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Six Flags Great Adventure (SFGAdv) Discussion Thread

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It's hard to say I got on the ride right at opening this morning and they were kinda hard plastic vest like. The ride was great, awesome speed and views from almost upside down at that, but I'm only 5'9 so I can't really say how it will feel for larger guests.

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However, it should be noted that taller guests (six footers and above, I believe) find the hard plastic restraints uncomfortable.

I can vouch for that. Giant Discovery restraints push down on you constantly and sometimes tighten up during the ride - which makes me a little claustrophobic.

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Yeah they definitely tighten during the ride, I was trying to counteract it with no luck because I’d forget to lean forward slightly. I can definitely see them being restrictive. I’m 6’1 and average build and I can see the seats are very uncomfortable (hard) and the restraints the same.

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I only managed one ride on Wonder Woman and one on Nitro this morning as I had to work, but I will say facing Nitro does seem to give the best ride. When you reach full swing you are completely outward and it provides some incredible views. I'm not used to seeing great adventure upside down like that.

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I agree that the Giant Discovery restraints are quite restrictive. I'm not even tall (just over 5'9") and the restraints hit my shoulders snugly. My 6'0" brother refuses to ride the ride, not because it makes him sick, but because the first time he rode it (talking about CraZanity here), the restraints pushed on his shoulders and chest so hard that he was miserable by the end of the ride. He's only 6'0" and average build.


I would love to ride a lap bar version of this ride someday, like the one at Liseberg.

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Yea, in addition to my weight, I’m 6’0 and pretty broad-chested. It’s sounding a lot like I’m just gonna have to keep at the diet / exercise and hope for the best in a few weeks.

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Made a quick stop up at the park today to snatch a Bizarro pin crowds weren't too too bad only managed to get a ride on Green Lantern and Bizarro before I had to take off.


My pin addiction continues to grow with every passing day.


Why did I choose this over Nitro or El Toro? The world may never know.


That is all considering I was only at the park for an hour.


Ah almost forgot, Runaway Train looked great with its new cancer fighting ads, what a great cause.

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Made a quick stop up at the park today to snatch a Bizzaro pin crowds weren't too too bad only managed to get a ride on Green Lantern and Bizzaro before I had to take off.


How you managed to misspell Bizarro twice when you're holding/taking photos of a pin with the actual correct spelling is beyond me.

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Six Flags Great Adventure held their media day for the new Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth and TPR was invited to attend. Wonder Woman is a Zamperla Giga Discovery which the park is billing as the World's Tallest Pendulum Ride. For comparison it's the same larger size/version as CraZanity at SFMM compared to other park installs.


This massive pendulum stands 17 stories tall, spins 40 riders in counterclockwise circles, while swinging back & forth at up to 75 miles per hour. At it's peak it reaches 172 feet in the air. This new ride is now the third consecutive addition/improvement in this general area of the park and it's located between Batman: The Ride and Justice League. You won't have any issue finding it since it's huge!


The weather was not cooperating at all early for media day. We have a 3 hour drive to GA and it poured the whole way there. When we were literally 10 mins. from the park the rain started to slow and by the time we parked it was down to basically a light mist.


For our reverse POV it had totally stopped and was just a heavy overcast sky. As you'll see in the pics we even got lucky with a couple of hours of perfect weather. Long story short we avoided the downpours. Not everyone was as lucky. When talking with Kristin, who is the parks awesome Communications Manager, earlier some got drenched including herself. This isn't a water ride but early in the day it pretended to be LOL.


As for the ride itself we love these flats. My third favorite ride at SFNE is their slightly smaller Harley Quinn version. Riding that a bunch we knew what to expect and although very similar I felt that there was even more hang time weightlessness when WW was in full swing. Both versions are awesome and provide a different experience based on location in the park.


I think we ended up riding Wonder Woman 7 times during the event and every time we had a blast. This is such an awesome addition to Great Adventure! We all know that the World's Ultimate Thrill Park has a great coaster collection and outside of that Wonder Woman is going to draw visitors big time for a long time.


Thank you to Kristin and the entire Great Adventure team for inviting TPR and for the fun we had while there. As always thanks again to Robb for letting us represent.


Here’s the video from media day.





Here's some pics.


Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth!


Why we are here. Besides just loving the park ;)


As you can see the weather wasn't ideal to start but regardless the ride looks amazing!




Jay was taking the majority of the pics as I started messing with my new GoPro :)


Here's some of the signage talking about Wonder Woman.



Just getting started.


And here is where the weather became great.


Wonder Woman in action.




Due to the rides location we parked in the employee lot. Here's a shot of the recently turned on solar panels covering this lot. The park is almost completely powering operations by solar now. As a park in the Northeast great job Great Adventure!


