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  1. Just rode NTAG Saturday and it is totally bad a$$. The force at the bottom of the first drop is insane and the airtime is top notch! I loved the old TG when it was newer but this is by far a better coaster than the old TG. The loading process is much better than in years past too. SFoT should continue this style of loading IMO.
  2. I don't understand why "enthusiasts" are bothered or upset by the price of this event. We of all people who patronize theme parks should understand that it is not the park's job to give away the gate because some of us think we are special and have earned it. You are probably the same people who want every coaster saved and every park to stay open and new rides all the time. All of that is fine but it takes money! Why is it that you are not willing to pay the price for all of the demands you place on parks and the industry? Anyone who would argue that 50-something dollars is too much for access to a closed park with no other guests needs to reconsider. I would pay that at every park if I could! I would also pay it on top of my season pass price, which to be quite honest was underpriced itself. I love the industry and sites like TPR. I find value in both and don't mind paying for something I am passionate about. There's never going to be a year where I can take advanyage of all that TPR and Club TPR have to offer but I will gladly pay my 50-something dollars to support my passion and those who support it as well. Even if I don't use my club TPR card one time next year, I know that somehow the money that I paid to TPR will go to continue this site and its benefits and most importantly, it might attract more enthusiasts to support the industry. I know it takes time and money for Robb and Elissa to Youtube, facebook, coastertube, Club TPR, TPR, trips, events, and all the other stuff they do. I will never keep up with all of that because it's impossible but I will continue to pay because I just love it! Okay, this is way too long and I am really not trying to lecture. I just don't understand why some people are not willing to pay 50 bucks for something that they love. That's cheap in my opinion.
  3. I just want to say thanks to Robb and Elissa for all of the hard work and planning that goes into one of these trips. Your hard work is well appreciated in my eyes anyway....and many others. Like others, this was my first TPR trip. And like others, I was very concerned about spending such a significant amount of money on a completely unknow experience. I can't say that I was not disappointed about Holiday Park and I can't say that I enjoyed every single aspect of every park. Quite frankly I think that would be impossible. On the other hand, I know that there is no way I could have planned a trip like this on my own. So I just accepted the fact that you cannot control the uncontrolable and enjoyed what you were dedicated enough to create. I will say that, from the bottom of my heart, this was the most meaningful experience so far in my life. There has never been a time where I have made more friends, gotten closer to a current friend, or had as many amazing and diverse experiences all in a such a short time. I can't value this trip in dollars because it is priceless to me. TPR, to me, is not a coaster club, website, credit whore attainment organization, or a click. To me, TPR is a vehicle which allows for the creation of great experiences, moments, memories, and most importantly relationships with other great people that I would never meet otherwise. I didn't think this way until I went on a TPR trip. The only word I can think of is Thanks. p.s. The German fair was awesome, especially riding flat rides while being completely drunk.
  4. Thanks to everyone for all of your help so far. I think it will be best to go to Louisville after the event. We will probably go to one of the small bars near by just to see what it's like. I am sure it will be interesting.
  5. Does anyone have suggestiond of bars, restaurants, and other stuff to do around Holiday World? Since this area is so small, if you think of something that is several hours away, that's cool as well. I am going with some friends and they agreed to do the amusement park thing for a few days if I agreed to party with them. The only problem is they have no idea what to do around that part of the country. Indiana Beach and Beech Bend are out for us so you can skip these in your reply. Thanks for your ideas in advance.
  6. That reminds me....I need to get my teeth cleaned! I think this movie should be available in 3D IMAX theaters accross the country.
  7. Wow! They updated that fast on the Holiday World website. HoliWood Nights is open to card-carrying members of the following amusement park-related clubs: American Coaster Enthusiasts Club TPR CoasterBuzz Club Coaster Community Club Coaster Crew CoasterFanatics Club CoasterFusion Club Coaster Zombies European Coaster Club Florida Coaster Club Great Ohio Coaster Club Mid-Atlantic Coaster Club National Amusement Park Historical Association RideWorld Roller Coaster Club of Great Britain Western New York Coaster Club Wood Coaster Fan Club If you do not belong to one of the above Partner Clubs, then you must come as a club member's guest. The club member will serve as your interpreter throughout the event. Seriously, though, any guests must register for the event with the club member and sign the Code of Conduct on the reg form (with the understanding that the club member is responsible for his or her guest's behavior). We don't limit the number of guests a club member can bring.
  8. Thank GOD! I guess I have never been able to see the coaster from this view before. To be honest, it looks really good from this viewpoint and I think it is better than the pictures six flags always uses for marketing and Onride photo covers.
  9. Okay so I am really interested in this referb project because I loved the Texas Giant when it ran halfway decent a decade or more ago. Of course I have been following the artices on amusement today just like everyone else. Did anybody else notice that under their article titled "Renovation Officially Begins on the NEW Texas Giant" that the picture in the article is not even the Texas Giant! The first turn after the drop is all wrong and the second turn that goes over and aroung the lift hill is missing. Someone please tell me that I am wrong! If not WTF amusement today!!
  10. There's so many good choices for 2011! If it's okay, I think I will email DAN and ask him what is the best trip. Okay, just kidding. I have wanted to do an East coast trip for a long time so that's my choice although Japan and Australia sound great.
