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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay (BGT Discussion Thread)

P. 372: Serengeti Flyer swing ride announced!

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And really, most of us were looking at it from a coaster enthusiast, I want taller/faster/longer pov. As much as all of us (myself included) would love that, Busch Gardens has to look at all of the people who come to the park. This coaster should be great for a larger portion of people. For example, my friend who could only ride Montu once the entire day because he has a weak stomach. This one looks as if he could ride it more than once, which he could enjoy more (not saying he wouldn't enjoy riding Montu only once, but you get my drift). I think this will be a great addition, and I can't wait to marathon this thing!

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I guess this is what happens when you have about a year to think about what you want a particular coaster to be. No way it's going to be what everyone wanted. Looking at it from afar, if you had to guess what kind of coaster would be the 'next' type of coaster it'd be fair to say a Family Style would be the type they'd install.


People are also still underestimating the airtime this thing is gonna give. The hill off the rhino launch is gonna rock.

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Sorry to derail for a second, but has anyone done the "Alone" upcharge maze at Howl-O-Scream? I'm really interested in reading a detailed review (with spoilers). I did some searching around the Googlez last night and was able to figure out bits and pieces, but a nice comprehensive rundown would be super super rad.

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^ Yeah. I'm pretty sure we know what the ride is full circuit and there will be no more surprises. That last airtime hill is it into the brakes I think. Except for the super low heartline roll of course.


I hope the trains look cool. If that is a cheetah head I may actually cry

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Sorry to derail for a second, but has anyone done the "Alone" upcharge maze at Howl-O-Scream? I'm really interested in reading a detailed review (with spoilers). I did some searching around the Googlez last night and was able to figure out bits and pieces, but a nice comprehensive rundown would be super super rad.


Hey Wes... I actually went to Alone during the first night of Freaky Preview... I loved the entire event, but especially loved ALONE... I posted my thoughts of the entire event (including a no spoiler Alone write up)... I copied it from earlier in this thread... if you want details, I can provide them, but again, didn't want to spoil anything... I loved the house and it was totally worth it, if only to get the T-Shirt... read on for more details...


Re: Busch Gardens Tampa Bay (BGT, BGA) Discussion Thread

by Maximo37 » Sat Sep 25, 2010 2:07 am


**Just got back from Freaky Preview and braved ALONE... Gotta say that it was pretty damn cool... I'm not going to spoil anything, but it truly isn't difficult to make it through... I was very worried I was going to get "lost" or too scared to finish on my own, but neither happened... at the same time, if you are VERY timid, I can see it being more "challenging" to make it through... in the house there were LOTS of cool effects, some of which confused the hell out of me... the house made me laugh, confused me and scared me all at the same time... worth the $25 pre-purchase price if you ask me, if to only get the T-Shirt... and BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW!!! Both nights of Freaky Preview sold out of ALONE reservations before the event even opened!!! DO NOT WAIT UNTIL YOU GET INTO THE PARK!!! Many MANY people were asking about buying tickets in the 20 minutes I was waiting my turn, only to be turned away...


(these are not listed in the order I went through them... I'm listing them as I think of them...)

The remainder of the night was a blast... many recycled houses, which I honestly don't mind, since many of them are very VERY enjoyable and worth revisiting.

**My favorite is still the Nightshade Toy factory(went through twice), now in its new location, was even better than last year if you ask me...

**My X Revenge Rocks (went through twice) house was very cute... not very scary, but well done. It was a nice replacement for 13 from the past 3 years...

**Not much changed in D.E.D.er from last year. Still a silly but enjoyable house.

**My former favorite, Trapped in the Walls, still good, but may need to be changed out next year (if you ask me...). The paranormal investigation 'update' of it all wasn't showcased enough, and very little was changed to the house to keep it feeling fresh... Univeral HHNs paranormal house "Legendary Truth" did this theme MUCH better this year... but Trapped wasn't terrible, just a touch disappointing, being my former favorite...

**Deconstructed, used to be my least favorite was a pleasant surprise to me... maybe it was just good timing, but I got many scares from it... but in the same breath, that house can be changed out in lieu of a new on next year too, and I wouldn't mind...

**which brings us to Death Row Vengence... another house I really liked in its first two years... and now in year 3, I still like it... but it might need more of a facelift it they want to keep it around for another couple...

**Biggest surprise of the night for me was another returning one... Taste of Blood... Liked it in its first year... I was tired of in its second year... But I loved this house THIS year... they reversed the maze, and for the better... the flow just seemed smoother... the scares were plenty... and the same gags that were there from years past seemed to work even better... again, maybe like Deconstructed, it was good timing, but I jumped a lot during Taste of Blood...


Can't honestly say much about the scare zones... they were okay I guess, maybe even lacking... but nothing terribly memorable... We caught 2 songs from "My X" (which was on a tiny stage infront of Gwazi's entrance) and they sounded great, but left to go through more houses... and those houses were top notch (even the ones I've grown tired of...) And the light crowds certainly help the enjoyment of the night (unlike the blazing heat temperatures... at least the rain held off until my drive home...)


Amazing night... and on top of the houses, scares and beers... we rode Gwazi (lion, as tiger is currently closed... perhaps for the rumored millenium flyers?! I can dream, no?!) and believe it or not, it was running better than it ever has... maybe because it was later in the day, "cooler" air, warmed up trains?!... and also rode Kumba (my FAVORITE coaster!!!) Great Night!!!! I hope to add some pictures here over the weekend...

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I want Alone spoilers too, I'm doing it on Friday night and I want to guarantee I get throught and get that t-shirt.


***Okay, as far as spoilers are concerned, my conscience won't let me spoil anything and ruin the adventure for anybody who wants a surprise... so I can't go into too much detail...


