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Six Flags Great Adventure (SFGAdv) Discussion Thread

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Even though that area is mostly dead, Batman usually has a 15-30 minute wait, and about a 90-120 minute wait during Fright Fest. The mouse coaster is really unpopular though and almost never has a line despite it's terrible capacity. It could probably get a nice boost in ridership if they add something new to Movietown.

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Here's my Trip Report for my visit last Wednesday...


Report: I wasn't able to visit the park on opening day as I had originally thought, but it turned out that my trip on Wednesday was a overall a ton of fun anyway. That being said, there were of couple of unexpected letdowns at the park that I'll explain. I got to the park around 11:30 and the park was pretty much dead at this point, so I decided to go over to Nitro first. The good news for me was that Nitro had nearly no line and I was about to get a walk on, but the bad news was that the one of the two trains malfunctioned right before I was about to get on which meant that the train had to be put in the maintenance, and that Nitro would only run with one train for the rest of the day, so I decided not to ride again. Instead, I was able to sang rides on Batman (the batsuit in the station is mostly missing now by the way), SkyScreamer, Dark Knight, two rides in a row on Skull Mountain's back row, Buccaneer, and Super Round Up Fantasy Fling Tornado Swashbuckler. The best part was that all of these rides had little to no lines at all. Score! (Also, the queue for Batman: The Ride was playing the Prince songs from the 1989 movie instead of the usual water drop sound effects, which I thought was a nice touch. )


Kingda Ka didn't open until the afternoon, and when it did finally open up there was only one train operating the whole day. I still got a ride on it after a wait of about 15-20 minutes, but I avoided going on El Toro since it had the same problem. Bu far the biggest shock of the day for me though, was when I went on Bizarro, only to find out out that the sound system is completely gone now. The missing two seats in back rows were re-installed and everything! I new that the sound system wasn't working the last time I visited last season, but this took me totally by surprise! Afterwards, I was able to get some rides on the left side of Rolling Thunder (which also only had one train running), Runaway Train, and Skyscreamer once again. Also, I was able to do something that I've never done in the park park before: watch the Sea Lion show, which very entertaining considering that not that many people were even in the audience. One more thing I should mention is that Green Lantern was especially dead today (which is odd considering that it's the newest coaster) and I was able to snag 5 total rides on it. I wish I could say the same thing for some of the other coasters, but what are you gonna do?


Overall Ranking: 5 out of 6 flags. The park being pretty much empty is always a nice thing, but if only most of the coasters weren't forced to have only one train running.


Ridelist: Green Lantern 5x

Skull Mountain 2x

SkyScreamer 2x

Nitro 1x

Batman The Ride 1x

Dark Knight 1x

Bizarro 1x

Kingda Ka 1x

Rolling Thunder (left) 1x

Runaway Mine Train 1x

Swashbuckler 1x

Buccaneer 1x


I'll post my pictures shortly...

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Wasn't too busy today, however nitro and batman had long lines due to single train operation... El Toro had both trains going and kingda kas crew was actually doing pretty good today. If its as nice tomorrow as it was today I would expect some decent crowds.

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It's not everyday you see a coaster train being taken out for maintenance.


The park's TVs are playing classic Looney Tunes cartoons. That's a step in the right direction!


Alfred! How many times do I have to tell you to stop leaving my cowl at the cleaners?!









How sweet it is!


It's nice to get a good look at Lake Prospertown every once in a while.


My first sea lion show is about to begin!


And the stars have arrived!




Thanks for reading!

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^Non existant. I'm actually surprised they are open on Monday. Many schools in the tri-state area have had their Spring Breaks shortened due to Hurricane Sandy and the snow storms we've had. At least in my area, most schools are open on Monday. Should be a great day to go. The downside would be all this one train operation that people have posted about.

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^Non existant. I'm actually surprised they are open on Monday. Many schools in the tri-state area have had their Spring Breaks shortened due to Hurricane Sandy and the snow storms we've had. At least in my area, most schools are open on Monday. Should be a great day to go. The downside would be all this one train operation that people have posted about.


Cool, thanks. One train operation should be annoying, but hopefully there are coasters running two trains.

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I was at the park today from opening to about 2:30...and I had a great time!!


Rolling Thunder was first! (1 side / 1 train)

-There was tons of new wood all over the ride and it ran very well! I was on the front row of the first train of the day! Only the left side was running. The right side looked like it wouldn't be running anytime soon, and it had one of the trains partially assembled in the station.


