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Kings Dominion (KD) Discussion Thread

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In my analysis a page or so ago, I was saying the track bends inward outside of the little bunny hops before and after the cutback, making the cutback/curve element narrower than the original curve and less than 180 degrees. Now that they've finished the big overbanked curve I see it is similar in that respect. This makes the overbank make a lot more sense as a smooth overbank can produce more turning force. The ride has been increased in height 28' but the overbank is 15-20' higher than the original curve so it isn't a lot faster. So, a tighter radius makes it not seem weak and overcomes my objection to the original prediction. I can't tell but it may not be as symmetrical as the cutback. As it is, the track looks to come very close to the corner of the station, that projecting bit that looks like a little elevator or something. The exit of the curve comes closer to the turnaround to the lift than originally as well.


Looking again at the announcement video, at all 4 slight bends I am talking about they pull away from the on-ride POV at all 4 of them, making it hard to judge anything.

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Just shared on RMC's FB page.



Trackwork is (almost) complete. Are those all new trees they planted in the infield? If so thats friggin awesome, will certainly increase the sense of speed as you fly passed them.







Looks incredible!


Sort of if Outlaw Run and El Toro had a baby. Possibly a top 5 RMC.

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All the elements seem pretty low to the ground and they extended the lift but some of RMCS coasters seems to drag a little towards the end of the course.
The pacing on this thing looks like it'll be incredible.

Everything but the lift/drop on this ride is really low to the ground, even the first turn. I'm certain this thing is going to haul ass all the way through. Like the other RMC's I'm sure it will take a bit to break in.

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Dayum...can't wait to get back to this park soon to give this thing a whirl or two.


I foresee a trip to Richmond to visit Michael's son, daughter in law and grandkids next summer - with side visits to BGW and KD in the mix, of course!

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Man those are the best pics I've seen so far. How do you all think the pacing will be on TT? All the elements seem pretty low to the ground and they extended the lift but some of RMCS coasters seems to drag a little towards the end of the course. Either way this ride will be amazing!


To me "Pacing" is more a matter of design. Most coasters do slow down as they go through the course, so good pacing has to allow slower speeds towards the end there just needs to be appropriate things to do and they have to meet specs. I'm still interested in how much RMCs slow down compared to their original versions, I haven't done both versions of one yet, only rode WC. The plastic wheels slow it down but the smoothing should compensate some. Still, this will be long for its height for steel coaster. I'm guessing it will finish at a speed no faster than the original's best even with the increased height, but no slower than its last year. That's a big range.


The later elements just don't look high speed to me. The overbank is fast, but by the time you get to the cutback, where did the Big Curve go? The actual curve has been reduced to a fraction. I saw the ledgers in person at Haunt for some of those sections and the trick track and they looked severe with my assumptions at the time. I think it has to be slow enough the reverse bank, for example, slows down a good bit, but I think it's a bigger one than on WC and more elevated compared to what follows. The stats are similar though.


It will be a very cool coaster but I think the RMCs differ from what I first expected. They're not "biggest baddest meanest" , more a detailed, complex, long for their size type of coaster. The steel conversion means they have to make them at least somewhat more intense element-wise just to match the original, and then take that another step.

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BREAKING NEWS: The first train for Twisted Timbers has arrived!


As you may recall, when you climb aboard Twisted Timbers, you’re taking a tour through the once thriving Hanover Hill Orchard. No one knows what happened that fateful day in 1950… some unknown force left the Orchard ta⊥Tered and torn, but now you have the opportunity to take a ride through the previously forbidden grounds and see evidence preserved from that fateful day!


So, it’s only fitting that you climb aboard one of Hanover Hill’s own vehicles circa 1950.


Remember, this isn’t a traditional wooden coaster. You’ll go up, down, left, right, upside down and inside out…kidding on that last one. The restraints go over your lap, as well as a leg bar to keep you tightly in place.


And lastly, look at the beautiful, shiny new wheels.


Stay tuned for more updates! Now that the moving pieces are here, exciting things will be happening soon…


And from their twitter:


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The trains look great! It's cool to finally see the new restraint design. Looks like the old U shaped bar has been changed to a V. Other than that the seats look pretty similar to LR which were acceptably comfortable. Hopefully the new restraint design makes pulling down/pushing up easier.


I can't believe this thing opens in two months! Soon we will be getting some testing going on

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