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What Was the Last Beer You Drank?


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I still enjoy the Lost Abbey stuff, but it really angers me when I get something and it's flat (or super carbonated like the Framboise de Amorosa was, and I lose 3/4th of the bottle!) I think I'll just stick to their stuff on draught or at a beer festival and just do the Port brand for bottles.


Here's a few pics since the beginning of the month, including a couple of an area bottle share we attended, some Boston, Extreme Beer Fest, and Night of the Barrels stuff, and St. Patrick's Day.


Just a look at one of the tables during the bottle share


Another table of bottles and growlers


Probably the biggest highlight of that share was the vertical of East End's Gratitude from 05-09


Last Friday I was able to head up to Boston with Heath and Kim where we managed to get to Sunset just after their Short's beer promotion the night before, and all 25 taps were still on!


Some of Short's hoppier beers, Hangin' Frank, Freedom of '78 (made with Guava), Pineapple Pils, and Raisin Apollo (a double IPA made with raisins)


Flight 2 consisted of Good Humans, Mystery Stout, Hopstache, and Cup a Joe


That evening was BeerAdvocate's Night of the Barrels, where every beer served has to spend some portion of it's life in a barrel. Some pretty crazy stuff was served


Like this rare version of Clipper City's Loose Cannon aged in a 400 year old barrel


Dogfish Head brought their Randall 3.0 and served Palo Santo Marron through it with Vermont bacon and grilled Habanero peppers

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Saturday was Extreme Beer Fest, but since I was skeptical about the weather and when I'd be able to arrive in town, we went with the evening session this time around, which gave us some time to check out other beer stuff in Boston first.


I finally get to do the Samuel Adam's tour


First you kinda learn how they make beer


Then you walk by lots of Utopias


and I mean LOTS of Utopias!


and then they give you free beer and tell you how you should properly taste it, appearance, smell, taste, mouthfeel, drinkability. Hmmm, kinda sounds familiar. We got to try some special ones like the Cherry Chocolate Bock and the Maple Wood Porter which are still experimental


Next up (well, after a few more beer and food stops) was Extreme Beer Fest, where the Randall from Dogfish Head was now pouring World Wide Stout mixed with Espresso beans


Dogfish's founder and Discovery channel star Sam was super happy to be pouring the "Kombucha Brew" Fungus Tea'mungus brewed with the head guys from BA


They call this EXTREME beer fest for a reason, and Dark Horse met the call by mixing a barleywine with baby formula via a breast pump!


New England Brewing out of CT was pouring their newly relabeled Imperial Stout Trooper via cask


The crack waffles are just as good as the beer, in this case some Brandy barrel Angel's Share


It didn't take too long for some of the more popular places to run out of beer, luckily we got there early


Firestone was out of everything by the end of the first hour of the session, which is easy to see why since it was all excellent offerings!


After the fest we headed to the Union Oyster House, the oldest operating restaurant in America


to go along with their Chowdah I had a Union Oyster House Colonial Ale, brewed by Sam Adams just for them


Which brings us to St. Patrick's Day, which I spent part of at Taproom by Spring House, a newly opened place in Lancaster. Why drink nasty green beer when I can have this reddish pink Wet Paint Belgian Guava Ale instead!


Yay for Leprechauns!


The President/Brewer for Spring House brought a special firkin of his Planet Bean coffee stout that he aged in Starbuck's Breakfast Blend and vanilla beans


As if the Planet Bean isn't coffee infused enough, after 2 glasses of this at 6pm I was wired. I think I managed to finally get to sleep at like 4am


and fear not, East Coast people, fresh small bottles of precious Sculpin are here! (at least what I didn't manage to hoard for myself)

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Drinking beer below ZERO Celsius is the best! The last beer I've tried is from the Philippines. It's what they call San Miguel Pale Pilsen Beer. it's good if it's really cold!

Another beer I've tried is the Manila Beer, which is also from the Philippines. Not expensive yet tasty and satisfying!

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I missed this... where do you drink in Atlanta? There are some absolutely fantastic places around town. Our brewpub scene outside of Five Seasons is weak, but there are several bars in the city (Brick Store, Leon's, Ormsby's, Porter, etc) that I think are top-notch


My faves in Atlanta are Brick Store and the Porter. I live closer to TAP and Cypress P&P, so I'm more often at one of those two. Some fantastic beer bars for sure, but there really isn't a good brewpub anywhere in Georgia (with the possible exception of 5 Seasons, but I'm not a big fan of their beers).

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I missed this... where do you drink in Atlanta? There are some absolutely fantastic places around town. Our brewpub scene outside of Five Seasons is weak, but there are several bars in the city (Brick Store, Leon's, Ormsby's, Porter, etc) that I think are top-notch


My faves in Atlanta are Brick Store and the Porter. I live closer to TAP and Cypress P&P, so I'm more often at one of those two. Some fantastic beer bars for sure, but there really isn't a good brewpub anywhere in Georgia (with the possible exception of 5 Seasons, but I'm not a big fan of their beers).


