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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay (BGT Discussion Thread)

P. 372: Serengeti Flyer swing ride announced!

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Went through Alone last night - alone. I think it really depends on your disposition whether you find it super scary or not. I'd find going through some of the USH HHN mazes alone more unnerving personally but I had fun in this one, even though I was accused of having sedated myself before doing the maze. Here's a few pics that will hopefully pique your interest.


You give them the finger to get in, and your left nut to get out.


Facing off against the doorman, maybe my assertion that he was Mr T followed by Eddie Murphy's 80's Mr T is gay routine didn't go down so well. Like two junkyard dogs, neither of us was going to back down.


Here's a little snippet from inside the maze, my assertions about the identity of my attacker were not well received.


Here's the shirt, I don't think I will be wearing a shirt in public saying I did it alone, I doubt the first thing people will think is - oh yeah, that maze in Tampa.


Gratuitous Sylvie shot. I found out she is the offspring of Jigsaw and Joan Jett.

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I'm taking care of bryce, though, people who think they are amazing decided to get in my way. I sorta ended up in full blown trolling mode on Busch's FB page.


Sorry, I'm trying to end it now. Though, I won't back down, I will always win.


-Andrew Finn/Inu

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^^I'm curious as to why the trains having a cheetah head would make you sad. Most people would complain about the lack of theming if it didn't have something like a cheetah head on it.


Seems a bit like something a tamer coaster would have. Maybe they will have a cheetah head and still look a little mean. I keep thinking of the wacky worms. The ride wont have any complaints about the amount of themeing. I am sure they did a nice job with the trains, the rest of the ride looks beautiful.

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Cheetah Hunt?


I preferred Cheetaka, a much better and more "in-line" name with the other rides names like Montu, SheiKra, and Kumba.


But other than that, I'm trying to cram some time to visit Busch Gardens next summer when this opens.

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In the offride video you get many good views of the trains and I think they look ridiculously cool. As for the ride, I'm a fan of the twisty bits and such after riding Maverick and there looks to be 6-7 good spots of airtime...I'm not complaining! Can't wait to ride it in the spring

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