  11. I reaaly like the verticle design of your card. Other than n7, this is my favorite!
  12. Can I just buy a TPR club membership already?!?! I would ask that we try to have an event at SFoT when Texas Giant reopens. I don't really know why but I am rather partial to that coaster. In all seriousness, whenever you offer whatever it is that you are going to offer, I will be glad to purchase a member card. I still have my member card from Rideworld that I use for several events. Although the price was much lower the services offered cannot compare with what you are offering and the TPR experience is very familyish and fun which is why I liked Rideworld. Now that TPR wants to add even more perks, I am all for it. There is no way in hell that I would consider other clubs perks and be able to compare it to the TPR experience.
  13. Robb, I think that a lot of people are just worried that the TPR experience will change. You guys have done a great job in making TPR a great site where everyone is equal and treated the same. I have no doubt that this would continue to be the case and I would gladly pay for a "keep TPR ad free and earn perks" membership. If you are succesful in implementing a "keep TPR ad free and earn perks" membership while keeping the same great experience, you will be the first club ever to do so. I think that's why people are cautious because most other clubs' experience is crap. Anyway, I know that whatever you do will be great and still allow ANYONE, new to TPR or a veteran, to experience the many great things about TPR that we are used to. I do have a few suggestions: It would be really cool if our membership card or account would keep track of the number of events or trips we went on. We could have fun with different levels of cards like the cruise ships do. Again, not to put anyone in a higher class but just for fun. It could also help with trip placement. I also think that if it kept track of TPR store purchases you could come up with some kind of perk or reward for certain levels. We know that purchases help TPR out so the more people buy, the more they have helped TPR and thus could receive a perk or something. My last suggestion would be to allow members to donate their $15 credit to someone in need. I am sure there are a lot of people who would love to attend a TPR event but are unable to because of financial need or medical reasons that cause financial distress. It would be cool to be able to help someone out who really needs it.
  14. I say that you are coming from Universal Japan and arriving home via LAX.
  15. Nevermind, you just answered this question while I was typing this reply. That was ironic! Hey Robb, Since I am bringing three guests, do I need to put in comments that they are with me when I add their ticket to my cart, or will assume that they are with me since it is under my user name? I do not think that they are registered with Rideworld or TPR. Also, I did not see a way to purchase the four tickets together, so I assume that I have to add each ticket to my cart individually. Is this the best way to do this? I would rather register and pay online instead of snail mail, but I don't want my guests to have trouble getting into the event. Thanks!
  16. If you are unable to get someone who can carpool with you, Hertz has a promo where they are not charging 21-24 year old drivers an upcharge. You can use promotional code 126884 when reserving your car.
  17. I just got a rental car from Alamo for the four days I will be in Cali for $40 total. They have a lot of sales going on. I also booked my flight from Little Rock on American for $179.00. I have been to WCB several times and have never been able to fly this cheap! For those that need to book air fare, American seems to be pretty cheap right now even when you consider the checked bag fee. Just thought I would give you guys a heads up.
  18. Is premiere easy to use? I have done some video editing with WMM and they came out fine until I compressed them to 40 megs. I want to be able to post the videos online, so obviously WMM is not very good for that. I just want to edit personal videos, I am not trying to get software to make TV commercial or anything.
  19. Hey Robb, Since you have access to lots of great coaster photos and stuff, do you ever plan on selling a coaster calendar? It is really hard to find a good calendar with good pics and info. I always try to buy a coaster calendar because during the off-season, when I glance at it, it keeps me excited about the new season. I figured with your photo library, and the capability of home computers, it should be pretty cheap to design and create. Anyway, just a thought.
  20. Hi guys, I am new to posting but this topic really interested me. I love finance and of course I work in the financial industry. Fo any one who seems to always ask "Why can't I afford that?", Robb gave the best advice ever!! 90% of being broke is credit card debt and 5% is an auto payment. Think about it. Why do we insist on having a new car every few years? It is one of the few investments you will spend thousands and thousands of dollars on, and in about 5 years is woth almost nothing. We only like our new cars for a few years anyway and then we get tired of them and buy new ones. The average car payment is about $376.00 today in America. If you were to invest that same amount of money in an average mutual fund for 15 years, you would be a millionare!! That's right guys for just 15 years of your life not having that new car, you would be able to buy the one you really wanted! For those of us who have lots of credit card debt, it's going to be really hard, but STOP using them and cut them up. You HAVE to put yourself on a WRITTEN budget. If you don't keep track of where your money is going, how can you save any of it? My advice, as a loan officer, (not that any one asked for it) is to list all of your debts except your mortgage from smallest to largest. Make just the minimum payment on all of them except the smallest. Pay as much as you can on the smallest debt until you have paid it off! You continue this process over and over until you are debt free. Do not consolidate your loans as this just moves the debt to a different debtor, you still have the same problem. Don't tell my employer I said that! You have to be committed to doing this or it will not work. There are no easy ways to do it, shortcuts, or get rich techniques that will work, just your desire to be debt free. If we just do without some of the things that we get tired of anyway, we would all be rich by age 33. That would be great! Sorry for sounding like an infomercial, but I think that without even trying, Robb gave the best advice you will ever here. Just think how little stress you would have with nothing but a mortgage payment, which you could and should pay off quickly if you have no other payments. Again, if I sound like an infomercial or motivational speaker, please excuse me. I just get a little excited about finance
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