Does Mellow Mushroom in Atlanta have any of the Rouge beers on tap? The two here in Phoenix and Tempe have both the Rogue Shakespeare and Rogue Chocolate Stouts on tap and then some of their other like Hazelnut Brown Ale, Dead Guy, etc. Their stouts are definitely the best I've either had. Their Imperial Stout will knock your socks off.


I'm just curious because Mellow Mushroom is about the only place here to find any of the Rogue Stouts on tap. if they do have them on tap and you haven't had either one, you should definitely give them a try.

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I like Rogues stouts (Shakespear and chocolate are great), but overall, I'm not a big Rogue fan. Overpriced and they don't date their bottles (yet put plenty of other useless information on the bottles).


Tonight I had my new 2nd favorite Stout, '11 KBS. This is exactly what I thought would be the perfect bourbon barrel aged stout. Amazing.


My first ever KBS!

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mmm yeah, Founders


2010 Nemesis, which I think I liked better fresher and on draft - still dangerously drinkable for a big beer like that!



My faves in Atlanta are Brick Store and the Porter. I live closer to TAP and Cypress P&P, so I'm more often at one of those two. Some fantastic beer bars for sure, but there really isn't a good brewpub anywhere in Georgia (with the possible exception of 5 Seasons, but I'm not a big fan of their beers).

I can agree that their everyday beers are pretty average (Still better than Twains or anyone else in ATL) but some of their special beers are phenomenal. Between their casks on Thursdays and some of their limited bottles and small batches, I still like Five Seasons. I hit Cypress St all the time for lunch and their $3 Sweetwater IPA pints. I've still never been to TAP....

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Yeah, I have had a few really good ones from 5 Seasons, it's just in my experience been more the exception than the rule. I still love the place though, especially the midtown west location. Twain's in Decatur is similar. Most of their stuff is just so-so, but every once in a while they come out with something fantastic. I still find it a bit odd that my small hometown in Michigan (70,000 people) has the same number of brewpubs than Atlanta (500,000 people). But the beer culture here does appear to be taking off, considering that just in the past few years we've seen the Porter, Leons, TAP, Cypress, Hop City, etc open plus a new brewery in Decatur.


I recommend a trip to TAP. It's not exactly the most beer focused, but they usually have something interesting. I had some Ommegang Zuur there last week, and they usually carry quite a few local brews (Duck Rabbit, Highland, Wild Heaven, etc). I like the space too - there's a huge outdoor area right on peachtree. Definitely a lot more modern/trendy than some of the other places, but still laid back enough that I enjoy it.


Also, if you haven't been to Trappeze in Athens, you should make the trip over there. Less than an hour from Atlanta, and it's like a mini Brick Store.


Are you on BA? I'm also shivtim on there.

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I've been posted up in Cabo San Lucas for the past few weeks doing an interning position. Of course, there is a great local brewery here and I've made SEVERAL stops. If you guys ever do another cruise stop down here make sure to visit Baja Brewing Company, they have GREAT food (awesome burgers and pizzas) and amazing beers. I'm a huge fan of their Pale Ale and their Chocolate Stout, and they have some really good seasonal beers too.

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If only I could get Bell's in MA/NH. Tonight I needed something big and tasty to ease my pains from an 0-4 start from the Red Sox. My choice:



I'm now in euphoria. It's been 4 months since the last/first time I had this beer and my palate has come a long way since then. What was insanely hot and overpoweringly bourbon to me then is bliss to me now. It's still pretty hot and bourbon definitely takes the center stage, I get everything else and it's nothing short of amazing. I can't imagine how good the Rare must be. I even poured a little over some Haagen Dazs vanilla ice cream and it was probably the best dessert I've ever had. What a great way to end another wise miserable night! I've only one bottle of the '09 BCBS left, I think I might need to call up some stores and secure any that might be available.

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Bourbon county was also one of my first "Holy shit!" beers, it was the first stout I really liked and got me to try more (my first attempt was Old Rasputin


Beers I've had in the past week..


Founders Red's Rye - I have loved this in the past, but felt this one wasn't quite as good. I don't know if its a tap vs bottle issue, or freshness, but it didn't seem as sharp and flavorful


Midnight Sun Arctic Devil - this one was from 2007, and was sublime. Rich malts, molasses, caramel, oak and no alcohol to be found. The only barleywine I've ever had that was better than aged Harvest Ale, and probably in my top 5-10 beers of all time

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I made a pretty good haul from MA this past Friday with a couple nice surprises. I made a stop at my favorite store in MA and was happy to see they had fresh Maharaja, a beer I've heard a lot about and really wanted to try. Grabbed a BORIS, DORIS, Avery Reverend Quad, Racer 5, and Hoptimus Prime. I headed over to the next store, a place I heard had '09 Bourbon County Brand Stout left. I arrived and found 2 4-packs left in the back cooler with plenty of bombers as well. So I grabbed the 4-packs, saw that last batch of Nugget Nectar, so I grabbed a bomber of that and Java Stout too. I was already pretty giddy seeing these, but it got even better. The owner came over and chatted and mentioned they had a single bottle of KBS left out back. SCORE! On the way back I stopped back at the first store to spread the news on BCBS bombers (and cheap) and NN, both of which are pretty much gone from North Shore MA. I got to the store just as their truck unloaded the latest batch of Founders Double Trouble. Another win!