The red train was missing seats.



Kingda Ka was second (2 trains with a 10 minute wait)

-The ride was running very well. The third train was still in pieces on the transfer.




Next were Green Lantern and Superman. (Both had about a 15 minute wait with 2 trains on each)

-Both rides were running very well. They both also were dispatching very fast! Neither were stacking at all!




We passed on El Toro. It didn't open til about noon, with a long line and only one train. I think a second train was added later, but I'm not sure.



After that we went over to Bizarro. It was running two trains with no wait at all. The trains looked very nice, but I wish the ride still had audio! I really liked it when it was working properly.





The picture everyone has!


After lunch we rode The Dark Knight. It had no line, and was running with less cars than usual. Afterwards, we rode Nitro. It had a longer line due to two trains, and the train not being dispatched until the previous one cleared the MCBR. Again, it was running smooth, but the ride could use a fresh coat of paint. Superman could too.



Batman broke right after I took this picture! It was running one train all day.



After Nitro we left...and the park was getting busier and busier.





Overall it was a great day, and a great start to the season!

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For the love of god they need to put SOMETHING else in the Movie Town area. It's by far the saddest part of the park. Everything past Dark Knight is just a ghost town.


I was wondering actually, how far you could go into Movietown before you were blocked off? It is connected to Old Country, which is still off access, right? I went in 2011 and forgot to check, but Movietown was absolutely pitiful! It was the two Batman coasters and that was it. The place was deserted as well, Batman was a walk-on. That section needs a serious rehab.


I have some pictures I took of the area last October if you're interested. It's cut off past the Batman show entrance, and it's just a bunch of gardens and stuff. It looks kind of nice, but thinking of how bustling it used to be it's pretty sad.

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Is it just me or is Rolling Thunder running A LOT better this year? I just rode it Tuesday and I swear I got the best airtime and smoothest ride I ever had on it. It was pretty intense and not very bumpy at all. I use to hate it but my ride on it a few days ago has greatly changed my opinion on it. I'm just curious if anybody else feels like it's running better this year. I literally felt like I was going to fall out of the seat in a good way.

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My roommate and I went to Great Adventure today... We arrived shortly before opening. It wasn't crowded, we could have walked onto just about everything for most of the morning, and we left around 1:30-2ish. He's a big guy and I didn't want to ditch him so the only things we actually got onto were Skull Mountain and Kingda Ka (immediately after a rollback, which was cool to see). We almost got him into Superman, and Bizarro's modified seating was close, so maybe after a few months of salads I'll drag him back for Frightfest.


I could tell they were training a lot of new employees because I was given a lot of crap about my waistpack by the barely-speaking-English kids at the ride entrances. They were nice enough, at least, but after one trip to the info office to verify that waistpacks that don't interfere with restraints are still OK on everything but El Toro, I just pretended not to hear them.


I might go back tomorrow by myself to ride some more.

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At the park yesterday (Easter Day) and was a very good day crowd wise to go. Not busy at all. One to three train wait for almost everything except Toro due to one train operation. First time back at Gadv since Toro was half built, so had some new stuff to ride.


Toro we got three rides on... If it had ran (2) trains, would have rode much more. Only wait in the park. 15-20mins. Excellent ride, the airtime is insane. Top 5 woody for sure, but I don't think it took my top spot. I think Wildcat (Hershey), Thunderhead and Voyage all battle closely for that spot.


Green Lantern/Chang was better than expected. Smooth, intense and the lack of brakes on the MCBR made for a great finale.


Nitro was running poorly. Very vibrationy the whole course. Still a top ride for me, but its like they did no off-season work on it. Square wheels are unacceptable two weeks into season... Two train wait front seat.


Ka was the same way. Heavy vibrations. Launch was still good though, and the view up top. Waited 2-trains with 1-train operation.


Bizzaro was interesting. The fire felt great on the cool day... Otherwise, nothing special. Still my least favorite floorless.


The indoor mouse (Dark Knight?) was quite cool. Basic mouse layout, but the themeing was fun. Wish they kept the entire ride heavily themed like the start of the ride. Fizzled out. They allowed us to re-ride since no wait.


Rode a few other rides and headed out before the rains started. Good visit to Gadv, although a bit cold for us. Still glad to finally get on Toro though! Did not disappoint us at all.

