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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay (BGT Discussion Thread)

P. 372: Serengeti Flyer swing ride announced!

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^Correct, with a 130 foot drop out of the tower element into a trench. They also stated 0-60 and 3 launches in the almost 7 minute long video. The one thing I'm curious about is the length...is it the longest Intamin launched coaster? Seems like it would be...

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^^Intamin's current longest launched coaster is California Screamin is over 6000ft long, although Formula Rossa will be over 6500ft long when it opens. I doubt this coaster will be longer than that, but I could easily see this being somewhere around as long as Maverick if not longer. With all the build up, hopefully the coaster resembles what has been seen in the videos(although the turnaround in one of them seems odd), and if this coaster lives up to the expectations, this could easily end up being one of the best in the country. The ride doesn't look intense (hopefully that means a lower height limit), but it still looks like it'll be a lot of fun.

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Cheetah Hunt? When there's already Cheetah Chase? Did the Cedar Fair naming guys invade this project or something?


While I couldn't agree more... they did it with Gwazi also... Gwazi Gliders which is the kiddie ride right next to the coaster... and while I liked Cheetaka more than Cheetah Hunt (well, I got used to saying Cheetaka at least), it does seem to go with the flow of the animal habitat being named "run"... So there is a Cheetah Hunt, Cheetah Chase, Cheetah Run... I guess it flows... still think Cheetaka did fit in better with the other coaster names though (Sheikra, Montu, Kumba, Gwazi...) Eh, at least the ride will rock...

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It seems like they want to make the ride look and sound a bit more kid friendly,a cheetah head in front of the train and the name "hunt" in the name just screams kiddie coaster.Cheetaka would have been a cooler name,too many things with the name Cheetah which also happened to be the name of my dog that died last year.You also have to wonder is Cheetah Chase going to be renamed,if they do I would have ridden it with three names,Wilde Maus in BGW,Cheetah Chase in BGT and a possible new one.

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Here's a quote from their facebook page when some one asked if the name was Cheetah Hunt.


It sure is, Anthony! We told you not to believe all the rumors...



That is hilarious. It feels like they changed it last second when they realized they had nothing to announce. Trademarks and concept art are a little more than rumors, a rumor would be, what the hell happened to the other inline twist and corkscrew over the EoA path? Oh yeah, our Cheetaka got neutered.

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^^^The coaster is following exactly the path the plans showed when they were leaked several months ago. They wouldn't just change the layout at the last second out of spite because the plans were leaked. If the wrong things were assumed from the leaks, that's not BGT's fault. Remember when everyone KNEW the new ride at Cedar Point was going to be named StratoSaur? That's what people get for assuming.

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I am not just assuming there was another inline twist and corkscrew over the EoA path. It was in there, I have seen a picture of it and it was labelled with the elements (now of course I do not expect you to believe me, because I cannot post the picture for the security of the source) But if my previous posts say anything, I can assure you I am not here to deceive.


I am not saying they changed it out of spite, but they did change things. I suspect they had a few versions of the coaster in varying degrees of intensity. I know I mentioned this on another forum, but this is exactly like SheiKra's inline twist getting removed. I guess it is the downside to seeing stuff before it is official, but that doesn't make it hurt any less.

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^Dude, every coaster project at every park goes through changes like that. There could be a host of reasons like difficulty of construction, cost, intensity, or practicality that could cause plans to change on a coaster. If you look at preliminary concept art of a lot of coaster projects, NONE of them are 100% like what was originally portrayed. Maybe the person that stole the plans should have kept this in mind (or not stolen them in the first place).


As far as I can tell, the layout diagram that was leaked at least 6 or 7 months ago on Screamscape is precisely what is being shown now in the POV. Lance might have mislabeled where the launches were, but the track layout is identical to what is being built. As it is, this shouldn't have surprised you anyway, as they already gave away about 95% of the layout in the teaser videos!




On another note, some douche bag has started an online petition to change the name of Cheetah Hunt to Cheetaka. To prevent the idiot from getting page hits, I refuse to link to it.


Also, BGT just said on their facebook page that the ride is going to have lap bars, which is certainly exciting news.

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First thought: Cheetah Hunt is a terrible name.


Second thought: Actually, it's not. It fits into Crown Colony quite well, and makes Cheetah Chase seem like the kiddie version of this ride. (You know, like The Beast and Beastie.)

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You are right about them going through changes, and it is to be expected, but like I said, it doesn't hurt any less, lol. The thing is, the layout that I found on Wichman's site many many months ago is pretty much inline with this alternate Cheetaka layout I speak of. The two inversions that were removed look the exact same from the top down view. Go look at the leaked layout again, in the Rhino Rally it should have been an inline twist, but instead it is the trick track thing. Over the EoA path, it could have been a corkscrew, but now it is like a non-inverting corkscrew.


