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  1. This looks like a coaster you would build for the fun of it playing RCT. This thing just looks unreal!
  2. Ive been to spooky world in NH. They have 5 houses, and one walk through that goes back into the woods. The scaractors are amazing as well as the houses.
  3. Why did they kill the ivy!? It looks so boring without ivy! Makes no sense to me.
  4. I remember seing this video a few years back, and to this day it is still really funny.
  5. Where are they going to get music from? There is no music in the movies, and it would be kind of weird adding music because the movies are freaking awesome!
  6. I think I305 topping off is TPR front page worthy because this ride is looking really sexy. ;]
  7. Wow, I can't believe how much work was done on the lift hill this past week. This ride is looking amazingggg!
  8. 100% boobage popping out. She totally just played it off at the end like nothing happened.
  9. ^ Everything at Headless Horseman is definitely HHN quality. It just seems like they should throw one more house in there and then I would say that it's 100% worth $32.00. John Shaw's show was crazy [what I saw of it]. The show got cut short because out of nowhere it started to down poor.
  10. Hello everyone. My girlfriend and I went to Headless Horseman Hayride and Haunted Houses in Ulster Park, NY. This screampark was once again voted the number 1 scream park in America by Hauntworld Magazine. They did not allow cameras inside the gates so I was unable to take any pictures The $32.00 admission price included a haunted hayride, 4 haunted houses, and a corn maze. Haunted Hayride: The haunted hayride was by far the best haunted hayride that I have ever been on. The story line, the graphics, the costumes, and the acting was amazing. They even had real horses with people that had the headless horseman costume on riding them. There were people on ziplines that zipped right above your head. There was fire, air cannons, water, and amazing graphics all along the 1 mile trip. The next stop was the "Slaughter House" haunted house. This haunted house was PITCH black, you could not see your hand in front of your face therefore they provided you with these tiny flashlights that looked like cockroaches. If you were lucky, your flashlight worked, but mine of course did not. The theming and the smell in the house had it smelling just like a slaughter house. After the slaughter house you went right into the corn maze, it was not a true maze but there were a few scary parts but not a whole lot, mostly just actors dressed up as scare crows. After the corn maze you walked right into the "green house" haunted house, this was also not all that scary but there were a few scary parts. After the green house you then went into "The Feeding" haunted house. This haunted house had alot of people popping out of doors and walls and hidden passages. There were a few scary parts but it wasn't all that bad. The final house was "Blood Inn, The mansion of dahlia blood" This haunted house was themed after a haunted hotel, there were alot of graphics in this house and alot of people hiding in walls again and at the end there was a chainsaw guy. Overall I would say that it is not 100% worth the $32.00 that you pay, I would say $24.00 is a good price. I would say that it is well worth the time to go if you have a chance. It was a lot of fun and the make up, costumes, graphics, and theming of the attractions were amazing. http://www.headlesshorseman.com/index.php There is a link to the web site for more information if you would like! Thank you for reading.
  11. <<<<<< Jealous! That is a beautiful park. The tickets prices are outrageous though.
  12. I'm so down to join in on fantasy football if there is space for me. I have a team on yahoo that I do just for fun. But i'm down to join a competition league.
  13. Off topic but it is something that has been bugging me: The lot where the pavilion used to stand is still a freaking open field of GRASS! Why were they in such a rush to tear the pavilion down again?!
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