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  1. So for the 2015 addition I'm thinking an AquaLoop for Hurricane Harbor, Batman Backwards, and whatever the dragon thing is.
  2. I only went on SORA once. The line was completely full and it was an hour and a half wait. I think it's a great addition, but it could have had a better execution.
  3. I actually quite like Green Lantern. It's only been there since 2011 so don't count on it being removed.
  4. Bizarro is a boy I haven't ridden Scream!, but there's no way Bizarro is anywhere near as bad as I hear Scream! is. I really enjoy Bizarro. It's smooth, it's fast, it's forceful, and it has good theming.
  5. I would be really upset if Bizarro left. They need to add in another bridge or something behind El Toro to add an alternate entrance to the Bizarro area.
  6. Without a coaster in Rolling Thunder's spot, they have a lot of space to create an expansion down that side of the park towards the Safari. If they put a new coaster where Rolling Thunder was, they can only expand down that way from Golden Kingdom.
  7. That isn't what I'm saying. Without a coaster directly between El Toro and Kingda Ka, they have room to expand that section of the park down a lot further and add more stuff that the park needs.
  8. The fact that they kept Rolling Thunder's station and queue intact makes me a bit nervous that they aren't going to capitalize on the huge amount of room that is open for them to expand. Plaza Del Carnival and Golden Kingdom can become connected and extend down to a newer area that would be able to hold a replacement for Rolling Thunder as well as whatever the future may hold.
  9. Guests at Great Adventure have so many places where they could throw things at trains. The exit to Dark Knight runs parallel to a section of track. If someone wanted to they could easily throw something when a train was passing. Superman: Ultimate Flight's queue runs entirely underneath the ride and the first drop comes very close to the path. It's not really easy, but someone could do it. The entrance to Bizarro in the center of the cobra roll is pretty much begging for someone to throw something at it. And out of all of the rides that are easy to throw stuff on, the one time it occurs is when someone throws change while on El Toro. The way I look at it, anyone who knows anything about rides and safety isn't going to throw anything because we aren't stupid. The people that don't know about ride safety would be too scared to throw something at a ride because they don't know what might happen. Movies like Final Destination 3 lead people to believe that a video camera could derail a speeding, multi-ton train. The amount of people who believe this stuff is incredible, which is why it doesn't happen. I'd be willing to bet that people who would throw something are turned off by the idea of something breaking and people getting hurt or killed, but most likely people getting hurt. As specific as my idea was, even the "coolest" kids don't want to hurt someone.
  10. Does anyone have pictures of Rolling Thunder's demolition? It would be nice to see some pics.
  11. You don't need a second day. Even on the most crowded day I've ever seen I was still able to ride all of the coasters at least once. Green Lantern and Superman are going to have absolutely ridiculous lines all day, so try to hit them in the evening. Start with El Toro and then just do whatever you want to really. I usually do El Toro and Bizarro and then head over to Nitro, Batman, Skull Mountain, Dark Knight, eat over there, then head back and get to what I haven't yet. I'd only go the second day if you miss El Toro or Nitro.
  12. Thanks guys! EDIT: Update! Model is done for the most part. Still going to go through and nitpick a bit, but I'm pretty satisfied with most of it. If there is any change, expect it to be to the wheel covers. Also, I will add seat belts, I just need to make a texture.
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