Just to be clear, I think this ride is going to be very very awesome. However it is not what it could/should have been.


Also, that is awesome about lapbars, I really wasn't expecting that, apparently neither was the animator. Gonna be pretty crazy to go through an inline twist with just a lap bar, assuming it doesn't get removed.

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Busch Gardens Tampa Announces "Cheetah Hunt" for 2011!


Press Release:

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Introduces A New Breed of Speed


New Mega-Attraction Pairs Up-Close Encounters and High-Speed Thrills in Cheetah Hunt and Cheetah Run


Wednesday, Oct. 13 (Tampa, FL) – For more than five decades, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay has found inspiration in its animals. Animal care experts have turned that inspiration into adventure with immersive natural habitats like the Serengeti Plain, Myombe Reserve, Edge of Africa and Jungala. Engineers have also turned it into adrenaline, capturing the spirit of the animals in wood and steel with coasters like Kumba, Gwazi and SheiKra.


Now, the next generation of thrills emerges from the crossroads where up-close animal encounters and awe-inspiring rides come together. This spring, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay will introduce a new mega-attraction that introduces guests to join the hunt for excitement and experience a new breed of speed.



Cheetah Hunt

The centerpiece of the new attraction is Cheetah Hunt, a Linear Synchronous Motor (LSM) Launch Coaster that uses the force of repelling magnets to launch riders from 0 to 60 in a matter of seconds – not once, but three times.


This one-of-a-kind, multiple launch-point coaster will board in Busch Gardens’ historic monorail station, which has been completely renovated as part of the new attraction.


The first launch propels the train out of the station and into the grasslands that surround the new area. Moments later, a second burst of speed accelerates riders to 60 mph and up into the ride’s signature tower element that climbs more than 10 stories above the African landscape before plunging 130 feet into a subterranean trench.


Cheetah Hunt covers a lot of ground, setting a new distance record for Busch Gardens’ roller coasters at 4,429 feet of track. After leaving the Crown Colony Plaza area, it races across a portion of the Serengeti Plain, staying close to the ground to give guests the experience of a cheetah sprinting across the plains. Elements such as over-banked turns, air-time parabolas and a heart line roll inversion imitate the agile creature chasing its prey, leaping and pouncing into the Nairobi area, where the train twists through a rocky gorge that was formerly part of Rhino Rally.


At the far end of this three-quarter-mile path, a third burst of speed rockets the train back across the plain toward the station in a thrill-ride experience unlike anything Busch Gardens’ guests have ever experienced.



Cheetah Run

But this one-of-a-kind coaster experience is only a portion of the new realm. Building on Busch Gardens’ unrivaled ability to combine thrills with immersive animal encounters, Cheetah Run will set a new standard for bringing nature and humans together in a really unique way.


Located in the area that formerly housed the Budweiser Clydesdales, this expansive new habitat will give visitors the opportunity to get closer to cheetahs than ever before with elevated, glass-paneled viewing areas. Even more exciting will be the chance to witness the world’s fastest land animal in action. Busch Gardens’ trainers will conduct daily sprints with the cheetahs for an awesome opportunity to see one of nature’s true wonders in full form!


Families can also explore interactive touch screens to learn even more about these big cats and SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment’s work on their behalf. Through the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund, the adventure parks have been helping wild cheetahs since 2005.



The Realm

While thrill-seekers race across the plain on Cheetah Hunt, and even non-riders appreciate the beauty and grace of the cheetah in Cheetah Run, the realm surrounding this new mega-attraction offers many more opportunities for adventure and exploration.


Built at the crossroads where Morocco, Egypt and the Edge of Africa all come together, the plaza will be a bustling, colorful celebration inspired by the sights and sounds of the cultures that feed into it. Busch Gardens’ famous Crown Colony House Restaurant will remain a focal point of the area as well with a new, terraced entrance that will feature additional outdoor seating and natural landscaping.


Cheetah Hunt and Cheetah Run open in spring 2011. Together, they form a unique experience – the kind you’ll only find at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.


Fact Sheet


Linear Synchronous Motor (LSM) Launch Coaster



• Launch 1: 30 mph

• Launch 2: 60 mph

• Launch 3: 40 mph



• 130-foot drop into an underground trench

• Over-banked turns

• “Air Time” parabolas

• Heartline roll inversion



4,429 feet – more than three-quarters of a mile!



60 mph



4 G



102 feet



3½ minutes (including loading and unloading)



5 trains, 16 passengers per train



1,370 guests per hour






Crown Colony Plaza



Intaride LLC, exclusive U.S. supplier of Intamin rides














Coaster POV:


Cheetah Hunt Promo Reel:


Mike Boos Talks Cheetah Hunt:


Edited by cfc
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