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What Was the Last Beer You Drank?


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Went back to Armsby Abbey the other day: Highlights were 2008 Avery Mephestopheles. Weighing in at 16%, it's a GIGANTIC beer with maybe the most intense, complex, darkfruit soaked-rum port wine finish awesomeness flavor profile I've had. They also had fresh Avery Maharaja on tap... EASILY the best DIPA I've had to date. It's on a whole 'nother level on tap.


Also made a pretty good little mini-haul: Found 2 bottles of 2010 Stone IRS, 2001 JW Lees vintage harvest ale, 2005 JW Lees harvest ale aged in port barrels, Ballast Point Sea Monster Stout, Avery Czar, and Dieu De Ciel Corne de Diable. Also found a nice stash of Lost Abbey semi-rares I might start trying. I can't wait to try one of the Stone's IRS. I also picked up a 2008 750 of Rogue's Imperial Stout. Should be at it's peak.

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I also thought Black Albert was terribly overrated when I first had it, but respect it a lot more now. I had a Dark Lord yesterday that I got from Derek, and it was the best vintage I've tried.


Hop-ruiter from Scheldebrouwerij. Yeah, try to say that one! Never seen it before, so I was happy to try it - it fell a bit short of a Belgian IPA, more like a pale with some grassy hops. Decent enough


2006 Cantillon Iris - this was the first time I've had this, so to start off with a cellared bottle was quite a treat. Absolutely fantastic, one of their milder efforts as far as sourness goes, so it was incredibly drinkable.

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I ended up getting a free ticket for DLD next weekend. 12-2PM window. We'll be off to Flossmoor Station for an early lunch, then over to check out the madness (retracing our steps from last year, when Derek was visiting). I'll probably end up buying a couple bottles just for the heck of it, like I always do. I think I gave away two bottles last year. I just don't enjoy soy sauce....at least not without Chinese food. I will say it does age OK.


Had my first Bell's Oberon of the season yesterday. Yay!

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Beer list for the Brick Store's "pancake breakfast" in May:


Wake & Bake '09, '10 & '11

KBS "10, '11

CBS '10

Founders Breakfast '10, '11

Great Divide Espresso, '09, '10, '11 Cask

Struisse Black Damnation IV Coffee Club '10

Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch '10

Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast '10

Mikkeller Koppi '10

Sweetwater Mean Joe Bean '11

SweetWater BSP Quad "Randallized" with coffee beans

Southern Tier Mocha '10


Tapped at 8AM... drooling now...

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Aw, sorry I'm gonna miss you at DLD, Matt. If you end up getting some Dark Lord, I'll gladly take one off your hands for something you like from around here, I think I still have an extra Troegs Splinter Black. Take pics so we can see how "more organized and less chaotic" it will be this year (or how many people are getting arrested for trying to get in without tickets. Enjoy Flossmoor, have some pancakes and bacon for me!

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If you are too busy to take pictures, just grab some mass hysteria screenshots from like Independence Day or Armageddon. No one will know the difference!


It may look something like this. The people have no idea what they're in line for though, could be bathroom, food, beer, ATM, pub, bottle purchase, or complaints/suggestion box.

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Just like old times, I forgot my camera....


So my report from DLD: Organization, was much better, there was one line to get into the Three Floyd's grounds, which included the brewery/warehouse, and the parking lot out front, which housed the "trading tent," the guest taps, and food tents. Once inside, you could get in line for DL for your alloted time, or just wander around.


We just got in line, since we got there about thirty minutes later than our time started. The line was an hour long but it kept moving, and everyone had coolers, and cups and were sharing whatever they had. So the atmosphere there was good.


Outside the grounds, parking was actually available, but there wasn't quite the same party atmosphere. Police presence seemed to be much higher this year.


I bought four DLs, because they gave you a nice little fourpack holder for them. Once I got home, the glue let loose and two of the four hit the ground and blwew apart. Thanks Three Floyds.......

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I've decided to make a rare post. Just got back from a long 9 day vacation to Michigan/Ohio/Indiana to visit some theme parks (Michigan's Adventure, Cedar Point, King's Island, and Holiday World). Stopped by Founders on the way back from Michigan's Adventure and Dark Horse on the way back from Holiday World.


Pics follow...


Founders in Grand Rapids.


My delicious pastrami sandwich on rye with a side of pasta salad and a beer.


Which beer you ask? Well it's the Empire Strikes Bitter.


A look at the rest of the tap list.


The bar area.


A Led Zeppelin Cover Band was playing. They weren't half bad.


Overview looking inside from the balcony.


A view of the balcony.


Ray with his Misty Mountain Hop Brown.


My 2nd beer, the Oatmeal Stout. Both beers I had were quite good, and Ray and I both liked his beer as well.


Hop vine growing outside up to the balcony.


Sam Adams East-West Kolsch, had this at Buffalo Wild Wings near Mason, Ohio.


Dark Horse Brewing in Marshall, MI.


Their ceiling is covered with mug club mugs.


The taps. I guess I forgot to take a tap list photo. Oh well. Their taps are always odd looking.


First beer, the Special Reserve Black Bier, which I thought had a very nice balance between roast and fruityness. Not sure which I'd prefer between Death and Taxes and this, but both are very tasty.


Scotty Karate Scotch Ale and a Bubba Face.


Some other beers I bought and drank at Ray's parents house... Founders Centennial IPA. Pretty good.


Founders Curmudgeon Old Ale. Very tasty indeed.


Short's Huma Lupa Licious IPA. Also very good.


And last but definitely not least I leave you with my favorite beer all trip, Founders Double Trouble, straight from the source and fresh as all hell. This beer was incredible.

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Got my box with Westy 12 and De Struise goodies today!


And some Hill Farmstead Goodies for me and trades, Double Galaxy is perhaps the best DIPA I've ever had, which is exactly what I said about Abner before Shaun brewed this lasts DIPA. The guy's stuff is just ridiculous.

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Just heard this on the radio...


.... so especially to all of you, who enjoy the brew...


Happy International Beer Day!


Celebrated in nearly 140 countries, too!


Chugga, everybody!

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