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TPR's 2011 Trips Questionnaire!

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Seems like we might finally make it on a TPR trip not in Australia.


One small question guys, what do you consider the minimun age/height for someone to join the tour under adults supervision as we will most likely be bringing the two terrors on the tour as well.


Hope to see you all in Australia first though.....(subtle nudge included)

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We have all ages on the trips. I always tell people it's fun for all ages from KidTums all the way to Jeff Johnson! For example we have three toddlers on the IntimidaTour Trip and we've done fine with 8+ year olds as well! In fact, KT won't even be the youngest participant on this years trips!


If your kids are fun and like parks, there's really not a problem bringing them at any age. If they're going to throw tantrums because they're an inch too short to ride something then you may want to wait a year.

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Thanks Elissa, don't think the height will be a problem as the are both now tall enough to ride all the coasters in Australia, just wanted to be on the safe side. The only tantrum they might throw is if they don't get enought turns....sort of take after me in that way...lol.

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I would LOVE to catch up with all of you if we get you guys to come downunder to see me !!


Oh, and learning Japanese is quite eye-opening:


Tokyo Tower = Tou-kyou-taa-waa.

Limousine = Rim-oh-zheen.

Taxi = Tak-u-shii

Sushi = Sushi

Cola = Koh-rah

Toilet - Toy-reh

and Disneysea = Dis-u-knee-she.

Oh, and "Most delicious burger on the face of the planet" = Mos Baagaa - have you guys tried them yet?


...I don't know the Japanese for "Plain Pasta" but I bet someone does


Having said that - I'd LOVE for Japan to be in 2012 so I could afford to go.


See you all Downunder !!!


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