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Six Flags Great Adventure (SFGAdv) Discussion Thread

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Nathan's hot dogs in the Boardwalk section of the park has been added to the dining pass!


I wish they had done that before the season started, if I went to the park much after April this would spur me to buy the dining pass.

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I was at the park today...The crowds were very light (Except for El Toro and Batman).


-Superman (2 rides/ 2 trains) - We rode Superman right at opening, and it was great! The back row was very smooth and intense! But, the queue really could use some work. The railings were all beat up and there were tons of weeds everywhere. The operators were also quite slow...


-Kingda Ka (2 rides/ 2 trains) - Kingda Ka was running well today...No downtime that I know of! In the morning the trains were being dispatched very fast. They weren't stacking at all! I even saw once both trains were on the launch track. Then in the afternoon, the attendants were much slower, and they were stacking every time. Again, the queue could use some TLC.


-Skyscreamer (1 ride) - Wow! I forgot how high that ride was!!


-Blackbeards (1 ride) - Since the station was empty we decided to ride. It was the usual fun, but you only go around once now, even when there is no one in line.


-Nitro (3 rides/ 3 trains) - Nitro was running great today! There was hardly any vibrations (on any of the trains) and there wasn't much stacking. AGAIN, the rides queue could use some work. There were tons of weeds and peeling paint.


-Skull Mtn. (1 ride/ 2 trains) - The usual...It was nice and dark!


-TDK (2 rides) - The preshow for TDK was great as always! The actual ride was running well too!


-B:TR (1 ride/ 2 trains) - I think after today, I prefer Batman to Bizarro. It was incredibly smooth and intense!


-Bizarro (1 ride/ 3 trains) - I have never seen the ride ops move so slow on Bizarro!! Every single train double stacked... The wait to get off the ride was longer than the wait to get on the ride!


-Rolling Thunder (Rode right once, right had 2 trains, left had 1) - Besides the violent turnaround by El Toro, Rolling Thunder is pretty smooth. I even got some nice floater airtime going down that drop!


-Runaway Mine Train - (1 ride/ 2 trains) - The fort could really use some TLC...But the ride itself looked and rode pretty well for its age. Again, the ride ops were terribly slow.


And Some Notes:

-The new lockers this year are great! I really like how you can set your own combo instead of scanning your ticket.

-There were bins for glasses in several of the coasters stations. I didn't see many people using them though.

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I thought that you were not supposed to discuss the surveys?


Some of them I've taken have big warnings about not talking about them and some of them don't. Either way I'm sure they know it will all end up online, but if they ask not to talk about it that should be respected.

Yeah because there was one recently that had a message about zero discussion.

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And Some Notes:

-The new fluffy, fluffy bunnies filled with medicine and goo this year are great! I really like how you can set your own combo instead of scanning your ticket.

-There were bins for glasses in several of the coasters stations. I didn't see many people using them though.


Thanks for the easy to read summary of your recent visit to the park. I am super relieved and excited to hear about the l0cker codes being personalized! I may or may not have had a momentary breakdown during a crowded 100+ deg Saturday in July last year after our l0cker code receipt got soaking wet and disintegrated after a ride on the log flume. Heat does funny things to people sometimes haha. I got myself composed and an attendant helped us retrieve our belongings. Crisis averted!

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Went to the park for about two hours today some observations:


Safari Off Road Adventure's Station is near completion the roof is getting some work done.

The snack stand inside of Nitro's line is removed.

More takis advertisement's in Skull Mountain

More work on Congo Rapids.

Big Wave racer's is complete (I believe)


Overall a good day at the park!

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Hey everyone,


Spent the entire day at the park. Just got home, way too tired to write up about the day, but I have pictures of the construction site, Ill post them tomorrow morning when I wake up!


The one thing I will comment right now on that I am scratching my head on is the following:


There are extra cars for el toro sitting behind Rolling Thunders station. Is it possible the ride actually has 3 trains? It was running two today, but there are other train cars (in plastic wrapping) back there... could we be seeing replacements for rolling thunder? (I can dream can't I?)



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Hey everyone,


There are extra cars for el toro sitting behind Rolling Thunders station. Is it possible the ride actually has 3 trains? It was running two today, but there are other train cars (in plastic wrapping) back there... could we be seeing replacements for rolling thunder? (I can dream can't I?)




