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What Was the Last Beer You Drank?


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I tried a Gordon Biersch Marzen and a Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale yesterday. Neither were my style, but not bad. The Dogfish had too much coffee taste for me. I liked the Saranac Brown I had about a week ago much better than the Dogfish. The Gordon Biersch wasn't too bad, but it was very sweet and almost tasted like it was spiced or something. Not really sure how, but as you can tell I don't know that much about beer ingredients. It didn't taste anything at all like Sam Adams Octoberfest or Spatan Octoberfest, both of which I like much more than Gordon Biersch.

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I had a Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron last night (probably my new favorite brown ale/American Strong Dark Ale) and I've got a glass of Augustijn Blond Ale right now. It's a bit of a let down, I got it as part of the mixed 6-pack of Van Steenberge beers. I'll probably stop with this, anything more and my guitar playing will greatly suffer.

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Nice to see the beer thread poppin


I had a Pliny the Elder at Blue Palms in Hollywood , which would have been great if not for the bitter taste of missing out on their keg of Pliny the Younger by about 48 hours

Some of us only get Pliny once a year or so (and I've never had Younger), so it could be worse! But it's cool, cause fresh Two Hearted is always available for 9 bucks a six pack, and its nearly as good


^ Every time I see Augustijn, it seems to be old as hell. I bought a bottle 2-3 years ago with a date of 2002!


Anyways, I killed a sixer of these this weekend:

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^If I'm reading the date coding right (22IJ) it's from 9/22/10, not bad for a belgian ale. I'm generally not worried about dates for Belgians, I had a 19 month old Orval a couple weeks ago that was killer. As for Pliny/Hopslam, I haven't had the opportunity to try either yet. I'm considering trading for PTE sometime soon. I picked up some double trouble and Nugget Nectar recently, so those will have to do for now!

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I love Hopslam - one of my favorite IPAs, and it's from my home town (Kalamazoo).

Breckenridge 471, Pliny the Elder, Green Flash Imperial, Hop Whore, and Avery Maharaja are some of my other favorite IPAs.


Although it is getting to the point where it sells out within a few days of each batches release, but Bootlegger's Brewery makes a fantastic DIPA (Knuckle Sandwich) that is as good as all of those. I suggest trying to hunt some down if you're into IPAs.

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Hi folks,

Well, I FINALLY made it over to the Southern Tier Brewery with my camera to snap some pictures of the new digs. Actually, they have been in the new building for about a year now and are already looking to expand. The popularity of ST is really taking off...as well it should. They have an excellent selection of high quality beer!





Welcome to snowy Southwestern NY!


This is the new building and brewpub...about five miles from my house!


So many choices, but I already know what I want...


A pint of Unearthly IPA! This is seriously a sip-n-relax beer. If you drink this like Nascar beer, you're gonna be lit up in a hurry!


My friend Tim, my Dad and I enjoyed the Unearthly while Michael went with a Chautauqua Brew, which is probably the mildest beer they make. Hey, what else is there to do on a Sunday afternoon in snowy, cold South Western NY?


Our house is located near Long Island according to this map!


Unearthly IPA is a high APV (9.5%)...hearty, hoppy with a very, very subtle hint of citrus. As stated...sip & enjoy this beer at a slow pace!


They used to have about three or four beers on tap in the old building, now there are about fourteen that will vary depending on time of year. I was hoping they still had Old Man Winter on tap, but I guess they are done with that for the season. Oh...and they have wine for those that don't like beer (gasp!).


A shot of the bar. If you take the tour, you enter through the doors on the right. Tours are about $8.50 per person, but they are usually quite generous with their samples!


ST only serves pulled pork sandwiches and chips right now, but there are rumorings of other options being offered in the future, including Corned Beef on St. Patrick's Day.


Then we have the Vernal Equinox and the release of Hop Sun - their summer beer. I'll be drinking that and riding coasters before I know it, but for now, I'll let the Unearthly keep me nice & toasty!



Thanks for reading!

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^ Sweet! I've still never had Kate.


Although it is getting to the point where it sells out within a few days of each batches release, but Bootlegger's Brewery makes a fantastic DIPA (Knuckle Sandwich) that is as good as all of those. I suggest trying to hunt some down if you're into IPAs.

If you ever find a beer called "Kern River Citra DIPA" out on tap in SoCal.. try it!! It is ridiculously good, one of very few beers that are better than the Elder in my opinion...


Anyways, my local group had a pretty killer tasting this weekend:


My favorite new beers included Falling Rock La Folie, Cigar City Palm Ridge Milk Stout, 05 Alesmith BA Old Numbskull, and the Firestone 12-14 lineup

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^Someone brought a growler of Kern River Citra DIPA to our bottle share last weekend and it was really freakin' fantastic! I should have taken more pictures of all the stuff, but was too busy drinking it all. Last year's Kate made an appearance too and was a lot different from what I remember from back in 2007. I'm off to Boston for the Extreme Beer Fest late tonight, maybe I'll do an update when I return.

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A buddy brought over Lost Abbey Red Poppy Ale the other evening.


Completely unimpressed. Especially when you consider the price. Then we tried Serpent's Stout. And average stout. Nothing to get too excited over. Overall, with the exception of Angel Share, I've been umipressed with Lost Abbey as a whole. I'll stick to Port Brewing.

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I generally like the Lost Abbey beers, but they are way too expensive. I kinda understand why Angel's share is expensive, since they're aging it a long time in expensive bourbon or brandy barrels and it's taking up space.


I just don't see how $15.99 is a justifiable price for Red Poppy though. I still haven't had it so I can't comment on how I liked it, but from a logistical standpoint it's just an Oud Bruin with cherries added into a simple oak barrel for 6 months. When I start comparing a price like that to the $14.99 Sculpin six packs everyone thinks are so expensive, the Sculpin six packs seem like a total steal.

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I know, we can buy many beers (Bells, Founders, Great Divide, LA, etc) here cheaper than in their home states! I'd buy you one, but I'm sitting on more than a case of the stuff from several years. Its often hard to justify having a 12%, $15 beer by myself. I did have a fun party recently where a couple friends came over and we cracked a few vintages of each type. We can open some in the fall

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I really hope the Sculpin 6-packs show up on the East coast. I love that beer, but $10 for a bomber that might end up being too old, no thanks.


As for Lost Abbey, the pricing in MA is pretty steep as well, I haven't tried anything from them yet because of it. Tomorrow they will be at a tasting I'm going to though, hopefully they'll have some good stuff to sample.


Tonight I went with my first of De Dolle, their oerbier. Damned fine ale! I can't wait to see what they bring to the tasting.



Can't wait for tomorrow; I'm picking up KBS, Firestone Abacus & Double Jack, and a fairly sizeable beer tasting with apparently some surprises in store.

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I was in San Diego last weekend and was able to hit up Pizza Port Oceanside (right after a trip to Belmont Park, of course). Fantastic west coast IPAs on tap (and cask!). Nice change of pace from Atlanta.

I missed this... where do you drink in Atlanta? There are some absolutely fantastic places around town. Our brewpub scene outside of Five Seasons is weak, but there are several bars in the city (Brick Store, Leon's, Ormsby's, Porter, etc) that I think are top-notch


I would happily pay $10 for Sculpin bombers, seeing as we can't get it in Atlanta - yet they are in NC, SC and FL =(

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