PA.  We want to maximize time for as many resides as possible on el toro esp, and KK and jersey devil if possible. Thanks

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