...I WILL say that the effects in this house left me in awe... I was amazed in the trouble that BGT went through (and continues to with every brave soul who attempts the house) to make this haunt possible...


...as far as making it through and getting the T-shirt... seriously don't worry about that too much... have a beer before hand (not too many) to relax a bit (it helped me remain calm...)... the house is rather well lit... so darkness isn't much of an issue... I found the house to me more amusing/funny, than frightfully scary to be honest... I can see VERY timid people getting pretty scared... but I honestly gawked nervously, hopped up and down and giggled my way through the house and made it out JUST FINE!!! The surrounding effects just made me go further and further deeper into the house... it was awesome...


***now with that said, I can't stress enough, BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW!!! THIS SUCKER HAS BEEN SELLING OUT!!! And for only $25 pre-purchase price AND you get a T-Shirt (a cool one I might add)... you all know how much theme parks charge for T-Shirts now-a-days... at least $20... and for only $5 more you are getting one of the most ellaborate haunts I've come across... brilliant honestly...


And to those wanting more information (possibly Wes and other curious parties out there), please send me a message, as I don't want to be the cause of spoiling the fun for the other planning on going... have fun... and I want to know what you think (downunder)...

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According to this story, Busch Gardens will formally announce the new coaster next Wednesday on facebook, and then to the rest of the media shortly after.


Next week, during the morning of Wednesday, Oct. 13, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay and Discovery Cove in Orlando will both announce major new attractions coming to the parks in 2011.


Rather than during a press event, the parks will instead announce the new attractions on their Facebook pages first via video messages from the parks’ executives. Details, images and video footage will be shared with the media a short time later.


Busch Gardens is expected to announce a long-teased roller coaster called Cheetaka, while Discovery Cove will likely announce a new saltwater reef attraction.


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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay has sent us this press release to confirm that their new attraction will be announced via Facebook next week.


Next week, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay and Discovery Cove in Orlando will both announce major new attractions coming to the parks in 2011.


But this message will be shared in a different way than many of the parks’ previous new attraction announcements. In an effort to grow and support its eager online Fan base, Busch Gardens and Discovery Cove will announce the new attractions on their Facebook pages FIRST via video messages from the parks’ executives the morning of Wednesday, Oct. 13.


Details, images and video footage will be shared with the media via WebCargo a short time later, at 10 a.m. from Busch Gardens and 10:30 a.m. from Discovery Cove. Reporters are also invited to participate in a live-stream Q&A about the Busch Gardens project at 11 a.m.


Those interested in participating in this 30-minute “virtual press conference” will be able to submit questions through Twitter @buschgardens, or via email at BGT.PR@buschgardens.com. The video event will be hosted on the SeaWorld Parks blog site, http://www.SeaWorldParksBlog.com


Busch Gardens park president Jim Dean will field questions about the new attraction – which Busch Gardens is calling a combination of up-close animal interaction and high-speed thrill ride – with the help of the vice president of Zoological Operations, Mike Boos, and the corporate director of Rides & Engineering, Mike Denninger.


Dean and Boos, along with Discovery Cove vice president Stewart Clark, will also be available for telephone or on-camera interviews the afternoon of the announcement.

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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay has also sent us a press release about the return of their Serengeti Night Safari offering this Winter.


Beginning Nov. 5, Busch Gardens brings back its unique and wildly popular Serengeti Night Safari for seven select nights in November and December.


The Serengeti Night Safari is offered Nov. 5, 13, 20 and 27 and Dec. 4, 11 and 18.


Fall is the perfect time for an adventure into the African night. Venture through Edge of Africa to witness the active nighttime behaviors of hippos, lions and hyenas lit only by moonlight and lanterns. On the Serengeti Plain, use night-vision monoculars and special filtered lighting to view free-roaming herds of giraffes, zebra, rhinos and other intriguing African animals. The red lighting allows up-close views of animals without startling them. Then gather around the campfire for stories and up-close animal encounters.


This nighttime experience begins and ends in the exclusive Safari Club, with savory appetizers and adult beverages before the excursion and a night cap complete with coffee and desserts after.


The Serengeti Night Safari begins between 6:30 and 8:30 p.m., depending on the event date and time of sunset. The cost is $60 per person, plus tax. Admission is not included and is not required. Guests must be 21 years of age or older to participate. For reservations, call 1-888-800-5447 or visit BuschGardens.com.


The Serengeti Night Safari is subject to availability. Additional dates may be added. Prices are subject to change without notice. Animal interactions may vary.



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I wish they would have thrown in an airtime hill or two in those two straight-aways (like the last one on Maverick) in the RR section...that is unless they're still hiding something and just put a straight-away in the preview video.

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I think they may be hiding breaks...


I just noticed something, we can all agree that the 4 videos they released show a majority of the ride, right? Watch the video again, notice how all the track is the triangle Intamin track? Remember the facebook page BGT posted, that clearly shows a piece of box track that will be for some type of vertical element, it either looks like the top of the figure 8 tower, or a drop somewhere. I am 99.9% sure I am looking way too far into this, and it is probably just an incorrect animation, but I wonder if there is more than the video is letting on... I mean really, what is left to announce, we have the almost the entire ride...


Knowing what we know about the layout and the videos, where could that piece go? I just watched the video again and there aren't too many places to have that straight of a piece and elevation. Only after the second and third launches I guess. I know people noticed some off things in the animation already, but would the official video be incorrect about track like that?

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Yeah, I am sure you guys are right. They use the box track for segments that require more structure right? Makes sense for that to be at the top of the figure 8 I just hope they don't litter the ride with the square to triangle transitions, they look ridiculous.


What is up with the facebook announcement? Cheetaka (have a feeling that's not the name) must have cost a pretty penny.

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