Here's another shot from the employee lot as we headed out. Blue sky's were gone again but we enjoyed them while they were there. Oh and yea, Wonder Woman is huge. Thanks again Kristin and the Great Adventure team. Until next time, goodbye to Great Adventure and Wonder Woman.

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Is it in the old Freefall spot?




Flyin Phil recently did a flyover of the area around the park and took a lot of great photos of all the recent updates, including the land clearing for the upcoming hotel / sports complex off of Rte 537 as well as the park's "boneyard" of defunct rides. Here are a couple highlights. The rest can be found on his site here.


A couple of Wonder Woman and where the ride is placed:





The big land clearing off of 537:



Overheads of the solar panels in the Hurricane Harbor and employee parking lots:




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Finally managed to get out and explore Six Flags Great Adventure after wanting to get out to the park for several years. With Darien Lake joining the SF lineup once more, 2019 seemed like the perfect year to take a couple days to visit.


Some worthy things to note:

- We visited on June 18th and 19th. Both days that were forecasted to have thunderstorms all day up until the day of when that changed to being mainly overnight and in the evening on Tuesday. This is what I imagine caused lines to be so incredibly short. We never waited for longer than one train (and that one train wait was because some kids took our seats on Skull Mountain right before the gates opened for us). I was pleasantly surprised that we were able to ride all 12 applicable coasters (minus the road runner attraction for obvious reasons) as well as Cyborg, Wonder Woman, Sky Screamer, the Parachutes, Houdini, Skyride, Deja Vu and others with plenty of time to spare.

- This place is HUGE. Something I consistently realized from ride to ride was just how long the queues were. Perhaps it's because the place was so empty, but Kingda Ka, Zumanjaro, Superman and Green Lantern at a bare minimum are rides that come to mind as having ridiculously long queues - with the only understandable one being Zumanjaro since that one kind of has to be that way.

- Something new to me is that apparently re-rides are not only allowed at this park, but strongly encouraged by the ride operators as well. We were offered re rides on El Toro, Bizarro, Green Lantern, Superman, Batman, Nitro, and Zumanjaro. I wonder if this is specifically a park policy, since Darien Lake still refuses to allow re rides even if the station is empty. This policy is something I didn't think I'd appreciate or like as much until I was able to experience it myself. Basically, if no one was in line to get into your row, you could stay on the train - or - if there were rows that didn't have people waiting for them that were empty, you could go to those rows and ride again as well.

- Apparently the park closed early on June 18th (at around 6pm), we were informed of this from a Houdini operator, but we didn't really care to confirm it since it began to pour moments before she forced us to leave the ride's exit area (totally understandable of course, no hard feelings there).

- Our only negative experience with the park came at the beginning of Wednesday. As explained on this thread a few pages back, we were in fact able to purchase 3 Bring a Friend Passes on Tuesday no problem. Wednesday morning however, we were greeted by an incredibly snippy and rude older woman whom decided it was best to yell at me when asking for "3 bring a friend passes" for purchase. I'm assuming she misunderstood me since she continued to reiterate that I needed 3 season passes to get them, but after enough back and fourth (which I hate arguing, I'm a really nice guy and it was no fun for me at all - I still feel bad about it), it clicked that we wanted to PURCHASE bring a friend tickets and she sold them to us. This exchange took close to 10 minutes and definitely wasn't something I was expecting after dealing with much much friendlier employees in the park the entire day beforehand. Aside from that one thing though, we really could not complain about the staff at all. Most all of them were friendly and knowledgable (minus one guy in the justice league gift shop. I asked if they had a "send to the front of the park" program - which they do - found the slip on the counter right in front of him, showed it to him and he said he'd never heard of it and refused to let us do it. Not a big deal though we just decided to make a run to the car after that anyway and did some merch runs to make the most of it)


Anyway onto some overcast and slightly over-edited photos!




Snapchat filter trying to make it seem like it isn't really sad outside. Doesn't look real at all but I do like how it turned out.


El Toro and Kingda Ka from the sky ride. El Toro beyond exceeded my expectations, Kingda Ka however? Not so much.


Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth was surprisingly amazing (coming from someone who doesn't usually care too much for these types of rides) According to a ride operator, seat #27 was the "money seat" and I have to agree. (for those who are wondering, 27 is the seat by the support closest to Nitro - I believe this was already mentioned on here somewhere)


Post shower rainbow!


I never thought I'd like a wooden coaster more than an Intamin Strata, but it happened. No contest.


This thing was a pleasant surprise too. A fan favorite of most others in my group - mainly because it was so unique to them.


Not that it totally made sense to be where it was (from what I could tell), but I did appreciate seeing Looney Toons all over for sure


At the end of the day, I'd say this was my favorite coaster in the park, with Wonder Woman being my favorite flat. Lots of great stuff here, I wouldn't be surprised if I managed to get back here again before the season is over!

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