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  1. Don't expect much of anything this week outside of a few runs. Your not going to see a lot of extended testing until they turn it over to operations. Right now it's one test and then break out the computers.
  2. Saw my tweet got quoted here so thought I'd better chime in. Anything I tweet is second hand info and sometimes even more diluted. I tweet a lot of rumors cause they're fun and sometimes even inspire hope lol. With that being said the chances of me riding LR next week are less than 1 percent.
  3. I'll be there next Wednesday and Thursday for the first time in years. How have waits been during the week? As for LR I'm keeping a very positive vibe about it opening next week
  4. Most logical direction at this point is the removal of the current launch system for one from another company. I'd imagine a lot of the hardware and launch mechanics itself had to be ordered which is why we didn't see anything happening for a while. So if this is the case, were now going to witness all elements of the launch be removed, and then replaced. All new wiring and computers to integrate with the ride system, and then testing. Another thing to think about is if they are indeed replacing the entire launch system in favor of one from another company you better believe Dollywood paid out the rear for it. They want LR up and running much more than any of us. Its a biz and they're losing money everyday without it operating.
  5. DD will never happen at HW due to space constraints within the park. That ride takes up so much land and if you've been to Florida you know it attracts a fraction of the crowd it used too. These days it just doesn't have the appeal like it did when it was the main attraction in Merlins Woods.. As for dueling again aye.. But who knows until the next major refurb/rebuild comes hither..
  6. You may have just caught it on a bad day or got a bad train. I rode RRR about 15 times in a row (thanks single rider line!) on my visit to Orlando last fall and it was very smooth and comfortable. I was also bummed to see the Hulk in pieces but I am very excited for the rebuild. 15 times!!!! Good Lord!! I think whats even more shocking is your 39 years old!! I'm 31 and my body is like get me the hell off of this thing now! Respect..
  7. Perhaps they are waiting for parts from another company or better yet a RUSHED ORDER of an entire launch system.
  8. I envy those who will make the trip to experience this opening day / week. But on a serious note is anyone who is shelling out thousands to experience this park fear it won't be ready or not at 100%?
  9. We've booked our cabin for May 15-22nd and was hoping to get some advice from those who know Dollywood on here. We chose this week as school is still in session and its the last week of the year before the park is open 7 days a week. We plan on taking advantage of the evening access on Wednesday night and then being there all day Thursday. Does anyone know what type of crowds to expect during the week this time of year? In addition does anyone have any info on their Bluegrass and BBQ Festival? Finally does anyone have any basic recommendations for Dollywood? Any basic tips, tricks, or must do's, must eats?. I've been to Dollywood but its been about 10 years so a lot has changed. We're hosting 4 generations of family from 5 months to 85+ years of age so any info would be greatly appreciated.
  10. There are first for everything.. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. Given the youth of RMC they were probably looking to give a younger and probably cheaper company a chance and it backfired. In the end Dollywood will have an amazing year and RMC is a company that is really turning heads in the industry. The only people that are essentially screwed because of this whole ordeal is Velocity. This was a big opportunity for them and they blew it, big time. Hopefully someone gives them a chance again down the road if they decide to try this again.
  11. Dollywood employs over 3500 people... This would equate to roughly 3 tenths of 1 percent... SHUT DOWN THE PARK WE AIN'T GOT NO ONE WORKING HERE TODAY!!!
  12. Love the pics, thank you for sharing! We will be heading out there in May and I cannot wait for this ride.
  13. Also False From the beginning, both USD and USS were always designed to have Revenge of the Mummy - both with track layouts virtually identical to USF To be fair, even though USD and USS share(d) the same track layout as USF, the show for USS is pretty different than the USF version. USS isn't about riding the movie like USF is and there's a lot of things Universal improved upon. Whether or not USD was going to be the same show as USF is up in the air since it was never built, but I can guarantee the track for Dubai was not used in the Singapore version. No offense EastCoastn7, but I'm listening the guy that worked at Universal and has first hand knowledge of the situation, in this case CoasterFEV. Hey no worries but now I'm curious, does this mean the story for Dubai Mummy was that of Orlando? Essentially a clone? Was it a one of kind that was never built? Please I'd love to know more, the Mummy is one of my all time favorites!
  14. I thought I read somewhere that some of the track for UAE's Revenge of the Mummy was actually manufactured and delivered to the construction site before the project stalled. So I feel like it's possible that some of the Hulk track for UAE could have been made already. Of course, they're different coasters and manufacturers though, so who knows? I don't even know if the story about Mummy is true- just read about it on another theme park site. Dubai Mummy became Singapore Mummy False. I should of been more specific as the ride that was planned for Dubai essentially picked up and moved to Singapore. The ride plans not specifically the track.
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