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TPR's 2011 Trips Questionnaire!

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Hey everyone!


We are doing our annual TPR Trips Questionnaire a bit early this year since at the moment we are considering a February 2011 TPR Trip to Australia.


As with the previous surveys, if you are at all interested and more important SERIOUS about going on a TPR Trip in the future PLEASE FILL OUT THIS QUESTIONNAIRE!


It really helps us with our future trip planning! Click the link here:



And it should be pretty self-explanatory.


If you have any questions, feel free to post them here!


Thank you to everyone for your input!



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The North East trip is back again, great to see! Spain would be my second choice, I'd love to go there...not 100% yet, but I would be for the NE trip.


TPR members will have a GREAT time in Australia, the parks, the Zoo, the atmosphere....all just a wonderful place to be.


Thanks for putting this up early, Robb! Now I can start saving and planning for 2011.


See you guys this year at HW and IB...then on the way to Cedar Point!

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While I would love to go to Spain again, (I love Spain) the other trips that would be new to me are way too enticing. By the way, you have Terra Mitica listed twice for the Spain info.


For me, Japan would be my likely choice, with Australia my second. Key factors being, timing, vacation time, and the parks.

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I really hope the Spain will not collide with my exams in June 2011. If they don't, I'm in for sure.


The trips in the USA don't really appeal to be, as the coaster collection of the parks that are new to me don't outweight the plane tickets. But that's just my problem, better luck in 2012

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Also remember that we have lots of members that setup 'TPR Accounts' with us. That way you can start saving now for a future trip.


This is especially great now that we're announcing the 2011 trips so early! Start sending TPR your money now a little bit or whatever you can each month, and you'll be ready for a 2011 trip by the time we start taking deposits!


Email me for more information!

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The Northeast Trip is the one I'm looking at for now, and it sounds awesome since I've always wanted to go up in that direction for parks.


Road to CP is my 2nd option, because I know those parks well and I'd have fun on the trip anyhow, despite being on most of the coasters at the parks listed. I'd have fun showing newcomer TPR members around CP and Kings Island!

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I've been going through the questionnaires for the last three hours...Japan is shaping up AWESOME! Great group of people interested for sure.


Get those questionnaires in soon as we'll be making trip decisions THIS month for 2011!!!

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