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^ I remember Wildcat at Hershey was a good ride in terms of layout, but I also remember it was VERY, VERY rough.

It sometimes rides good, sometimes doesnt! But it is a creative layout!

It shouldn't, but it probably depends on the seat you sit in, right? I haven't been up that way in a few years.

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Ka was the same way. Heavy vibrations. Launch was still good though, and the view up top. Waited 2-trains with 1-train operation.


Ka vibrates like crazy but not in the front seat, which is the only place I ride it anyway. I actually find the ride underwhelming when you don't ride in the front but when you do it's an amazing experience.

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Trip Report for Today:


Second visit to the park this year. Lines were very tolerable. Park was empty until about 1 and even then it wasn't too bad. I didn't wait longer than 45 minutes for any ride which I consider pretty good on a nice Saturday. I love going in April because the park really isn't too crouded. This is the second time I went this year and really got a decent amount of runs both times. Just have a few comments about some changes.


1. I love that they seperated the season pass entrance. They let us go in a few minutes earlier and they make everybody else wait outside until 10:30 now. Great considering that could be the difference for how long you wait in line or how many re-rides you can get.


2. I'm going to miss the Bizarro audio at least on the lift and end of the ride. It's too quiet on both parts without it but I support cutting it during the ride.


3. Rolling Thunder seems to be running A LOT better this year. I can actually tolerate it now and probably had the best run on it in my life last week. It really has incredible airtime if you find the sweet spot.


Alright now onto my day at the park today:


Picked a number to decide between El Toro and Nitro to start off the day. Ended up being Nitro and me and my friend got a re-ride on it. Very empty over there in the opening. We went on Nitro 1 more time and then both decided to move on.


Batman wasn't open yet so we felt like riding everything else in that area so we stayed there the rest of the morning. We rode Sky Screamer and I love that Six Flags put this in here. Such a nice flat ride that eats up some people and offers great views of the park. After that we hit the Bumper Cars which I also love that Great Adventure put back in last year which I wish I actually would've noticed they were there last year, then Dark Knight for the first time this year and then another ride on Nitro before lunch. All of these were walk-ons by the way.


We then took the Skyway to the other side of the park and rode Runaway Mine Train (another walk-on) before heading to the luxurious El Toro. This was our first line of the day a little after 1. It was a 40 minute wait for us but it only took so long because it had 1 train operation half the time and had a 5 minute delay adding a second train. I have to say though El Toro ran A LOT better than it has recently for me. I really thought I got too use to the ride for a second. This run re-assured me that will NEVER happen. It was pretty exhilerating. Back row is so much better than any other row it's amazing. People really have to learn to go to the back though. I hate this queue because people don't know how to get themselves to the back because most are either waiting for the front or can't see how empty the back is WHEN THE BACK IS A LOT BETTER! I usually just try to slide my way through people in the front and end up saving myself a decent amount of time doing so.


We then headed to Superman which was also a 40 minute wait. I'm convinced that ride has no sweet spot except opening where you can have a tolerable wait when there's actually people in the park. I figured the park had a decent amount of people now (still pretty tolerable compared to busier days though). Then we headed to Green Lantern and waited maybe 15 minutes. We got lucky though because the line doubled in size when we got off. Still hate that ride though and miss GASM.


We waited maybe 25 minutes for another ride on El Toro which was awesome again, went on the Skyway to ride Skull Mountain which was also closed earlier. We waited about 10 minutes for Skull Mountain and I have to say, it's a solid indoor coaster. I'm personally a fan of it for what it is. We then concluded our day with how we began by riding Nitro again which was about a 20 minute wait.


Overall it was a pretty nice way to spend our Saturday and killed 7 hours of our day. Ride runs:


Nitro 5x

El Toro 2x

Skyway 2x

Superman 1x

Green Lantern 1x

Skull Mountain 1x

Dark Knight 1x

Runaway Mine Train 1x

Sky Screamer 1x

Bumper Cars 1x

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Went to the park yesterday and after visiting the park at least 25-30 times over the last 13 years I finally channeled my inner whore and rode Road Runner Railway (#180). I felt like I reached the pinnacle of nerdiness but the people behind us singing "Happy Birthday to Nitro" through the bunny hills assured me that I have a long way to go (apparently Nitro turned 12 years old yesterday).

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