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  1. That launch is insane, how much further do you think they can push roller coasters until they have to enclose the trains? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNV_0f49q8M&t=1m9s That video above doesn't look like its filled with airtime at the end though.
  2. That's fine. Don't be a douche on how you present your opinion. You were harsh and forgot to say "I think..." Whoa dude you are calling me a douche? When was I a douche? That is crazy you attack your members like that. You also say I am clueless? Really? I am just saying what other people are saying. I never said they spent a million dollars on anything, and if you notice there isn't a logo, or even any graphics on the site that mention Cheetah Hunt. If you cannot see that this was a last second change, you are a clueless douche.
  3. No it's not really really bad. Not at all. It may not be as creative as names we've seen out of Busch in the past, but saying it's really really bad is not accurate. "Drop Tower" is a really really bad name. "Flight Deck" is a really really bad name. Cheetah Hunt is not really really bad, it's just not what we were expecting and a bit disappointing. But it's not really really bad. Get real. Flight deck = Drop Tower = Cheetah Hunt. For real, you will never be able to sway my opinion that this is a really really bad name. Years of have cool names for their big roller coasters and they ju
  4. While I feel sort of bad for Busch for taking so much heat for the name, it is a really really bad name. It is another case of some suits in an office somewhere so out of touch with reality. I asked this before and didn't get a response, did anyone hear of a price tag yet? Ugh, this quote from Tampabay.com "We think the name is self-explanatory, so we're not changing our mind," said Jim Dean, park general manager. He should have said, "so we're not changing our mind's again today." I heard somewhere today that when the GM was talking to some people he accidentally called it Cheeta
  5. Listen to that original 6+ minute video, every time they mention Cheetah Hunt, you can tell the audio has been cut. You never actually see anyone say it. Just screams of last minute change. Disappointed about the lap bar thing, how could they mess that up? Oh well, hopefully we get some vertical construction now.
  6. If it is really gonna be just a lapbar this thing will be crazy. What if with the dual loading platform they have some trains that are OTSRs and some that are lapbars. Launching up that tower with just a lapbar is going to be pretty amazing. The last thing I am going to say about the name, it seem's like everyone had accepted that was Cheetaka and it grew on everyone. They just had to change it up just to prove the fan sites wrong? So they could make a comment like "don't believe the rumors." They still own the trademark, they should just go back to it. Marketing Cheetaka is gonna
  7. You are right about them going through changes, and it is to be expected, but like I said, it doesn't hurt any less, lol. The thing is, the layout that I found on Wichman's site many many months ago is pretty much inline with this alternate Cheetaka layout I speak of. The two inversions that were removed look the exact same from the top down view. Go look at the leaked layout again, in the Rhino Rally it should have been an inline twist, but instead it is the trick track thing. Over the EoA path, it could have been a corkscrew, but now it is like a non-inverting corkscrew. Just to be c
  8. I am not just assuming there was another inline twist and corkscrew over the EoA path. It was in there, I have seen a picture of it and it was labelled with the elements (now of course I do not expect you to believe me, because I cannot post the picture for the security of the source) But if my previous posts say anything, I can assure you I am not here to deceive. I am not saying they changed it out of spite, but they did change things. I suspect they had a few versions of the coaster in varying degrees of intensity. I know I mentioned this on another forum, but this is exactly like S
  9. That is hilarious. It feels like they changed it last second when they realized they had nothing to announce. Trademarks and concept art are a little more than rumors, a rumor would be, what the hell happened to the other inline twist and corkscrew over the EoA path? Oh yeah, our Cheetaka got neutered.
  10. Cheetah Hunt... http://www.buschgardens.com/bgt/buschgardens2011.aspx Didn't think it could be worse than Cheetaka?
  11. Yeah, I am sure you guys are right. They use the box track for segments that require more structure right? Makes sense for that to be at the top of the figure 8 I just hope they don't litter the ride with the square to triangle transitions, they look ridiculous. What is up with the facebook announcement? Cheetaka (have a feeling that's not the name) must have cost a pretty penny.
  12. I think they may be hiding breaks... I just noticed something, we can all agree that the 4 videos they released show a majority of the ride, right? Watch the video again, notice how all the track is the triangle Intamin track? Remember the facebook page BGT posted, that clearly shows a piece of box track that will be for some type of vertical element, it either looks like the top of the figure 8 tower, or a drop somewhere. I am 99.9% sure I am looking way too far into this, and it is probably just an incorrect animation, but I wonder if there is more than the video is letting on... I
  13. Didn't notice that at first, wouldn't be surprised though, that first launch and turn goes directly over the indoor cheetah holding area.
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