I cracked bombers of Nugget Nectar, Pretty Thing's St. Botolph's town, and a bottle of KBS and BCBS that night with some friends. Last night I decided to try the Maharaja.



I've heard a lot about this beer, both good and bad (mostly about the latest batch). I thought it was a pretty delicious hop bomb with massive malts and a good bit of sweetness, though not cloying. While it didn't quite have palate-destroying pine bitterness, it was a massive, balanced flavor with a lot of depth. In that category, it probably was the best DIPA I've had, though I do prefer less sweetness.


It was a pretty fantastic weekend, the Sox won the Yankees series and my Ipod is back in my life. (I lost my ipod early this winter, and as I feared, it was lost in a snowbank all winter. I found it and was able to clean it up and dry it out and it works! I swear this thing is indestructible.


Tonight it's pizza, Hoptimus Prime, and Red Sox/Rays series. A beer that was last brewed almost a year ago, another company (I believe Ruckus manages small breweries under their name, though I could be wrong) bought them and their lineup and just released Hoptimus Prime under their new name. Hopefully it will be just as good as before.

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I just had a CRAZY weekend of beer. The Armsby Abbey in Worcester MA (almost 2 hours from me) kicked off a Stoutfest this past Saturday. 22 constant taps with a total of over 35 different stouts available over the course the week. Saturday I got to try WAY too much goodness. Founders: Canadian Breakfast Stout, 2010 KBS (2009 on tap yesterday), Black Biscuit, Imperial Stout. NEBCO 2011 Imperial Stout Trooper, 2008 Port Santa's Little Helper, Haandybryggeriet Odin's Tripple, De Molen Heaven & Hell (yes, on tap!), Black Albert, Black Damnation II, III, IV, and Dieu Du Ciel Aphrdite. The standouts for me were Heaven & Hell, and the Black Albert/Damnation series. Founders Imperial stout and Black Biscuit were fantastic, the 2010 KBS I liked better than the 2011, and the CBS I was a bit disappointed with (prefer KBS). Imperial Stout Trooper seemed rather basic compared to the lineup, Santa's Little Helper was insanely harsh and unpleasant, Odin's Triple had a harsh astringent Finish. I'm seriously considering head back down later this week: Really want to try the '08 Mephistoopheles, De Molen Disputin, Bitches Brew, Peche Mortel, Dark Force, Black Hole, and maybe more. Just an insane lineup they have this week.


Of course, it didn't end there. At the bar I met a beer manager from a store that was right on the way home and lucky (or unlucky for my wallet) for me, he had a ton of limiteds/rares sitting on shelves, including a huge selection of Belgians/imports. He wasn't lying. It was a gold mine. Passed on some hard stuff (Cantillion, some J.W. Lees Vintage Harvest Ale's dating back to the early 90s, etc). I'm thinking I need to pick up some 90's J.W. Lees the next time I go there. My haul:

1x Fade to Black 2

1x Firestone Walker Double Jack

1x Firestone Walker Reserve Porter

1x Allagash Odyssey

4-pack '09 Bourbon County Brand Stout

1x Port Mongo DIPA

1x Port OldER Viscosity

3x '08 Pannepot Reserva

2x Dieu De Ciel Peche Mortel

1x Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast

1x Uinta Crooked Line Labyrinth Black Ale

1x Maharaja



I had the Mongo DIPA last night and was VERY impressed. While not actually balanced, to me it was the perfect "Pine IPA" balance where there was a balance of tropical fruit and pine with just enough malt and sweetness to keep the palate from completely shutting down. While I don't mind malt-bomb DIPAs, they can take away too much of the hop punch.


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If it wasn't so expensive, it would be my daily drinker, but I can get a sixer of my awesome local IPA for the same price =/



What I've been drinking lately


edit: sorry the captions are all screwed up. I'm being too lazy to fix them, grrr, stupid TPR



See, I wasn't lying, I love Mongo!


Another hyped beer that I slept on but was able to score a bottle. Belgian oude bruin's are generally among my favorite styles, and this was no exception. Nice touches of wood, vinegar acidity and a bit of sweetness to balance everything. Surpassed Red Poppy as my favorite American version!


This is what I am currently sipping on right before bed - De Struise's Black Albert. This is the original batch that you had to get from Belgium when they first bottled in 08, and it has held up quite well. I probably appreciate it more now that I have grown to appreciate stouts more. Very chocolatey at this point, with some burnt, semi-bitter undertones. I like this a lot more than I did 3 years ago


New Belgium La Terroir - I saw some threads hyping this on BA, didn't really pay attention or seek it out, but I am glad I picked one up afterall! The balance was spot-on, incredibly drinkable sour, almost beat out Eric's Ale as my favorite NB beer

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^ Interesting to hear on Black Albert. I didn't like it at all three years ago. Thought it was one of the most overrated beers out there, after Dark Lord.



**** On a side note, if you're under 21, don't post in here. Just had to delete an underage drinker post.

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