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Kings Dominion (KD) Discussion Thread

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It's funny, from certain angles at first glance it actually doesn't look that big because of the way the lift is constructed. The truss system looks like normal Intamin track and the lack of supports adds to the effect of it not looking that tall until you look at the surroundings to give it a sense of scale and you realize just how massive it is. That lift is going to be by far the most impressive part of this coaster once the temporary support is removed. It just looks like it's ready to fall over in the slightest breeze lol.

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I have said it once, and I'll say it until we get one....the west coast needs one of these behemoths, badly. Any 300' plus coaster, just one. Until then, I can't wait until I finally get a taste of what I have been missing out on all these years when I go this upcoming May to Ohio.


By the way, this coaster looks beautiful.

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The feeling of your head hitting the OTSR is going to be amazing too. That turn better be glass smooth or else, ouch..


As discussed before, it's probably going to be using Tornado-esque lapbars with the seatbelt-style OTSR if it even has one


And it's intamin, when have they built something that ISNT glass smooth?

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I disagree, The feeling of speed is going to be Awesome at the bottom. I am glad it does what it does. There will be air on the 2nd hill anyway.




Seconded. Maverick's pull out was really cool, and it usually makes me black out! I'm sure this will be very similar.

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