Are you sure those weren't 'Runaway Mine Train cars? They store the third train behind Rolling Thunder's station.

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Sorry for the Double Post...


Went to the park yesterday (5/10) and had a blast all day long! The park was dead all day, even with a few school busses of kids. We Showed up to the park as the gate were opening and I must say, I like the new way the open. They used to do security and tickets at the same location and then having everyone excited they got in early, only to find the rope by the carousel or the front of the boardwalk area. Now you go through security, then the ticket booths, then the actual front entrance. Once your in, your in, and are free to run where ever you would like. Onto the day:


Green Lantern - Front Road, one ride - No Wait - Its a great ride, but a bit rough (although when you remember its a bit older, I'm ok with it). I must say I think I hate this queue more than any other in any park. It takes for EVER to walk through, plus I cant imagine being out there in the hot of summer, only to find a stack of switchbacks behind the station. Poorly done six flags...


Superman - Ultimate Flight - 7th Row - No Wait - Its a good ride, I would of likes SFGAdv to get a custom flyer, but its still a B&M and a fun ride. I must commend B&M and on the intensity of the Pretzel loop.


El Toro - Front Row - No Wait - Great Ride as always. Can not complain about a damn thing. except the stupid train wrapped ads. Nothing about an Intamin PreFab Woodie train makes me think of a Kia Soul....


Rolling Thunder - Left Side, Front Row - No Wait - It seems A LOT smoother than past seasons. I saw a bit of a retracking on the second hill, so that was quite nice


Bizzaro - Front Row - No Wait - I always like this ride, it was my first major ride back in 2000 and started my true love for this hobby. I am so glad they got rid of the speakers.


At this point we stopped for lunch and went to "Best of the West" for their Pulled Pork sandwich. Nothin beats this place. Great food, great views. I should also comment We have been in the park for 1.5 hours and have already hit 5 rides! We could tell it was going to be a great day! We took the sky way (which had both sides working all day, without a single break down!


Nitro - Front Row - 5 min - We hit a snag hear, the train we boarded needed to be moved into maintenance, they rotated the trains through to get it out of service, and then opened up again. I must say it was nice to finally see staffing that tells us what is going on instead of "Minor Technical Difficulty." The ride did feel a bit rougher than I remembered, especially the track between the hammerhead and the helix...


Batman - The Dark Night - No Wait - Normal. I really hate that truck at the end break run, gets me every time...


Skull Mountian - 4th row - no wait - With the park so empty, we decided to ride every roller coaster, because we could.


Blackbeard's Lost Treasure Train - Back Row No Wait - Weeeeeee, ok lets move on.


Nap Time - Yup, that dead in the park we could fit in a nap next to the old dolphin stadium.


Kingda Ka - Front Row 30 min - Really it was a 10 min wait, but it kept breaking down, the break fins on the launch were acting up and shut the ride 2 times for 10 min each. Great Ride as always, I do have to say, the feeling of your eye lids flapping in the wind is always an interesting experience...


Rolling Thunder - Right Side/ Front Row - No Wait - First time on the right side, ever! So funny, the line for the left side was CRAZY Long, no one was on the right side! We got to race the trains too! So much fun! I have to say, I think I like this side slightly better!


Runaway Mine Train - 3rd Train - No Wait - standard ride, nothing special to report


El Toro - Back Row - No Wait - What a different experience than the front row! Man, this thing hauls through the ride, I love it!



Overall a great day. I do want to end with two pictures of the construction for the new Wild Safari entrance area. Its clear that you will queue behind the loading building, and then the car will drive out towards the midway, turn right, then head back to the safari. The Building looks GREAT! I can not wait to see what kind of roofing they will put on it. They are using the trucks as PR all over the park, one in front of the construction, one out front of the park. Cant blame them, what else are they going to do with them!



An overview of the loading area inside the park


A closer look at the station

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^I went the day before you on 5/9, and it looks like they made some decent progress on the Safari station in just one day! Also, Kindga Ka had a rollback on the train right before us, which I don't think I've ever actually seen before. Also we had to wait five minutes each on El Toro and Nitro because people threw up right in the station. Also there was a nice RCT-style puddle of puke on the narrow exit ramp of Batman. But other than that the park was dead and it was a great time!

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