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What Was the Last Beer You Drank?


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Mine was a drink called a "Fish Bowl". I tried it Saturday night at a bar with my girlfriend. It is in a big mug in the shape of literally a fish bowl and contains 5 shots of different flavored rum, pineapple juice, and cranberry juice. It tasted amazing! I could barely taste any alcohol but you're a light weight you might get drunk pretty quick lol. Not a bad drink for $9.

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^I went to the Sabres game Friday night and had a 16 oz Stella for about $9!


Also went to a local bar called Gabriel's Gate for wings & a couple beers before the game. They make their own nut brown ale (nothing else) which was quite good. I had a pint of that and a pint of Sierra Nevada PA to wash down the order of wings.


I was a little disappointed in the wings though as I had read that they were rated as some of Buffalo's best. They were okay, but a bit undercooked with a sauce that was highly reminiscent of the sauce at the Anchor Bar. I still think that my local bar (The Puzzle Lounge) still has some of the best wings out there!

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Been going through the Hefe-Weissbiers, just tried a Weihenstephaner from the Bavarian state brewery, (how cool is that), so far it is my favorite. Interesting flavor profile where the bitterness is entirely integrated as part of the whole rather than a separate punch.

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